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Elena / Lena

Post by Kristof on 05. Oct 2012 at 10:53 SKYPE-SKYPE-SKYPE

Hello Kristof!

I am glad to receive again your message, every day we start to study each other better, and it is interesting to me.
Now my life boring enough and your messages now for me as a medicine for boredom!
You have very strongly interested me!
Thanks that you told me the skype. Mine skype blondinka90001. I
I think that we can see with each other. Only it is necessary
To agree about a bottom and time. It will be very interesting.
In the previous letter I have written some things about me, now I will write more about my family.
To me has very much carried with my family. I have very good and friendly family. My parents
Have given me good formation.
They have made everything that I have got good education, and I am grateful to them for it.
When I was small, my parents very seldom quarrelled among themselves. In our family was very much
Warm atmosphere, was possible to name us the happiest family.
Name of my mum Natalia, it very sensual and kind woman. To it of 58 years, earlier it worked in
To hospital as the children's doctor. Now it does not work some years and is occupied by housekeeping.
Name of my father Yuriy, it strict, but fair. To it of 60 years, it works in the building company.
We love each other, sometimes we leave in a city for entertainment. It is a beach, to fish in the summer.
In the winter various entertainments, skis. When we meet, this good time for me!
Also I have younger sister Kristina, but she does not live with us. It married some years. And
She lives separately with the family. At it as very happy family. They have one child.
I very much like to spend time with its child.
Tell to me in more details about the family. Whether it is a lot of at you relatives? What at you with them relations?
How often you gather? I wish to know about you more.
As I wish to tell to you about my last relations. In the past I have been enamoured in the man. Him called Roman.
We spent time together. In the beginning all was good, but after its relation to me, have changed.
I became actually indifferent for it. He spoke with me very roughly and at height,
But then it has raised against me a hand. It took all our general savings and has left. I was in depression
Long enough time. It has left, and I did not see it more. Now in the past and I it have forgotten it
It after any time. There is such proverb: Time - the best doctor.
It is the truth, now I recollect it dreamily.
My first love remained for me in the past. It has occurred 3 years ago and then in my life were not
Any people.
I am sometimes very sad, because my private life is not adjusted. Certainly, in Russia there are good people...
But I have not met such person... I wish to find such person who will love me and
To care of me...
I do not wish to have any relations with the Russian rough men... I very gentle girl also dream
To find the good and attentive man.
It seems to me that we are not much similar with you. You also are lonely, and I understand you a little.
We are surrounded with many people, but there is no person for serious relations.
Yes, my age of 29 years. I will be 30 years old on October, 28th. Soon my birthday.
On it I finish the letter. Kristof, I wait for your messages.

Yours Lena.

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Elena / Lena

Decimal:      1294476034
ISP:      OJSC Rostelecom
Organization:      xDSL dynamic pools
Services:      None detected
Type:      Broadband
Assignment:      Static IP
Geolocation Information
Country:      Russian Federation
State/Region:      Mariy-El
City:      Yoshkar-ola[/code]

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Elena / Lena
Post by Kristof on 05. Oct 2012 at 13:06

I don't know how she got my email address, she just contacted me like that, the email came in my spam filter.

When checking the ambassey to see what papers are needed to marry i see a notice on the site for

State/Region: Mariy-El 
City:      Yoshkar-Ola

They say to not send money to this region as there are scammers in this region.

This is the best scammer till now, her pictures are numbered from a real camera starting with DSC0000000.jpg

She tells she lives in Kugesi, this can be very correct as her ip is from that region.

She also tells me she got 500 euro from her parents but need 500 euros more, money i am not going to send to her.

I am 100% sure she is a scammer, but i do not have proof yet, i am fishing out her details.

Her address  The address: street Repina 7-12 City Kugesi Russia DOES NOT EXISTS on GOOGLE as well as GOOGLE EARTH.

Sooooo, this means more she is a scammer.

I will post more info asap.


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Title: Re: Elena / Lena
Post by Mitch Carter on 06. Oct 2012 at 13:07 Sorry Kristof,
she's being a bit unfaithful to you - she wants me!

Hej, mitt namn är Elena Jag är 29 år gammal Jag bor i Ryssland,Du vet, jag är inte en liten flicka och jag letar efter ett seriöst förhållande och som alla tjej, drömmer jag att träffa min själsfrände
och skapa en stark familj. Och jag hoppas att ni också menar allvar, eftersom jag inte har tid för en mängd olika spel,
Jag hoppas att du förstår mig jag tittade på din profil och foton, och jag gillar dig) om vårt gemensamma sympati med du skriver till mig på min e-postadress inte längre om dig eller lämna din e-postadress. Jag väntar på ditt svar. Din nya vän Elena

I haven't replied yet.....

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Elena / Lena
Post by Uli on 07. Oct 2012 at 14:44 @ Kristof

You can play the helpfull, but you've be warned about a lot of fraud in the internet. So ask her very lovely for a copy of her passport.
There is no street with the name Repina in Kugesi, which is in the Rayon Cheboksary. But there's a street with this name in Cheboksary City.