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Hello! How is your day ? I am glad that you interested in me. And I'm glad to have a chance to get acquainted with you. When I saw your profile I felt that I want to know about more about you. And I hopet hat we will learn each other better through our correspondence. And learning more about each other is onlyone right way to build a strong relations with each other.Don't you think so ? Well my name is Katerine but my friends call me Katy. I liket his name and would be glad if you will call like that. I am very optimistic and positive lady. I think that everything bad you can overcome in benefit to yourself if you can draw a right conclusion. I like proverb "A foul morn may turn to a fair day." I am 27 old. In spite of my age I little girl in my soul... Usually I get easily with people and I hope you will not be exception! Maybe you are my destiny and me yours ? Let stry to find it out! I will be waiting for you letter. Take care and have a good day!!! Katy!!

Letter 2

Hello my dear XXX ! I am very glad to receive your letter. Thank you for your compliments. I'm glad that you like my pictures. I am very pleased to hear compliments especially from you. Our communication helps us to know more about each other and helps us get closer. Don't you think so ? I'm glad to have such possibility to correspond with you. I want to know everything about you. Please tell me about your family and your friends. As for me I have a big family : me, my parents and my brother. I love my father and mother very much! And try to visit them as often as possible. And yesterday I visited my parents my mother told me a very funny story which happened to my parents. I love animals and I have a small parrot. But now I work a lot and had to take the parrot to my parents. Mom says that my parrot was a big headache for them. Can you imagine... My parrot his name isKesha can imitate the sound of a door opening... But I forgot to tell parents about it. And every time when Kesha imitated the sound of a door opening they went to check if someone came. They even locked the door! But once again heard as the door opened. Then they realised that those were Kesha's tricks. And when my mother told me all this I laughed so much! I even asked my Mom several times -"Mom, can you look has anyone come ?" ) I like to see my mom`s reaction ) She was telling me - "Dear, stop laughing at me!" So we started laughing again! I hope you smiled while reading my story! ) I will be waiting for your letter!!! Your Katy!

Letter 3

Hello my dear man XXX !!! It`s so nice to receive your letter. Thank you for your photo. You are very handsome man. I think, you are interesting person. And new information about you makes interested in you more and more. I want to tell you that I'm serious in my search of a relationship. I don't play games or flirt here. I am not looking for a pen friend too. I want to find a man with whom I will make a strong family. I am glad that we can have a chance to know each other better.For beginning we can starting the Internet. I want to tell you more about me. As I said in my previous letter my name is Katerine. I was born in a little town Schastie,Ukraine but I found work and live in a rent flat in Lugansk which is close to my home town. I work as a seller of underwear and swimsuits. Maybe this is not best work on the world but... I like my job. I like the beautiful underwear.I like to help my clients to make a choice. Have you everthought how underwear can make a figure sexy and good-looking? When I see a woman who wants to be sexy forher beloved man and buy beautiful underwear, I can see her happiness and happy eyes... I am so happy for this women andI want to find my man for whom I will be the best woman in the world. I look for my only one for my beloved man. Maybe this is you! You should know that I don't speak English. And I have no computer at home. I had to turn to the translation service to have an opportunity to look for a man on the Internet. I hope that this fact will not upset you.. I think that Internet is not unusual way to find love. I haven't found love and understanding here in my city. Ukrainian men want just casual sex and fun.. and I do not like this! I told you that I looking for relationship, and I hope to meet mysoul-mate and not just a sex partner... I believe this can be rather difficult, but who knows...maybe you are the man I have been looking for all this time... I will be wait for your letter with impatience . Your Katy!!

Letter 4

Hello,my SPECIAL!!!!!Dear, XXX !!!!!!! I greet you on this special day. You are really special for me and it is my honour to call you " MY SPECIAL MAN". It is considered necessary to use "sugar" words only when you talk to your beloved. I feel Ican trust you. When i read your letters my heart is jumping from my chest! I hope you feel the same ! We should be ready to give our feelings a serious chance to grow and develop. Let's give it a shot !)) I have hope and faith that we will find what we both are looking for. To find love means being ready to give your time and devotion to someone you are interested in. I am not afraid of going into the unknown. Iam tired of being lonely. I want to love and be loved. I am ready for new life.Are you ready for it ? Dear you must read very closely all that I write to you. Today when I came to the translation company, my interpretert old me that my account has expired . And I have to renewit. I was so upset because I haven't got any money. The matter is that my pipes in my house are leaking very badly.I had taking credit at the bank. And I must pay the bank a certain amount of money every month. I don't have money for reopening our account now. And I don't know how much time it will takes to reopen our account again . I feel that I can lose you . And my heart could be broken.. All my life I waited for a man like you . And when I found you I thought that you are the man I want. We have to continue our correspondence. Maybe you could help us to save our relations and reopen the account so that we will continue our correspondence . Dear XXX if you will help us we will have a chance to know each other better. We can't lose our relations and our feelings right now. I miss you and thinking when I will take your letter again. I have never missed someone as much as I miss you. I need you with me,and the thought of letting you go, kills me inside. And I chill deep down to think where I’ll be if you go. You brightened up my life. And now everything I see is in itsbrightest shade. I understand that you probably are afraid to send money to the person which you have never met in reality. But I paid for our correspondence without doubts in you . I am really sorry to ask you about it. But we haven'tgot any another way out . This is the last chance to turn our dreams to reality. Dear, I proved my feelings to you already. And I will do it again because I feel that you are my destiny . I want to learn English in the nearest future because I want to understand you without any help. But for now we have to stay in touch. We need to save our correspondence. You can show me that you want to be with metoo! Your reaction and action will show your real feelings to me. Dear, please write me as soon as possible and say if you can help us to be together. I kiss you my only one. Completely your Katy!!!