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Hello ! Glad to see you interested in me !!! So,let's start our acquaintance. My name is Olya. I am optimistic, romantic girl from Ukraine. I dream to find happiness in my life. And I think that it is impossible to be happy if you are alone. It may sound banal, but I think that any person can't be happy enough without real makes people feel complete. Love has the power to do everything :to take away your life and to give it back to you.. It can break a warand heal people’s souls. And I belive that love has no borders, that is why I am here,in Internet. I want to find my real second half, wherever he may live. I am sure that to be loved is not only a woman's dream. In the relationship I value stability, honesty and reliability. I belive that honesty is the first and the most important step in building relations. That's why I look fortruthful relations, I want to find a serious and responsible man, but at the same time kind and romantic. When a person is really yours, you feel it at once. And maybe we are the halves from the whole one- you and me ? Who knows. Let's get to know each other better and see.If you are still interested and share my views, you are welcome to write at my e-mailaddress [email protected] Tell me about yourself, be free to share your thoughts and views to me. You may askme what ever you want to know about me. I am looking forward to your letter !! Olya

Letter 2

Hi, dear XXX !!

I was very glad to receive your letter ! I have been waiting for it !! How are you today ?

I believe you are having a great day as I do, I am actually in a very good mood today and

I have no doubt it is very positively influenced by you !

Thanks for your wonderful compliments to me !!

It was interesting to get to know more about yourself and your life.

I liked your picture !!

Communication is one of the largest key factors to a happy relation.

When you meet people like this as we do now, sending letters to each other over Internet you

never know who you really are talking to. I hope that we, you and I can trust each other and

have a happy time while we get to know one another better !!! By the way, have you met anyone

from Internet ? What is your experience here ? I am here not long ago, so can not say anything

definite. I only know that there are a lot different people here, both good and not very honest,

with different goals. As one wise writer told "The most important thing is invisible to the eye,


only one heart." And my heart is my guide in life. It is seldom mistaken.

By the way, I know that there is the common meaning about Ukrainian women looking for

foreigner. Many people think they are looking for a better life to live, for rich

husband and glamour life. I can't say for sure that about all women, there are people and people.

But as for me I don't have a goal to find a foreigner as my future husband. I ma just looking

for my second half, my true love, no matter where he lives. And Internet gives us

many opportunities to succeed in it. Besides, in my native town I would never have a possibility

to meet so many interesting and different people.

I live in a small Ukrainian town Izyum, it is very close to the city of Kharkov. It is a small

quiet , but very beautiful town with wonderful nature and landscapes. So, I should say that

I am a provincial girl I have never been abroad, I only dream about it. I hope that one day

these my dreams will come true. And what about you ? Have you travelled anywhere ? If yes, what

are your favorite places ?

I was born on October 10, 1980. So, I will celebrate my 30 anniversary soon. I am Libra by

horoscope sign, if you are interested in this.

I work at a hospital as a medical nurse. My job is rather difficult and

sometimes takes too much time. But I like it very much. I like helping

people, and at my work I do it every day.

I live alone in a small flat. My father lives not very far from me, he lives alone, as my mother

died 3 years ago, she was my most close person in this world, I think I will never be able to

cope with this terrible loss in my life. I miss my mother very much, I feel I miss something very

important and essential in my life since she has been gone. I spend a lot of time with my father,

we are very good friends.

I have an older sister, but she lives very far away in Russia with her own family. We meet seldom

now, it is a pity. I should say that I am a lonely person.

I have no kids, I think I want to have children. But only the life will show.

I think I am an open person, which can be trusted, with humor and for whom the real values are

very important. I am also tender,attentive and very romantic. I am an outgoing person, I could

be talkative or quiet but I think that this depend on the confidence that you have in

the persons with who you are.

I am really romantic and passionate (about life, my future soul mate,...).

My interests are various : I like flowers, to make home cozy, to read, I like to draw, to go

to the cinema . I have been attending dancing school for 10 years, so I am almost a professional

in this, I like music.

Yes, I like sort skirts, I like to dress sexy and feminine, but not vulgar.

I am alone because I prefer to be alone than with the wrong person. Of course, I had previous

relations. I have been in a 3 year relations with a man, we were quite happy together, but I

think that was not real love. And then he met a woman and fell in love with her, their feelings

are true,

they are still happy together. I understand this, I don't

blame him, this is life. I think that we weren't just made for each other. But it was very

painful when we broke up. So I am alone almost fro two years already, I am quite cautious about

relations now. I want to be with my special one, once and for the whole life. Could you tell me

about your previous experience ?

I am looking for someone who can spend time with me doing what I love to do and doing what

he loves to do. I think, all good relationships start as good friends, and seem to stand the

test of time when love develops later. I feel as if I have a lot to offer someone and my life

would be most complete to share it with someone special.

I am hoping that we'll learn a lot more about each other, and that our relationship grows. I

know we live a long distance apart, but if we want something strongly enough this should not

stop us getting to know each other and see where our future takes us.

Oh, I think I should end now as my letter is getting tooooo long!

I shared my thoughts and views to you. And I hope you will do the same.

If you want to know something special about me, just ask.

I am looking forward to your next letter with much impatience.

Friendly kiss

Sincerely Olya

Letter 3

Hello, dear XXX !!

How are you today ?

I was very happy to receive your letter.

I think we share some of the same values in life.

It is always nice to get something from you, to get some news and details

about your life.

Thanks for telling me about yourself, your life, sharing with me your thoughts and views !

I liked your picture!!

You know I’m in some way cautious in relations with men

I’m choosey about the man I’m going to date with, it takes me much time to trust in

a man. To be close to a man I must be sure in him, know him, understand him, I must have

limitless trust in him. You know, I feel I can trust you, that happens to me rarely.

As for me family is the most important thing for a person, the main value in life. Age is

of no importance for wife and husband, what is important- love, trust and respect for each

other, the way of communication between people. When you are at home with your family the whole

world stays outside. When everything is all right at home, when a person gets support

at home, he can succeed in all fields of his life- work, society.

And I am so lonely here, when I go home from work, I realize that

nobody waits me at home, and I for a moment got scared, scared of

another evening and night spent in loneliness.

How much I wish it ended at last.

I just wants someone to hold my hand when I am feeling down and someone to

share my joy joy when I am happy. I want just to be happy with my man

rest of my life. I want the man that I am with also to be happy.

There must also be times when people in a

relationship are apart. A woman needs time with her girlfriends (

shopping lunch that kind of thing) and a man needs some time for his

friends ( sports, hunting, fishing that kind of thing ), it is part of

life. I want you to know that I am the type of person that will

tell you what I am thinking ( good and bad ) I feel that truth and

respect are the most important parts of a relationship. Without them a

relationship will never grow. With friendship and trust comes love. Love

is a friendship on fire.

There are many parts of a relationship. There is the day to day living

working, taking care of the house) But there must also be passion and romance.

I am really sensual and sexual by nature and this seems to me really important

in one relation, it's not the most important point but one of them. I think that

the best relationship will be the one combining these different points as confidence,

complicity, mutual understanding, adult to adult talk, tenderness, sensuality and sexuality

Sex is an important part of love. Making love to the person you are in love with, can be

beautiful. There should also be romance. A long walk on the beach, The stars fill the sky

and the moon shining on the water. Holding hands, stopping for a tender kiss. or

sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace eating popcorn and

watching a movie. Love is a soft voice, a tender touch, a sweet kiss,

The look in the eyes.

I want to mention one more thing to you. As it might turn out to be a

problem later.

I must confess my English is not very good. It’s a very big omission in my education.

For several times I started learning it, but then I gave it up, though I made some progress.

May be I missed time, or effort and money. And so far I have to use the services of a

translator. But now I am working hard on my English, every day. And I

hope that soon will achieve progress in it. This time I will not give


I have been thinking about you more and more with each letter and I want

you to know that I like you very much. I want our communication to be open

and honest. I would like to take the time and learn all there is to know about you and I

will be happy to tell you all about me and my life and to get to know

about you as much as possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

Be free to share with me everything you want, as I did it.

Again a long letter.

Today I just told you what was in my mind and my soul, without


Many kisses and hugs


Letter 4

Hello, dear XXX !

At last I received your letter. I was impatiently waiting for it. Thank you very much. I couldn’t

even imagine the possibility that you wouldn’t write me.

I liked this your picture very much !!!

I don’t know what is going on with me; I never experienced this in my life before. Though I haven’t

seen you in reality, and there are miles’ distances between us, I can’t stop thinking of you. I hope that our correspondence will lead to our

meeting in reality. I imagined it for million times, but I can’t exactly tell what it will be like.

I picture to myself your walk, your smile, your hugs.

I understand that we have already made some serious steps toward each other , there is no doubt

that we are people with common interests, we like to talk to each other, and of course in one or other way we

like each other. Of course, be it’s not yet love, but something very pleasant, warm and fascinating.

I know! Maybe it is falling in love ?

Yesterday I recollected a little story that happened to me half a year ago. Some fortune-teller

from the street had told me that in half a year or so I would meet my love. Then I didn’t believe it

and even didn’t pay any attention to it. As I don't belive in this stuff. But now I have you,

and I don’t know may be that woman told me the truth and foresaw my

future ? And do you belive in such things ? I spend more and more time thinking about you, imagining us to be together.

I understand that it’s very difficult to find the “right” person in life, “your” person, the person you can trust, you may

rely on, and the person you want to hurry to. All this is necessary, but relations between a man and

awoman are based on many factors- not only emotional, but harmony in sexual is also very important;

it’s also necessary. Years may pass, you may spend years together, but in true love you won’t stop

loving each other. You may know almost everything about your partner, but you won’t get

tired or bored; you will constantly have the desire to discover something new in him and in

yourself. That is true love; I hope that one day we (you and me) will be able to experience it.

There are so many things in the world, ordinary things. There isn’t anything unusual in them at

the fist sight. But when you are not alone, when you have your beloved half with whom you can do

them, their sense changes completely, they become so pleasing and fascinating. For example :

Getting a mail from someone you like. Hearing a song that reminds you about someone you love.

Falling in love with someone (you). Lying in the bed, listening to the rain and dreaming of

someone (you) like. An unexpected present from someone you love. Seeing someone you love doing

something outstanding. Making laugh someone you like. Walking on the beach with you.

Cooking and eating dinner with your beloved person. Decorating Christmas tree together.

Breakfast in bed. Candlelit dinner with a person you like. Hearing you saying “I love you” and

saying the same to you. There are so many pleasant things and occupations in life, the only

condition for them- you by my side. I hope that one day we (yes, we- you and me) will be able to

do all this together. I hope that we’ll spend endless hours together, doing nothing, talking about

everything and nothing, just enjoying each other.

Or may be on some rainy, cold night we’ll lit candles and stay together in warm embraces of each

other, kissing, caressing each other, making love tenderly and slowly. And all that cold rain,

thunder, lightning will stay behind our house. We won’t care about all that, there will be only

you and me in this world, and nothing will exist except for this endless candlelit night.

What ideas about our spending time together do you have ? Write me. What fantasies have you ? Tell me

about them and may be one day we’ll fulfill them.

I will be waiting for your letter.

Letter 5

Hello, dear XXX !!

How are you today ?

I was very glad to get your letter today !!

Great picture !!!

I'm always happy and surprised when I read your letters. Because I'm not sure

if you wrote to me or if I wrote to you. Because we have very similar

feelings. Every day I dream about the moment of our first meeting and

I know it will be a wonderful and timeless moment. We will watch into

our eyes and find the love we are feeling one to each other deep in our

soul. I'm sure that it will be the most motioning moment of my life.

I'm waiting for that moment like a flower is waiting for the sun...

I know that this distance between us will help our love to become

bigger and stronger. Every new letter we send it's a new brick on the

house of our hearts. We keep talking and understanding more and more

who we are and why we met in this strange way. I think that quite soon

that house will be quite solid and indestructible and our hearts will

live there in tenderness, warmness and love.

I'm figuring out how nice will be your presence here. Your voice, your

body, your smell just beside me every day and every moment. And I want

all of this to become true as soon as possible!

The dreams you write about and the description of you and me are

wonderful. I can promise you that everything will be a reality

when we meet, and much more.

I would like to slow dance with you. Let's dream about it... Soft

romantic melody is playing and you come to me reaching your hand

and say, "Shall we dance, honey?" I smile silently, take your hand and

you put another one on my waist. I close my eyes. First I feel the

warmth of your hands, and then I feel the warmth of your body, when

leading by the music I come closer to you. We move slowly, I don't

open my eyes. I feel so safe and comfortable dancing with you. You're

playing with my hair, when you bend forward to smell them I put my

head on your shoulder. We touch with our hands, hips, I put a soft

kiss on your neck. Music is playing so quiet, that we don't know

whether we are dancing or standing on the same place and it's just a

room moves around us. I feel your heart beating, I hear it beating

louder then music, louder then mine. There's nobody else in the whole

world, just you and I... even if just for this one dance.

I dream about waking up with you in the morning with with my head

cradled on my shoulder and kissing your lips so gently until you awaken

from your dreams. You would roll over and gaze into my eyes and I

would feel your manhood against delicate flesh and we would make love

for what seems like an eternity until we were both totally exhausted.

Then we would lay in each others arms with a feeling of total

contentment until it is time to get ready for our day !!!

I am waiting for your letter as soon as possible

Your Olya

Letter 6

Dear Sir,

The company " Taurus" is greeting you.

We inform you that your lady Olya ([email protected]) is our client, and we assist her in

correspondence with you, translating your letters, printing and

scanning photos. Unfortunately her account is over now and she is not

able to answer your letter today.

She is very disappointed by this fact as this may cause certain

difficulties in your communication. As her intentions

towards you are serious and she wouldn't like to stop correspondence

with you. In case you are seriously interested in Olya you may help

her to fill up her account to continue your correspondence. Olya

truly hopes for your help.

If you will decide to help her please send an e-mail on the address of

your lady or our e-mail address [email protected] with a request for

further information, and it will be sent to you immediately.

Executive manager and translator

Nataliya Kaverina