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I gave money to an Americain woman who was supposed to live in Nigeria in Lagos. I paid her the flight ticket, the shipping of the goods for her business antiques. But she got an «accident» in June 2008 just before going to Germany. I paid the surgery, I paid her a second trip in December 2008. But she was «arrested » in Amsterdam. I trusted her because she sent me a cheque but I went to my bank, they did not tell me officially but it is maybe a fake, it was a cheque of 67, 900 US dollars. i cancelled the process of the cheque by security. I stopped communicating with her. She sent me an e-mail recently and she told me she needs money for her lawyer to issue the Nigerian government. Of course, I am not stupid anymore, I will not give her money. I already called the police but I would like you to give me your opinion about this girl. She told me she lives in near London now. I thank you in advance.

I was scammed by a person whose name is Sarah Miller from
April 2008 to December 2008.
Her complice was called Sola Johnson.
E-mail : [email protected]

I was scammed by a person whose name is Sarah Miller from April 2008
to December 2008. I was very foolish. She asked money for visa, passport, flight ticket, rent, surgery, medicines, for food, for clothes, for the orphanage, for the cleaning, for the shipping of the goods (she asked me up to 10,000 dollars! ), hospital bills, allowance, etc.
I deleted her e-mails but I still one of her complice, Sola Johnson.
He asked me money to pay Sarah Miller's rent and to clean her flat, i.e about 580 US Dollars. During this period, Sarah Miller had a «car accident» and she was in the «hospital»
Here are the letters from Sola Johnson.

De :
Ola Johnson [Discutez !]
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Hello Mr xxx,

The house rent is she owe is $500 with $80 to organize the cleaning , so i would like to know when you must have sent it so she can make the payment or i can help her go to the landlord and pay on her behalf and organize how the place will be cleaned up for her .

Mr Sola Johnson

Good morning Mr xxx,

i will like to inform you that i have seen your email and i will be careful with the funds and would let you know when i must have gotten the funds and i will make sure when sarah get home i ask her to send you an email and regarding the common account ,we can discuss that later today or in my next email cause i need to rush to the office this morning i have some important document i need to work on .

Have a wonderful day ahead.


Mr Sola Johnson


My wife and my new driver will go to the hospital to get her home cause i will probably be at work when she will be discharged from the hospital .

Hello Mr xxx ,

how are you and how is your connection with your wife ? well just wanted to drop a note for you to say Hello .wishing the best at work and have a wonderful day ahead.

Mr Sola Johnson

Her name is Sarah Miller. She was supposed to live in Lagos in Nigeria and sold some business antiques. Firstly, I gave her money because she has typhoid, maybe I was stupid to give money to a person I do not know. Afterwards, she told me she fell in love with me because I saved her life. She wanted to live with me in Germany.
However, she could not get get money because her cheques could not be encashed in Nigeria due to the banking system.
So I paid her the visa, flight ticket and shipping of the goods. But in June 2008, she had an «accident». She was in coma. I paid her the surgery. Afterwards, I paid the medicines, the rent...(by Western Union). I gave her at least 200 euros monthly, her allowance. Her debtor sent me a cheque of 67, 900 from Canada to send her goods. She wanted to see me before Christmas in December 2008. But I could not encash before December 2008, so she told me one third person will send her goods when she is in Germany with me. Unfortunately, she was «arrested» in Amsterdam by the officials. She was sent back to Nigeria. I went to my bank to cheque about the cheque. I think they told me it might be a fake but I am not sure. I need to send them a document to justify this amount. But I decided to cancell the process. Maybe it is a fake, a stolen cheque or maybe it is dirty money. I stopped communicating with her. But in February, she sent me an e-mail and wants me to send her money because she wants to sue the Nigerian government who seized his goods. Of course, I will not give her anymore. I would like just you to have your opinion about this girl, the cheque of 67, 900 US dollars if you think it was a genuine item or not. I do not have the pictures but I have her last letters. She is now supposed to live in London.

Hello xxx ,

how are you again , it really nice to hear from you again , i am glad you understand i need sometime and you too , it good to hear you are having great time hanging out with friends .

xxx i want you to know i still love you but it was hard for me to have lost so much at that time (my antiques ,part of my inheritance ).when i had you as the only relative in my life , but when i did not hear from you , i felt so bad and couldnt imagine you leaving me in that kind of situation ,well its past now and i am hoping to carry on , well i have found an attorney to help me on my case and i am suing the government like i told you , his name is Mr fred Wiremu john and his even a foriegn lawyer that know well about international law .

so i will need to know if you will want to help me in the fight to get my compensation if i get to win this legal battle .

well i will also like you to inform you that i did not get the job as a waiter but i know soon i will get a better job .


Hello xxx ,

how are you today ? well thanks for your last mail , i will be glad to welcome any help of yours and will like you to know once again that i still love and care about you like i care about manchester united , well hope you had a nice time watching the champions league , cause i was a little filled with joy watching our team play well .
xxx in your last email you said you dont want all we started to end in vain ,well i understand that and i feel to complete meeting you i will need to come with all that i have worked for to be able to support the man in my life and that is my antiques and inheritance which it happens that i lost part of due to my arrest ,well to recover all these is this compensation , so i am begging you that we both started this and will like you to assist me in anyway you can .i understand your financial predecament but i know within the last few months things has gotten a little better , though things ought to have been really better but you stopped my cheque cause you could not handle such an enormous amount cause they feel it was too much and more than your earnings . well xxx that is past we need to deal with the future now to better things for us both .

still care

Hello xxx,
its ok i understand , i would not want you to live beyond your means like you said , but what if you have to assist will you do it for me ?

well here its like the weather is normal , the security is good , the world here is save for me , but financially i am down too cause i used the last money i got to travel to this place in united kingdom, and i have paid the rents and bills , but not having a job yet is kind of making it hard a little now .

well i just wanted you to know we are both in these and you have being good to me and i cant wait to start paying you back with the good deeds i have promised.

still care

Hello xxx ,

thanks again for help through those times and i am glad i survive the illness and thanks once again . well what can you do for me to asist me ? i hate to ask you for money cause it doesnt sound right to me , but right now what i am hoping on is getting to win my fight against the nigerian government so i can get compensated for my goods and defamation .

though i have problem with the attorney cause he asked that i will need to swear an affidavits from the nigerian law court and this will cost me some money but i cant afford it right now , i was thinking i will get that job and at least manage living paying bills and rents and could also do whatever the attorney ask me to do .

Not to forget the last time , i spoke with the lawyer he asked if i had anyone else as a witness ,i said Mr sola but i dont think he is ready to come and stand in for me and he asked who else knows about this and i told him my boyfriend and he asked where you were then and i told him the whole story and he asked if he could speak with you or communicate with you via email and i told him i will need to ask you first . can i give him your phone numbers ? do you still use this number +491746673404 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +491746673404 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ? i will like to know xxx .


its ok xxx ,

after you cancel the cheque , they told me it will take a process for re issuing the cheque , cause i was not the only one the company was paying and i lost that chance the other time .
well i understand you can not assist me financially , but its ok .i will ask him to call you , i mean the attorney.