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Hello my dear xxx! I am happy to see your letter again. I am very
glad that I have such interlocutor as you. I think that we are fine.
My dear I wish to tell to you a little about the childhood. I wish to
tell to you that our family never was very rich. We always lived well,
but never was such that we were very rich. But I consider what not in
this happiness, happiness it when you feel happy when you understand
that you do someone happy. For this purpose the love is necessary. It
can be different love, love of relatives, love between the man and the
woman, but it should be. Each person in this world wishes to be happy.
But in the world it is a lot of people and many opinions on that that
such happiness. For everyone it the . For someone the happiness
consists in becoming rich, for someone happiness in love, for someone
on another. But everything, absolutely everyone wish to become happy.
I wish to tell to you that for me happiness it when all around of me
are happy, when all it is good. If will be so also me it will be good.
But for full my happiness to me it is necessary the beloved. I am
assured that all women in the world want it, even can be such that
someone speaks that it not important for it and it is not necessary
for it, but I am assured that at heart it wants it. I hope that you
understand about what I speak. Everyone wish to be happy. I hope that
you in the answer will share with me ideas on it. On it I to finish
washing the letter. Tomorrow I to wait from you the letter. Irina.


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Hello my dear xxx! Thanks you for your letters. I am very glad to
read them. My dear in last letter I wished to tell to you about my
childhood, but at me it has not so turned out. Today I shall try to
correct it. I wish to tell to you about that as I the first time went
on a disco. I do not remember how many years to me then was.
Approximately 14 or 15. I remember sat at home and read any book, and
to me my girlfriend Elena has come. It has suggested to go to me on a
disco. First I very much was surprised. But has then thought that it
is necessary to try it sometime for the first time. But I was not able
to dance then. And Lena too was not able to dance, and we have solved
that we need to learn. We have included music on the tape recorder and
have started to move. At us nothing turned out also to us was very
cheerful. After we two hours jumped at a mirror we have solved that to
us is time to go on a disco. It was the evening disco which was with 5
up to 9 evening. We have appeared inside, and have gone on a dance
floor. There there were many people. We have risen in a corner and
have started to dance. First it was heavy for us, in fact people
looked at us. But then we have understood that we dance not worse than
all and began to dance not hesitating. It seemed to us that at us well
turns out and boys began to look at us. But we did not need it. We
have a little more danced and have gone home. We were very happy from
that that we descended on a disco. We even have felt adults. Now so
ridiculously to recollect it. You already know that we till now often
communicate with my girlfriend Lena. We sometimes recollect the
childhood and it happens cheerfully. I hope that it was interesting to
you to read history about my childhood. You can tell to me something
about yourself? It will be interesting to Me to read it. I wish to
tell to you that now I wish to dance only with you my dear! I very
much would like it. I even have presented it … Yours Irina.

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Assignment:      Dynamic IP
Country:      Russian Federation
State/Region:      Mariy-El
City:      Yoshkar-ola
Latitude:      56.6369
Longitude:      47.8711

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