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Comment #225
Hello dear John, We very much far apart, but I hope, that it will not prevent our dialogue. How are you doing? Very much very much that you have written thanks me. First of all, please allow me apologize for a delay of my answer you because there was no opportunity write you earlier i worked. Very much hoped, that you will answer my letter!! It is important for me. Also I hope our correspondence gives us good chance of the joint incorporated future as I wish find the friend, it is possible the future husband. We shall understand it together after our correspondence. I wish tell you about me directly. I hope, that you can imagine wash a life and my character. So, me of 27 years. My birthday 10th March, 1982. A sign on the zodiac of the Fish!! I the Russian girl on a nationality Christian, I trust in God Jesus Christ. I never was married, and I have no children. I am the brunette and I have color of eyes dark green!! You can see it in my photo, I have put in this letter!! My growth 5 ' 6, my weight is 48 kg. My figure harmonous therefore as I watch the figure and I love very easy food. Possibly you have a question: why this beauty does not marry in Russia  Smiley  Certainly, I can marry in Russia, but the Russian men very careless. I had earlier friend Dmitry and have serious mutual attitudes, but it always arrived the end awfully. My first friend did not wish have children. It spoke - children too big cargo. When I have asked it " that for you alive? " And it could not answer at once. Its eyes were empty. Other friend "loved" alcohol. I have told it: choose, I or a bottle. It has told, that freedom for it first of all. We should leave. It is very sad. My third friend has told, that it cannot be only with one woman, and it it is necessary meet other women. I, have left it, also have left. I have disappointed in the Russian men. Perhaps, I cannot find love. Why my beauty involves various long? Now I have decided find men from other country, I heard from friends that abroad people very kind. And I am disappointed in men younger age. I desire begin serious attitudes from age of seniors of the person. I would like it, you knew, distinction of age does not do to frighten off you. I especially search for age of seniors of the person and therefore I have written you John. I hope, that you do not do object correspond the woman of young age. My daddy the military person and consequently our family travelled across Russia very much. We lived in the cities of Omsk, Volgograd, Vladivostok. I wish to search for a way to lives. Now I live in the city of Kanash republic of Chuvashiya 650 kilometers from our Russian capitals Moscow are located approximately. My girlfriend Christina helps me find work in this city. Kanash it - not the big city. I work the seller in cosmetic firm. It is complex and responsible work, but I not be afraid the responsibility. Around of me it is a lot of men, but I see them upside down. Alcohol, binge, a bed, and in the morning farewell! It not for me. I wish find love! I hope, what you can understand my letters? It Not a problem for you?! I know English language not important, because I not an Englishman. Also I write you from the Internet cafe near my work, I shall try write you every day. I hope, that my letter does not scare off you. I want that you knew my character and my purpose in a life. Now I have the some people questions for you, please allow me set them. Tell me about your life. Tell me about your country and your city. It is very interesting me. You have children? If you have children that it not a problem for me. Oh!! I very much love children and me I hope have children in the future from the favourite person. You were married? What All of you still wish know about me? Do not forget that I not so ok speak in English. I cannot probably understand some words. Now I am compelled go work, but I go with ideas concerning you, and with impatience I shall look forward hearing from you. Have beautiful day, bye. Your new friend Liliya XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Ps. I very much hope that you love my photos, also please if you have an opportunity send your photos in the following letter!!
Comment #226
Hello my dear John!!! How are you doing? It is very pleasant to
receive your letter, and now I answer you. This great pleasure for me
that I have an opportunity write you. Today I work, also I have very
small break of a breakfast. I would it what to write the letter you.
Also I wish tell still you about me and my family is direct. I have
the daddy and mum, but they live together with my younger sister
separately from me in Novocheboksarsk! I five years live here! My dear
mum Margarita, also I have favourite sister Valery - 19 years. We have
a grandmother which lives in village outside of city, my family often
visits. By a trade my mum works in a hairdressing salon. My sister
Valery - the student of university, it study as the manager. We lives
not richly, but our family lives without any conflict also, we have
good understanding between our members of our family. As, I think,
that our parents have educated us good formation. Also I wish tell,
that I spoke concerning you John my dear mum on the account of my
acquaintance you through the Internet, mum has taken a positive view
it because our mama care of our happy family future. As you know I
live now in Kansh. It is a small apartment. The greater apartment
expensive. It not the big city on the importance of the population,
but here all very dear. I should work very difficultly for residing. I
wish tell you about my work. I arrive at 8 : 00 o'clock in the morning
and I enter into a cabinet. I have a small cabinet. Very
representative Smiley At once the meeting in director begins. It
approximately 15 minutes. Then I should bypass a hall of trade and
investigate all the goods. I have very much greater responsible work.
I use 4 vendor of cosmetics. Every day I should do the message rather
promotion of the goods. I am borrowed in statistics of sale and