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Hi, XXX ! I am very happy to get your letter…what else…frankly speaking i don’t know how to start…:)))) Oh, no, i am not stupid, don’t worry! I’ll prove you i am a smart lady! Later… :))))) Now i have much more serious task! I have to decide how to begin my letter… It is not easy as I am going to gain your attention from the very beginning! What do you like me to tell you? May be I should ask advise of my mind? :)))) I have heard it is good way out if you don’t know what to do! :))))

So…I will write you the first thought which come into my mind, agree? :)))))

To make it simply…i want you… Oh, it seems that you take me wrong… Ops, sometimes words have such different meanings… :)))) Even in English… Russian is much more expressive! Though i am sure this language is not such expressive as Russian. Oh by the way i suspect if you know that even though i live in Ukraine i speak Russian in my everyday life.

So, I want you… to know me,… to tell me about yourself…to like me…to fall in love with me! Soon…very soon! May be it is not exactly what you think before I explained you my wish :)))))

I am here to find my soulmate, not the person i can live with but the man i can't live without. I know, i have a lot to give to my man! But i am not an altruist. I want not only give but to get in return. It is such a pity that in modern society men forgot how treat the women. Give flowers, small presents even without serious cause... But i am real lady and i want real gentleman. Whom i will want in all possible meanings of this word! :)))) Yes, here you really get me right! :))))

I think I should finish... It seems that you are surprised :))) You may think it is not good idea to write about every thought and idea which come into my mind when i started to reply you… But i think it is much more natural to share thoughts and feelings than to guess the right words and phrases, right? At list i will be sure that if you reply me it will mean that you like me, real me!

So, I am here waiting for your decision!


PS For your decision to chose me among all the ladies who wrote you! :))))) Don’t worry, i know that there are many of them…or too many? :))))) Don’t think I am care!!! I am sure I am the best! :))))))


Letter 2

So, i am here! Yes, it is not a joke! :))) We are together! And I should say that i am really impressed! You are so attentive to everything i wrote to you! It seems we are really match each other! It don't mean we are alike in everything, but… you really need arguments??? Don't you feel we are good together?! As for me i don't need any proves. Should i explain? OK! While reading your letter my heart was biting almost as fast as during… oh, no, i think i should not say this :))) Let it be my secret? Agree? :))))) No? You are a bad boy! It seams to me that you switched on your imagination :))))) Honey, i should remind you that we just started our communication!!! It seems to me that your dreams go too fast! :)))) I think we should slow them down. If you want… or you want quite another things? :)))) What exactly? Oh, now it is me who should slow down :)))))) Or may be i should not? :))) Right you are, life is too short to spend it in vain!
May be you are really shocked :)) young and light minded lady is doing her best to tease you :)) You like her, but… you still don't know her at all…
You want to know me better? OK, it is the right reply! It means that you are interested in me!
So, my profession… I am a hairdresser….right you are, rather creative profession. But it matches me… I am a really creative lady!... in everything :)))) You'll see somehow, somewhere :)))
By the way, where will it be? I mean our honeymoon :)))) I'd like it happens in some warm place! Or may be we should spend it on the Northern pole? I think we'll need snow, ice and low temperature to damp down our passion, because otherwise we can burn each other! :)))) We'll… here i leave some place for your imagination! :))))))
Maybe i should change the topic… :)))) Or i should continue to tease you for a while? :))))) I think we should get the consensus…, right? So, i think that the only way out for me is to stop here and wait for your reply…
So…kisses to you! The most passionate ones!

Letter 3

Hello, XXX !
Oh, i see some people in the Internet cafe are watching at me :))) It is not surprising, i entered the door and rushed to the computer as it was a hill of gold! :)))) Of course they don't understand why i am so excited. They don't know that i am going to write a letter to the man whom i was missing so much! But i don't care! I am so impatient to talk with you! I like your pictures very much and i am so happy you already cares and notice the things i like! :)))) Thank you very mich for the rose!
I have great news! I was at the shop yesterday and bought some new clothes! It is pity that i have nobody to show them... Oh, it does not mean i don't have friends... But it is the kind of clothes i want to show only to my beloved man. Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking about! :))))) But i was alone in my room trying on all these wonderful things and... dreaming about you! Do you want to be with me at that moment? By the way, if you chose underwear for me which colour will it be?
Though i think that lady should buy such things alone and then come home wear this beauty and wait for her man. I will let you into a secret, but you should promise not to tell it any other man, agree? :))) Sometimes it is not easy for a lady to chose the right underwear for her. And she have to try on a lot of lingeries to chose the one which suits her in the best way. And it is really stupid when woman let her husband to watch this process! It is so funny to watch men rushing from fitting room to rack and back in order to help his wives :)))) But when finally she chose the right one and wear it tonight all surprise and miracle has already gone.
As for me, i prefer to surprise my man all the time. In good meaning of this world, of couse! :))))))))
I know, it is very important to be not only lovers but also friends with your man. To be able to share your thoughts, your feelings, with him, to be sure that he will love you seing in the morning with mated hair and without make up, and even kissing your red nose when you catch a cold :)))) But a real lady will not relax even after many years of marrige and will do her best to look beautiful for her husband. Real love does not care about appearance, but it is such a pity when couple lose passion to each other and i am sure any other feeling can't replace it, do you agree with me? Honey? I see all your thoughts are still in my room and you prefer me to continue telling you what i was doing there after i returned from shoping. Got you! :))))) Ok, it is my fault, i started to tease you and then stopped at the most interesting place. Of course it is not right! So, i continue... I was wearing a new lingerie...light-blue, this colour matches to my eyes! You would see if you were near me at that moment...though i am sure that if you were with me you would look not into my eyes :)))) Then i started to dance... still dreaming about you!
By the way here i have to let you to another secret. I learn stripdance for a year and i dance very good already. Ops, it seams to me that now i have waked up your curiosity even more than in the begining of my letter :)))) Ok, here i will tell you the third secret... the last one for today:)))) I like you very much and i feel that you are a wonderful man. So, you have all the possibilities to get such a treasure like me! I have chose you among all the men who wrote to me! Are you glad? And i do hope will not disappoint expectations of each other!

Letter 4

Hi, XXX ! We are together again...ops, it seams to me that we have not separated in your dreams… Why do i know about this? :))) Just because in my dreams we were together the whole time as well! :)))) Yes, i dream about you very often…sometimes too often :))) Even when i am at work!!! :))) And the worth thing is that i like this! :))) What are you doing with my mind i wonder? After reading your letters i see that you really have a strong intension to steal my heart. And frankly speaking i will be happy if you do this! But i want you to give me your heart as well! It will be fair! Agree? :)))) Wonderful! I do feel that we are on the right way! But... Oh, i hate this"buts" which appear in my mind sometimes and disturb my happiness. I bet you don't know what i am going to tell you :))) The truth is that i have three husbands already and i worry that you would not agree to become the fourth one. Ok, i am kidding again! You know, i have never been married. Why? Because i was waiting for you of course! :)))
Ok, I feel that you are confused! Sorry! I really don't want you to feel this way! I know that sometimes you want me to communicate with you in quite another manner :))) I also want us to be honest and open with each other…IN EVERYTRHING!!! Absolutely! That is why i want to share my fears with you. We already feel such a magic attraction to each other... but over the letters only. And i get used to feel this invisible connection with you, this curiosity and happines which your words give to me. But will it continue when we meet in reality? Internet gave us a great advantage to find each other through the huge distance but at the same time it gives limited possibilities to know each other completely :(((((
Oh, why you are so far from me! This circumstance does not give me an opportunity to…express all my feelings to… quite right… :))) to you! To the man I am interested in! It is not easy to express passion in words only! Am I right? :))) I think it is hard to describe feeling… smells… tastes…
Honey! I have called you this way in my previous letter and I see you don't mind :)) So, honey,… my sweetheart, …yes, you are!!!... I wish you a wonderful day, i wish you to feel happy and... to think about me...
Yes, in reality we are not together yet, but i promise to come to your dream tonight!

Letter 5

Hi, my dear xxx! Oh, honey... my dear husband :))))! Thank you very much for your letter! You have great sence of humour and this means a lot for me! But much more important are your serious intentions towards me! I am so glad about your invitation! I also have a lot of sweet dreams about us! :)))
Now i want you to switch on your imagination! Ready?

Seaside... young lady in light short dress and her handsom boyfriend are walking hand in hand... Light brize is blowing her hair... they look at each other and smile... he tells her something and she begins to laugh... People can't take their eyes off this lovely couple... and suddenly lady gives her partner a passionate kiss... no, she is not crazy, she just feels as they are alone at this beach... at the whole world... She put off her dress and now she is weared only in small swimming costume... they enter the sea and swim together, he embarases her, kisses her neck and whisper: "i want!" to her ear... it is getting dark and when they finally go out of the watter kissing each other they notice that all the poeple have gone already and they are really alone on the beach! And of course this man does not want to lose the chance to show his lady how much he loves her... You know, it is not only my dream, it is our possible happy future together... We like each other so much and i feel that it is possible for us to have such a passion in reality!

So, honey, i will find out how to arrange my trip to Belgium. We have travel agency in my town so i can find out about everything today!

I will write you tomorrow!

Send you thuusand of passionate kisses!


Letter 6

Hi, my dear XXX! I am very glad to know that you are waiting for me! I do want to meet you as soon as possible, believe me!!! I feel that we'll be very happy together! But i have a problem....and you are the only man with whom i can share it... the matter is that i don't have any opportunity to come to you without your help!
I was at the travel agency and they told me that i need an international passport, and it costs $150. Also i need $120 for a visa and $470 to buy tickets. So you see that i am in need of $740 to arrange everything, but i dont have this money :(((( I earn only $100 a month and it is really impossible for me to pay for it. I hope you understand me. I need your help! Will you help me?

Letter 7

Hi, dear XXX !!! Thanks for the lovely and kind letter!!! I am so happy that we have already found each other! I am sure we'll be very very happy todether! Yor words about love made my the happiest lady in the world! I can't wait the day when we are together! I was dreaming a lot about the day when i find my soulmate and now i cant even describe this magic feeling of love and happiness! My dream came true already!!! :))))))
I think about you every minute and everybody who knows me has already noticed that i looks like a bright star. Do you know the person why made me to shine so bright??? :)))) Yes, you guess!!!! Of course it is you, XXX ! Thanks for the happiness you have brought into my life! Our communication is the most important thing for me now!!!
Honey, after getting your letter on Saturday i went to the bank, but they told me that it takes long time to open an acoount and i also must have some amount of money to put on this account, so this variant is not possible. But they told that you can send me money over the Western Union and this way is very secure and fast. You need to know my full name (Veronika Bondarenko) and my address:
Svetlovodsk (my town)
Shkolnaya, 13 (my street)
27500 (zip code of my town)
Is it possible for you to send me money in this way?
I'll be waiting for your letter!
Kiss you!