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Ivanovo Russia

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Hello sweet Xxx.
Thank you for another one sweet letter. I like reading your letters
very much. It is full of warmth and care and it always brighten up my
day, I am always glad to read from you. I hope that we will know each
other a little more and then we will be able to think about really
meeting. I would like it. But at first we should learn each other.
Hope that we will be together soon. May I call you sweet Xxx, I hope
you do not mind me calling you so, I like you very much and I have
never heard so much kind words from any one here before and I am happy
and thanking the God that we have found each other over the Internet.
I like you very much and I would like to know you better. I hope that
we will be able to be together. Each letter makes us closer to it. May
be... I hope that it will take place and we will find our love and
happiness. I need in it, I feel myself lonely but I don't want to be
lonely. It is so sad that we are so far, we are together in our
thoughts. I mean when I write you the letter, I am thinking about you
and wondering what are you doing right now. May be you will write me what are you doing in the day and how your day is being spent? My day looks like this: I wake up at 6.30 am, make the breakfast, preparing for going to the work, then I go to the work about 7.30 a.m., I have the dinner break from 12.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m. my working day ends at 4.00 p.m. and I go home. It is like common, but it can change sometimes. I go to the internet cafe to read your letters and to write you as soon as I can. Please tell me how your friends and your relatives would characterize you? Answering this question for my self, I think it 10 adjectives that describe my character: kind, soft, sometime a little silly, but usually rather clever, loving, romantic,
honest and I wait it from other, openmind, dreaming, caring. Hope that you will like it. Hope that we will know each other with each letter
more and more. I would like to go to beach with you in future. I like
sun, water and sand. It would be great to go to beach with you. May be it will be? What do you think? I hope that our relations will be more serious I hope on it. I will go now and will be waiting for your sweet answer, sweet Xxx, kissing you softly.

Hello sweet Xxx.Thank you for another sweet letter, I am always glad to get it. And Iam always answering you with great pleasure. I like you very much andour communication goes on nice, you know we know each other not solong, but I feel like I have known you always. You are great man. AndI start to think that I need you now and that I found such man as youfor all my life. It is strange, we are so far from each other, but inthe same time I am feeling like you are next to me. I have nevercommunicated with anyone like you here. You know when I am at workeverybody asks me what happened to me, everyone tells me that my eyesare shining and it looks like I am falling in love. Please tell me howare you, what are you doing and what is going on with you? I amthinking about you, I am very glad to get you letters and I amanswering you always with pleasure. I feel that with every new letteryou are coming closer to me. And I love this feeling. I am happy wehave found each other. And I am thankful to the God for it. I am I am thinking about you I am dreaming about you more and more. I know it can sound stupid, but it is what I feel. I like to talk to you and I would like to know you closer. I think I am very trusting person, I do not like mostly if someone tries to deceive me or use me (I mean tries to make me do the things I would not like to do). But I think I have told it to you. I like to communicate with you very much, it is very easy to talk with you, you know like we have lived on the same street all our lifes. I am kissing you softly and waiting for your answer.
Forever yours Elena.

Hello sweet Xxx.I have come to the internet cafe today and I am very glad to see, thatI have the letter from you. My mood always turns on when I am readingthe letter from you. I read your letter again and again with pleasure.I would like to tell you that I like to communicate with you verymuch. You are so interesting person and, I had a dream to find such aninteresting, so clever and so kind person, I think many women would behappy to be with you and I am very glad that you are writing to me. Iwould like to tell you that I am glad to find the man with who I cancommunicate so easy. You have become the part of my life, I amcatching me up on the thought that I am thinking about you. I amthinking how are you now, if you are alright and is everything finewith you. I am praying for it always. Please tell me how was your day.My day was like in common. I have told about our communication withyou to the friend at the work, but she told me that it is unbelievablefor her that I can communicate so with the person I have never see for real, but I have told her that you are telling me so much sweet words and when i communicate with you I feel that it is easy for me like we have known each other for a long time. She was happy for me and then she told me that she envy to me. You know I am not looking for the husband only, I need to find the real friend, who I can trust at all, share everything with him and to spend the life with him in happiness. I am kissing you softly, sweet Xxx and hoping to kiss you really some time soon. I am waiting for the letter from you with impatience.
Truly yours Elena.

She didn't have an internet connection at home. She didn't answer to my questions....