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My  dear  xxx, it is so nice to hear from you again. I am
so shocked with your letter my dear!!! How could girls be so
cynical???? You were dealing with wrong woman my sweetheart!
I  understood  that you are a person with whom one can never
get  bored!  But  I know that doesn't matter how interesting
life  you  have,  full  of  work, fun or anything
still miss something. Someone who would be waiting you after
your  work.  Someone  who  would  give  you a sweet hug when
something  is  wrong,  the  things would be much better only
because  you  have  that special someone. We have so much in
common!  Especially about relationships. Reading your letter
I  was  thinking  that  it  seems  that  you  are reading my
mind...Is  it  possible??  :)  You are very handsome and you
have a charming smile. You know people say that eyes are the
mirror  of  the soul and you know what? You have a very kind
and  sweet  soul!! I am very interested in you and I do want
to  know you better!! Please tell me more about you!! How do
you  like  to  spend  your  free  time??  Tell me as much as
possible! I want to know everything about you!!! And send me
your photos. I want to have a lot of them!!! :) When I wrote
you  last  time  I had a feeling that it was not in vain and
you  would definitely answer me. So, I'm a real woman and my
intuition  didn't  let  me  down. In fact, my friends always
tell  me that I'm quintessence of a woman. It means that I'm
feminine  and  tender,  graceful  and soft, I'm not rude and
never  lose my charming appeal. Excuse me, it will be better
if I tell you what my friends say about me later. It is more
appropriate  if  I describe you myself from my own side. So,
my  name  is  Yulia.  I'm  24, my birthday is on the 28th of
June. I'm a student and my specialization is design. Later I
will  tell  you  more about my plans and the spheres I would
like  to  work in. As you remember last time I mentioned the
vacation.  It was great. First of all it was for free and it
was  in  sanatorium.  I became the best student in my group,
also  I  worked  for the University, and as a result I got a
bonus.  Some  of  the students got an opportunity to spend 2
weeks in the wonderful sanatorium. I'm from Ukraine (Lugansk
city)  so I spend 2 wonderful weeks in my own country in the
sanatorium in Crimea. Can you imagine such a surprise!!!! My
trip  to the sanatorium was like a turning-point in my life.
Having  come home I want to live another way. I want to have
a  man  to  take  care  of and I deserve to be loved myself.
Little  girl Yulia ripened into real woman Yulia who will be
a perfect soul-mate for a man who chooses her. When I was at
the  health  resort I always paid attention on how Ukrainian
men  hurt  our  women. But then I saw a wonderful couple and
noticed  that  the  man  treated  his  woman as if she was a
beautiful  rose.  I  couldn't understand why all the couples
always  argued and there was the only one couple that seemed
like a normal one. I got acquainted with that couple and got
to  know  that  the  man  was  a  foreigner and the girl was
Ukrainian.  I  realized  that  I  would  spent many years in
finding a good man from my country and would be still lonely
in the end. I asked that girl to tell me how she met her man
and then I decided to try to do the same myself. As far as I
don't  know  English  myself  I found the translation bureau
that  helped  me to put my profile in Internet, to translate
my  first  letter  to you, and got sure they would translate
our future correspondence. I really hope that our connection
will  lead  us to stable relations and maybe we will come to
the  sanatorium  in beautiful Crimea together one day and we
will  celebrate  there  our  first anniversary. I ask you to
share  your  dreams  and hopes for the future in your coming
letter. I wish you to swim in oceans of pleasant dreams.



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Comment #68885

Hi there!!!
I greet you,
my dear new friend xxx!!

It  is  hot,  sexy, perky brunette Yulia writing to you. Are
you  excited???

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Lugansk, Ukraine

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City:      Lugansk[/code]


Comment #122308

It  is  hot,  sexy,  perky  brunette  Yuliya  writing  to  you. Are you
excited??? As for me I'm very excited because I feel it is a beginning
of  beautiful  and  pleasant  relations. I have returned some time ago
from  the vacation and feel so energetic. When I had a rest I realized
that something was missing in my life. I feel I need to change my life
and  no one can do this except me. I decided to make a first step. I'm
full  of  life  and  energy and I'm ready to start completely new life
where I will not be lonely anymore. So I choose you. If you choose me,
we will begin to whirl in so many adventures, splashes of emotions and
endless  affection.  I'm  young  but  I'm lonely. Really? Every year I
realize  that I didn't spend it with someone I could carry of, I could
love  with  all  my  heart.  Every New Year Eve I ask myself "How many
years will I spend being lonely and not loved?" I don't want to wonder
about  such  stuff  anymore. I wish I would ask another question every
New  Year  Eve. For example, "Is my beloved happy with me?", or "Did I
do  everything  to make my beloved the happiest man in the world?", or
"Does  my  beloved  want  me to organize another romantic evening with
candles, warm bath and sexy massage from me?". I can continue the list
of  possible questions but unfortunately I don't have a beloved man to
wonder  about. So as you can see, I'm ready to start relationships and
I'm  ready to devote myself completely to a man I choose. If you don't
want  to be lonely on New Year Eves and wonder how many years you will
spend  lonely,  then  write  me  and  let's  start our mutual journey.
Waiting for you to come into my life... I send you my photo and a blow
kiss and hope they will reach you,