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Hi from Ukraine!!! I am so happy that you have paid your attention on me! I read your profile and felt that you are very interesting person for me. I can'tresist the temptation and wrote to you . I do belive that everythingis not accidentally in our lives and i hope that our meeting will benot an exception! Here is more information about me: My name is Aliona. I'm verypositive person and I try to live with a smile on my face. I thinkthat all problems will be gone if you have a positive attitude. Ipromise you, you will never be bored with me! I like joking andspending time with my friends. But I am serious too because life is not full of happiness andpleasure. But I try to not look only at bad side of problems. I likeproverb "what does not kill us makes us stronger" Agree? I don't like liars. Honest and trust are the first step to begin goodand strong relations. I am friendly and open lady. I am interested notonly in outer but inner beauty of a man too. I love adventures. Butonly with a happy end! )) I hope our adventure will be breath-taking.And we can start it right now.))) I will be wait for your answer with impatience. Your Aliona.

Letter 2

Hi my dear XXX How are you ? Thank you that you answered for my letter. I was so glad to read your wonderful letter and look at your photo. I like your photo very much. Can you please send me more photos of you? As you already know my name is Aliona. I was born on June 27, 1982, so I'm 27 years old now. I was born in a little town Krasnuj Luch . After school I studied at technical school. I always liked to make clothes so I chose it to be my profession. But anyway it's just a hobby.I work as holiday organiser. And I like this job! I like it when people have a fun and I help them to make their specialevent unforgettable. I work in Lugansk which is a lovely,picturesque city where many beautiful women live. I like my town but I want to visit other countries and maybe relocate there if I find my love in other country. I don't see a good future for me in Lugansk cause life in Ukraine is difficulte specially for a single woman. Maybe you are curious why I am still single.. My heart was broken by a man and I don't want to have another relationships. But if meet a man who will show me he is serious and reliable, I am ready to start a new relationships. Maybe this man is you? :) I look for my happy future and understand that my life can change any minute. I want to find a man to whom I can give all my love and passion. I need you to know that I don't speak English. And I have no computer at home. I have to visit translation bureau to write you a letter. But that is temporarily because I plan to start learning English as soon as I can. As for computer,people say women are not real good with electronics.. :) My last electronics was DVD player but which got broken in two months after I bought it. :) So, I don`t even want to think about having computer! It could get broken any time and there will be no man to help me.. :( Well, dear, I don'twant to make you bored with my letter. That`s why I will tell you more about me next time. Please write me more about you and your life! I am interested to know what ever you want to tell me! :) Ok? :) I will be waiting for your reply! Your Aliona.

Letter 3

Hello my dear XXX !!! Thank you for your reply! I am happy that we continue ourcommunication. I waited for your reply with impatience. And I was thinking about you more and more. You help me to open myself and believe that I can have feelings again. I think that our relationships will not be friendship only. I hope you feel the same as I. My dear,thank you so much for your compliments, you are very attentive man andI appreciate it! What you write is special for me, indeed. I want to tell you more about my family. I have a sister and her name is Anna. My farther died when I was little girl. My sister is married and has little daughter. She is not only my sister but she is my best friend as well. Now we don't see each other often. But in the past we were together all the time. We are very much alike with my sister.Lots of funny things happened to us when we were kids. One time our cousin ( who didn't see us for a long time) came to Anna's birthday and heartily congratulated my sister. The funny thing was that shecongratulated me instead!!! ) At the same moment my sister came outthe room and only after that my cousin realised his mistake! We laughed so hard.. We have many funny memories like that. But now my sister is married and has a happy family. She loves her husband and he loves her so much too. I want my own family too. I have so many warm thand love in my heart. I am tired to be alone. I have not been in love for a long time and I would like to be in love again. I wish to fallin love with a nice, smart, and interesting man. For me man's smile is very important. I believe smile is the mirror of our soul! I want my future family to be full of smiles. We all fall in love with our eyes but what if we were blind as they say love is blind. I do not believe in love at first sight but I believe that we can see love in eyes other person... Well, my letter is getting too long and I need to get back to work.Hope you didn't fall asleep reading it! ) Please write me as soon as you can! Kiss you Aliona

Letter 4

Hi sweetheart XXX !!! Yesterday after work when I came home and all my evening I thought about you . I understood that from the moment when I met you ,my life changed a lot ...In the morning I wake up with a hope that you will write me today. And in the evening I go sleep with thoughts about you. I think for each person idea of happiness don't looks like a commonidea. Everybody looks for their own happiness. If you know what exactly can make you happy you should do everything to be happy. Don`t you agree with me? That`s why I did everything to find you! And I found you XXX ! When I read your letter I forget about everythingin the world! Because I became I do think so! You opened my heart fornew feelings and I`m thankful to you for this! But I only ask you don't take away my happiness. Because I feel happy knowing that you want to be with me, and that you want to meet me. It means a lot forme because I seek for my future husband and I take our relationships seriously. Can it be possible ? When I came to translation company I was so happy to have a letter from you . But then manager told me that my account will expire after this letter . I was so upset... I can`tcontinue to pay for translation fees any more. I understand that we can't write only letters to each other for all the time. That`s why I do want to start to learn English soon. But now we can't lose our chance for future meeting . As you already know, I paid for our correspondence and now I don`t ask you for money for my own needs. I only want to stay in touch with you, my dear ! Please help us and our relationship to go on as well. Because we need this correspondence to learn each other better before we meet in real. Don`t you think so? I think this is very important for any relations. I understand that you probably have some doubts in sending money to a person with whom you have never met. But I`m very serious with you and I don`t play with your feelings. Now, I want to know if you are serious too. I hope all our correspondence was not only a game for you... I think your reaction and action for my request will shows your feelings to me. I am here only for you. What if we were born for oneanother ? And now you should decide what exactly our relationship means for you . I will be waiting for your reply. . Now everything depends of you . Please make a right decision which will not make you sad. With love, your Aliona