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Post by trucker105 on 01. Feb 2013 at 13:50

Hi my new friend xxx!!!!
I  wished  to  learn about you more and have written to you... You are interesting to me and
consequently  I  will  try  to  write to you as much as possible about myself that you as answered
also  to  me.  I  will tell to you the truth, that I did not expect to receive from you interest in my
party. It is surprising, that we in a condition to write the letter through such distance for a short
time interval. I am glad, that my expectations were justified.
I want to tell that I have very small experience of conversation through the Internet,
it is possible to tell it practically was not present! And for me now opens new,
not the familiar world for me and in this new world I have found you.
I am very glad that my profile and my letter have interested you. I hope that now we  learn about
each other more and I think that we shall find much in common between us. I want to tell
to you a little about myself that you had the best representation about me.
As you already know my name is Darja. I live in the Kazan city, republic Tatarstan, Russia.
I am 27 years old and my birthday 28 of February, and I shall become more senior for one year.
I have brown eyes and I have dark hair. My growth of 160 centimeters, my weight is equal to 55 kgs.
I very active person and I do not like to sit on a place. I work as the manager on sales of home appliances.
It is work interesting to me and it demands the creative approach to it and I give a lot of time
to the work. I also like to go in for sports and I am engaged in fitness.
Employment by sports help me to feel like better and relieve of excess weight. Also I do not smoke
and I do not take alcoholic drinks. I think that cigarettes bring very huge harm to the person.
I have a lot of interests in life: dances, sports, rest, clothes, cookery.
I will tell about them more in following my letters to you, if you not mind. I am now lonely,
and I want to begin new page of my life and I search for the person with whom I could begin this life!
Maybe this men will be you? The time will show to us and I think that we have taken the first step to this.
What do you think? My friend, I would like to learn about you more, write me more about myself,
about your work, about your interests. I think that so we can learn about each other more and it will allow us
to understand better each other and to become closer!
dear, if you will have questions to me you can ask to me them, I will answer them.
Now I finish the letter and I will wait from you answer.
Your Darja.

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Post by trucker105 on 01. Feb 2013 at 13:52 Ihr Profil

Quote:Tardja (27)
Weiblich / Single / Kundennummer: 2925048
Kazan, Tatarstan, Russland
Suche: Männlich 28 - 55
Für: Freundschaft, Romance / Dating, Heirat
Bildung:      Bachelor
Kinder vorhanden:      Nein
Trinken Sie:      Ich trinke manchmal
Rauche:      Nichtraucher
Religion:      Orthodox
Beruf:      Bau / Handel

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Post by zapparella on 01. Feb 2013 at 15:01
trucker105 wrote on 01. Feb 2013 at 13:50:I live in the Kazan city, republic Tatarstan, Russia.
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person:         Neil Young
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Post by trucker105 on 02. Feb 2013 at 11:01

Hi xxx.
I am very glad to receive from your letter today. I think that we now start to know each other.
To me very pleasantly your fine letter. Your photo as is fine... At me fine mood thanks to you.
You are very interesting to me and I wish to learn you better. I ask you to write to me every day
and as much as possible about myself. As to your questions, my relation to religion very interesting.
My father the Tatar and it was brought up in a Muslim family, and mother Russian, it was brought up in
a Christian family. But they have good enough education and consequently at us in a family never was
conflicts in religious soil. They understand, that religion it only a sight at understanding of the World.
I consider, that the God is also it not in religion... It in a daily life of each person.
Accident is an action of the God in which he does not wish to sign! =) As to the future partner
I want serious relations. I want a family and children....
Today I want to tell to you about my life and my hobbies. I was born in Kazan
February, 28, 1985 in good family. My mum - she is doctor, her name is Svetlana Vasilievna, my father,
Renat Mansurovich, he is an engineer. I have finished school and entered in
the Kazan State University and have finished faculty on a speciality the manager and now
I work as the manager on sale of home appliances. I live separately from my parents,
I have my own apartment which to me my parents when to me 20 years were executed have presented and
since then I live separately from them. I very much love my parents, they helped me in many things,
and I very appriciate them for helping  me. I am one child in family and
all love of parents have been certainly directed on me. I had very happy childhood. Now as I told you,
I live alone, i am independent girl. Now I want find the person with which I can to find happiness
and with whom I can connect the further life. I very active person, I do not like to sit on a place.
I very much love sports and a lot of attention I give the figure and beauty.
Each girl wants to look beautifully and wants that the man paid attention to her and I am not exception.
I can safely tell that I put my appearance on the first place and I try to look always beautifully.
I am engaged in aerobics three - four times a week in one of sports clubs Kazan and it is pleasant to me.
Also I am fond of dances, and I can tell that I very well dance. I also visit night clubs,
but now my interest to them gone, there can be it from for my age,
I can has matured and have decided to think of the life????
Yes, in life of each person I think there are such moments when he reflects on life, about that he has made
for the and about that he should make. I now dream of family and about happy home life.
xxx, you dream of it?
Also I give a lot of time to reading of books, I think, that reading of books on much more useful than
to watch TV, and the more I read, the more I learn and I raise the knowledge in this or that area.
I read the greater measure Russian writers, and I like to read books of writer Ahmatovoj most .
As I live one to me it is necessary to cook myself I cook itself and I for these years have learned to cook
very well, is especial my "kitchen" it is pleasant to my parents. They come to me on a visit
and we spend the days off together. xxx, tell to me about the family, about the hobbies, I think,
that too very much much interests you in life.
Now it is necessary letter to me close. I shall wait from you the letter.
  Sincerelly yours Darja.

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From: Darja Cool
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Post by trucker105 on 04. Feb 2013 at 14:15

Hi xxx.
I today very much hastened to come in the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter.
To me very pleasantly your fine photo and yours the fine letter. To me it is very pleasant,
that you are quite serious with me and are frank. I with you completely agree in all.
I understand, that without a meeting of not probably anything to understand. On much more
convenient to organise a meeting and there all to define. But it is at the moment yet possible.
It is necessary to specify much before beginning that that to do. As to my partner it should
be serious resolute and loving me. That is very important... Without real love not probably
to construct happiness. As to me, I always the generator of ideas in collective.
If it is fair, many reckon with my opinion. I live in the big city and is perfect one.
Only friends to me do not allow to go mad from boredom. In my life the person with its moral
qualities, instead of its position or money is important...
I want to tell to you fairly that I thought of you and I waited for your letter today and
I am very glad to see your letter in my letter box. I have read your letter
and thought of what to you to write and I have decided to write to you about the character,
about that is pleasant to me in the person and that I do not like!
I can assert with confidence that I very quiet person. I do not love noise,
I like when my life goes moderately. It is very easy to wound, offend, afflict me, but at my
insult quickly passes. I was very shy in relations with the man,
and I never undertook nothing to make a first step on a meeting to the man. And in due course
my character has changed, now I became more open. I think to this my work because work
of the manager is connected to dialogue, and the main thing in this work skill to communicate of the person,
its skill to find common language with clients (with buyers) promoted, but in relations with
men I have remained the same modest girl. I have girlfriends. And they are surprised to me and
ask " as such beautiful girl as I cannot find to myself the man? "
Yes, I agree with it, many count me beautiful and I also think that I beautiful, but external beauty
of the person for me not the most important. I think that in the person all should be beautiful
and first of all his heart!!! Presently people have very strongly changed,
they have overlooked about the heart! Now people think only of the benefit and pay attention only
to appearance of the person, now it is not important for them what actually the person,
his position in a society is important, his bank account, his money is important.
Actually money for people now began to have determining values! Sometimes my girlfriends speak that
I live in the other century, that at me old representations about life, they speak that I am romantic.
Yes, I am distinguished from the girlfriends, for them now the most important beautiful life
and they try take all from the young guys that they can. I have got used to achieve all.
I think that I early started independent life from the parents though they always spoke that they can
the help to me, but I tried to pass vital difficulties itself both I devoted much time to work
and I have absolutely forgotten about the private life. For me on the first place there was my work
though I receive not the big money. At that time when my girlfriends walked with the young steam rooms
I sat at home and developed new ideas about that as it is possible to increase a sales volume.
Now it seems to me ridiculous but then for me it had prime values and now for me my work has big values,
but now I want to start to build the private life I want to love and be loved!
I want to find good man which I shall love on the present. Who knows maybe this man you?????
I also very kind person, I always help people when my help is necessary for them.
Sometimes even in harm to! I love honesty in people, I always speak that that I think,
I always speak all in all sincerity. And I do not like when me deceive, I always speak that better the bitter
truth than sweet lie! I very strong person though there are minutes when would be desirable me
that me have regretted, sometimes I would like to be cried to somebody in a waistcoat and these minutes
it is very difficult for me. But we shall not be about sad. At me very good sense of humour,
I like to be pleased lives both I like to have a rest and I like to travel. Last summer I was in Turkey.
And there very much it was pleasant to me. xxx, you like to travel? Write to me about your character,
about that what you the person! It will be interesting to me to know about you more.
I hope to receive from you the letter soon!
Yours Darja.

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