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In a moment of anger I deleted all of his latest e-mail and photos, the only ones I've sent you. I regret not having kept the letters in which he asked me the money 430 euros before and shortly after another 560 euros, which I sent by Western Union in the name of Ekaterina TURUSINOVA, his accomplice, but he told me to be the mother. I should send further 2700 euro that would have served for a visa of 90 days (EUR 30 per day for 90 days). Luckily for me I have unmasked!

Ciao xxx!
Sono contento che hai scritto a me!
Sto aspettando una lettera di cui sopra. Sono ragazza molto timida,
ma ho ma avuto il coraggio di scrivere a voi e voglio fare conoscenza
con voi e di riconoscere l'utente, ma non sanno come iniziare e come
iniziare a parlare di se stesso. Penso che possiamo dire altro su di
sé, e di conoscersi. Penso che il nostro dialogo sarà piacevole. Come
pensate? Non avevo scritto per le persone che sono lontani da me, in un
altro paese, ma ero curioso e ho deciso di scriverti. Nella lettera
successiva, dirò qualcosa di te! Vi chiedo di quello che avrebbe
risposto alle mie lettere veramente, perché mi piace molto la sincerità
e la verità! Voglio inviarvi la mia foto e mi volete mandarmi la
Ti aspetto con impazienza la tua lettera!
Il tuo nuovo amico, Elizaveta.

Hello the new friend xxx!
I have received today your letter, and I am happy, because I can have
with you dialogue.
I so wish learn about you more. But I do not know from what to begin.
I have
Noticed your profile, and to you was pleasant? I hope, just as you to
me! I would like to answer your questions which you wish to set to me!
If for you it is convenient to write to me in English language, I
will not be against it! I a little the nobility English also can easy
answer you!!!
It was very interesting to me to learn about you and your children!
YOU can send me a photo of your children?
I hope, that my answers will be clear to you. I wish to tell about
myself as much as possible. My name is Elizaveta, Me now 26 years and I
live with mum. I was never married and had no children. Further you ask
me why I do not get acquainted with men in the Country, I will answer
you at once, I was born abroad in Italy, my mother Russian, her name
Ekaterina, and the father was the Italian by name of Fabio!
I till 10 years a vein in Italy, I also studied there, but then when
my father was lost in accident, mum could not be measured with loss as
she very strongly loved it, and behind that we have moved back to
settlement which to be called Algeshevo, it is native settlement my
Mum to me tells about the father much, I understand what remarkable
and lovely people live abroad, mum speaks what not when did not feed
such warmth and love to people, as to Fabio. I got acquainted when
seriously with young men from the country, yes I have friends, but they
I only friends and have more, at me it is a lot of girlfriends, a photo
with which to you I will send!
I work in trading firm. I work there as the secretary, and I help to
do the schedule of the chief and still different paper work. My work
pleasant to me though sometimes it happens tiresome and same.
Recently I have decided to try to get acquainted in the Internet. It
is interesting to me, what you would wish to learn about me? Ask me,
and I am obligatory to answer you. I hope,
That you will send photos also.
I would like to receive more them.
I send you a photo.
I hope, that it is pleasant to you. I wished to ask! What to you to
like in women? What character? What it should be? I very much would
wish the nobility!
I hope, that tomorrow I again will receive your letter and yours
Photo. I will wait very much. You will not forget to write me the
letter? I hope, it was not present.
I very much wait...
Your new girlfriend Elizaveta.

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also uses Elena

stolen photos of

Ekaterina Malysheva