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I was corresponding by letter, because he or she sends me emails to two days, I suspected that the Queue I find it odd letters in the same tone and she did not answer my questions. She says of Russia, Kosmodemyansk.

Hello my dear xxx!

Every day I see your letter, it becomes a pleasure for me nice.
But above all, now I want to share with you my joy too.
Last night, come to me, my best friend, Oksana. We have known each other since childhood, when we walked together in the garden. So, we learned it in school in a class, and sat at a table in the school with her. And we have a lot of our friends happy.
Yesterday, when he saw me, his first question was, Natalya what you're passionate?
I asked why she decided. She said that apparently changed, my smile is always in my face, and there is much joy. My dear xxx, I do not know what to say and he was very glad that my best friend to all.
I could not hide anything much, and decided to tell her about our relationship with you. She was very happy with me. Oksana has a family of five, has a little girl of two years, and now she is waiting for more reinforcements in the family. She is very happy, she loved her husband, who do everything for the happiness of the family and am very happy for them. They are very good people. But when I look at them there a pain in me, because I'm much more a dream that I just came from a family, love and most important thing for me. I do not want to be alone and want to share my happiness with the beloved.
My dear, the last time you bring joy to me, so with you I can tell you all and and a pleasure for me.
I'm very pleased, so you like Oksana, I talked a lot about you, and she was glad we met.
As I am glad that my girlfriend supports me a lot and like this and good!
Now, for me it has a lot of fun, and I have good mood, now I go to my work, but after my work I try to write only for you my dear. But tell me the same way they were talking about our relationship with your friend?
I just want to know the opinion of his best friend.
Now I must go, but ask him the same way that you wrote me your letter, once you have received my letter. I'll wait. Yours Natalya!