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On 26 April 2010 I recieved my first communication from Adorable Olya.The girl in the photo certainly is adorable!! By 7 May 2010 and her 6th communication to me, she informed me of her unfortunate financial circumstance. She included an address in Lugansk, Ukraine...including a "zip code" 91055. This is a zip in California, USA. Maybe a zip in Lugansk?? After that I recieved three letters from the translation agency in her behalf. The agency is alphabet_trans.

Hello ххх!!! I`m very glad to meet you stranger! )) When I saw yourprofile I thought that you are very interesting man! And maybe I have right )) But I want to be sure and that`s why I dowant to learn you better through our correspondence! Can youwrite me more about your daily life,your work and hobbies? Ithink you should look at my photos to make a decision thatyou are interested in me too! Am I right? )) That`s why Isend you my best photos. But I think photos can`t show muchabout my personality. And it`s not enough to understandcompletely who am I. This is a reason for me to write youmore about myself. I think you will find something special in me for sure andwe will be not only a good friends but more! )) I am a cheerful person with positive views on the any aspectof my life! I have a lot of strength and I never give up! Itry to make every day of my life bright, but if I am in badmood, I like to cook cakes and to call my friends for a cupof coffee! There is nothing better than to see my friend’shappy faces when we have a great time together! But I wouldlike to share all my good and bad days with my beloved man!I am also very giving, but I am a firm believer in a 50/50relationship. I want to find a man who believes that women like a tenderflowers that needs care of a men. I am a passionate woman Ilike to be playful with my man. I am full of positive energyand happiness. I am an honest woman, I do not like to lie. Ibelieve that a person who is honest and sincere willdefinitely find his second half in this world. I adoresinging, dancing, cooking, traveling and reading. My life isa wonderful world of good people, I adore meeting nice andpositive people who make my life happy. My passion isdancing. I started salsa classes, I want to be a good dancerfor my man. I can dance very gently and gracefully. Will youdance with me? I will be wait for your reply with great impatience! I don`tknow if you remember my e-mail address but I wrote you itonce again. Here is: [email protected] Please write me soon! Big kiss from me! )) Your Olya

Hello my dearest Xxx!
> I borrowed some money to write you today. First of all,
> thank you for your understanding! We seek love, honest and
> faithful from the heart we got to the Internet and we just
> happened to spot each other and understand each other with
> respect and mutual understanding is in itself putting life
> to the dream to me such a love from the heart that
> understands, cares, shares and above all respects each other
> for the whole body, soul, mind and heart is the dream of
> life that is life! I found you and I don’t want to lose you
> for any reason at all.. no matter if we met in Internet what
> is important is that we will be able to meet each other soon
> in real life although the distance , although the difference
> on our culture and education, although the difference on
> language.. The most important for me, we`ll don`t lose each
> other.You became so dear for me! Only with you I felt that I
> can be happy with foreign man, with you! I want to change my
> life! I want to own family with you dear! Of course, I don`t
> want to write letters all my life! I want a real meeting!
> And we should negotiate about our soonest meeting in our
> letters. Do you agree? Because if truly I would like you
> will come to me in Ukraine this summer. Can you? Dear, I
> will give you all needed proofs that I`m very serious with
> you and with our relations. So, if you will ask me for
> something I would be glad to prove you that my feelings are
> real! Dear Xxx, I do tried to translate my letters with
> help of on-line translator but nobody could understand me at
> all. The on-line translator is too incorrect! What the more
> it takes much time because I have only one hour of dinner
> break during the working day. If you wish to help with our
> conversation it would be great! I would be like to continue
> my correspond with you. I asked the translation agency how
> we can do it. They will send you their price list. You can
> make a transfer on my name: Olya Titenco, address kv.Mirniy
> 11/36, city Lugansk, country Ukraine, zip code 91055. I
> don`t know how it would be better for you sending
> money...May be western union service. Because I have never
> received any money from abroad. You will be first. (k)
> You have warmed my heart, soul and spirit, like no one ever
> has :)
> It is true as I have told you before. You are always in my
> thoughts and dreams :) A thousand Kisses to you !!!!!! Until
> the time where we will be able to exchange them in person.
> Olya
Subject: !!! Information about miss Olya
> Ukrainian/Russian/English and
> English/Russian/Ukrainian
> translation company
> 'Alphabet_Trans'
> Olga Filatova
> the head manager
> Dear Mister Xxx!
> Miss Olya was very happy to learn that you want to continue
> the correspondence with her. As far as you decided to be our
> client we give you all necessary information as for about
> how to open you own account in our company, how to make a
> payment and prise-list provided by our company.
> Alphabet_Trans does its best to satisfy the strictest
> requirements of our client and would be happy to see you
> among them. We hope that you will sincerely enjoy our
> services and that they will help you easily solve all your
> translation/interpretation-related issues.
> Services
> Alphabet_Trans is marked with versatility. We deal with both
> written and oral translation and offer a set of additional
> services:
> * Written translation. We provide written translation as
> fast as possible for the given scope and subject matter
> of your documents.
> * Interpretation. We provide consecutive and
> simultaneous interpretation services at such events as
> symposiums, presentations, seminars, negotiations,
> business meetings, etc. We also offer escort
> interpretation services for tours around Lugansk, Kiev,
> Donetsk, Ukraine and abroad.
> * Desktop publishing. We are sufficiently equipped to
> provide our translations in all forms without any
> limitations. We can handle documents both in electronic
> and hard copy format, producing required makeup pages.
> * Courier services. If necessary, our couriers may
> collect your materials and deliver translated documents
> to your door free of charge. This service is available
> within Lugansk only.
> * English courses. "ABC School" hires only those
> teachers who have the experience, ability, knowledge,
> and desire to present interesting and dynamic lessons.
> Teachers use a variety of fascinating techniques
> designed to develop the student's ability to communicate
> well in English writing and speaking.Our friendly staff
> and teachers will treat you like family.
> Our goal is to complete all your assignments with the
> fastest turnarounds without compromising on our high
> quality, while treating your information with the highest
> degree of confidentiality (when requested, we will sign a
> confidentiality agreement).
> Guide Rates for our services:
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Our prices are in US Dollars and written with all taxes
> provided by the constitution and laws of Ukraine about
> taxes.
> The translation price is calculated based on the number of
> letters from you and from your lady:
> Translation of one letter from English to Russian costs 5$;
> from Russian to English........5$;
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> You can order an one month of unlimited correspondence with
> your lady:
> unlimited correspondence per 1 month costs 235$;
> unlimited correspondence per 2 months costs 380$;
> Interpretation
> We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
> services at such events as symposiums, presentations,
> seminars, negotiations, business meetings, etc. We also
> offer escort interpretation services for tours around Kiev,
> Ukraine and abroad.
> One hour of escort interpretation services costs 20$;
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Discount !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Full day of escort interpretation services costs 100$;
> Phone conversations
> 1 minute of phone conversation costs 1$;
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Discount !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> 1 hour of phone conversation costs 40$;
> Computer
> scanning and sending 1 picture costs 3$;
> receiving and printing 1 picture costs 3$;
> receiving and printing 1 PDF page costs 3$;
> scanning and sending 1 page of any document costs 3$;
> Web camera
> communication by web camera with your lady(per minute) 3$;
> Training
> Please contact us to get full information!
> General English courses cost 250$ per a month;
> - Western Union;
> - Anelik;
> - Unistream;
> - MoneyGram;
> - Transfer to the bank account
> (contact us for additional information)
> New method to make a transfer:
> - Contact
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> This data only if you wish to make a payment through
> "Contact" :
> name of the receiver Olya Titenco
> city Lugansk
> address Oboronnaya,1 Ukrainian financial group
> zip 91000
> country Ukraine
> The fastest way to renew your correspondence with Miss Olya
> is to make a payment on the name of your lady directly.
> Name Olya Titenco
> address kv.Mirniy 11/36
> city Lugansk
> country Ukraine
> zip code 91055
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> After making a payment, please inform us about its details
> with the full information for getting it:
> - your full name;
> - country you live in;
> - the sum of payment;
> - Money Transfer Control Number
> (10 digits for western union transfer)
> And don't hesitate to connect us if you have any questions!
> Thank you for you time!