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Hello my dear XXX ! I am looking for my second part of heart first time in the Internet…and honestly it is great to do it there by !I am here to find my one and love husband ! Frankly speaking, sometimes it seems to me that I'm the last romantic in the world :) I entirely believe that somewhere my soulmate is walking on the Earth. I completely sure that everyone has his or her own second part and one day the destiny will join them together ! Do you believe in destiny ? I do believe in it whole heartedly !! I have faith that someday I will meet my future beloved ! He will look into my eyes and I'll forget my name. And when he will take my hand - I just will throw the character of ice and untouchable lady and will follow my man everywhere. You know in Ukraine we have a very wise statement:"Seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you." So I decided to knock to you and I hope you will hear my voice and save me from loneliness. Hope to hear from you soon and who knows maybe we will start the new page in our love diary ! :) Your Dasha

Letter 2

Hello dear XXX ! Thank you for your interest and attention to me ! I was waiting for your letter and can you imagine how I was glad having got your reply ! :)Dear XXX , I decided to write you back, not only your description but I felt that you are very kind and open-minded person, these features I guess are most important in person's character !! I won't tell you that your description completely fits to me - you would better tell me this !!! :) We can communicate and you will make decision by your own !! Okay ? XXX , I will start telling about myself and hope you will tell memore about you !! As you already know my name is Dasha, my full name is Daria but my friends and close to me people call me as Dashunia or Dashenka. You can call me as you like - it's up to you :) I was born in a small town Melovoe. I was born on 10 October, 1986, my zodiac signis Libra ! What is your zodiac sign ? :) Regarding my childhood, it was pretty happy and color ful. I'm the only child in my family - and all the attention from parents was mine! But it must be admitted that I'm not spoilt child as usually it happens in families with one child! My grandparents were very wise and me asured people - so they dilute excessive parents' love and care with strict instructions and homilies ! But my bliss ful and happy childhood was destroyed someday. My father made a big mistake in his life ! Once he preferred a woman far more younger than my mom, she was alone without family, children and other family duties. He left us when I was 7. It was an important and decisive year - it was my first time and first year at school ! I was completely horrified - you know as every children I didn't want to stay without my mom for almost the whole day ! :) And I have to give my mom credit she was at her best ! Since that time we become closer and she was a real friend for me ! We discussed everything we met with during the day ! And of course all my troubles concerning friends and first love trials :) She was with me whenever I was in need in a good advice or just in person to share my troubles with. And like in every fairy tale one day we had to separated ! So it wasthe beginning of my mature and conscious life :) Dear, here is my life story - if you want to know more about me just ask me, my answers won't make you wait :) Tell me please more about you, your tastes and preferences ! What is your favorite time spending? Looking forward for your reply :) Yours Dasha !

Letter 3

Hello dear XXX ! Thank you for your reply and warm words :) I do really appreciate your attention to me and since I was seen you I was interested in you and your life ! I decided to make the first step to you and look where it can lead us ! :) So here we are :) :) I'm very glad that we begin our communication ! Dear XXX I support your point of view about clothes )) I prefer skirts, not everytime short :) Sometimes the situation requires official layout!! :) You know, you are very funny you make me laugh even via letters :) Frankly speaking as you I tried to eat with the help of chopsticks and I had the same situation as you :) My dear you may well ask me what I'm doing here and why I'm not looking for my second part of soul in my native country ? ! Well, it must be admitted that I was trying to find it and more over one time Imet the person who I thought was a real gentleman and perfectly match to me. We met when I was studying at the University, on a journalistic faculty. I decided to enter the University in Lugansk - because it is more big city than where I used to live and there are many possibilities for young people. He was older than me on 3 years. At first he was presented me a real fairy tale - I was pleased and impressed by his treatment ! But time passed and like every girl I wanted to create a family, to be with my only one beloved. But as it turned out those years were for him just for fun. He wasn't serious in his intentions - so it is the reason why I'm here ! I don't want to say that all Ukrainian men are cheaters and bad, just to my mind that foreign men do know how to treat women and take care about them. Am I right ? :) Dear, I'm very grateful that we began our communication because I'm really interested in you and would love to know you more with each letter ! I'm very appreciative you for your warm and attentive letters. You are a very kind and easy-going person ! Reading your letters I forget about everything bad, they absorb me completely. That's why I want to be honest with you, because I entirely believe that honesty is the most essential feature in every relationships ! You know, I'm a beginner in English, so the level of my know ledge is very poor, that's why I use a translation agency to write to you ! So now you know all the truth about me)) Hope to hear some confessions from you :) Dear, I hope to hear from you soon ! Wish you a good day ! Yours Dasha

Letter 4

Hello my dear XXX !! Thank you for your letter because it really nice to hear from you ! Your letters for me like a breath of refreshing wind :) And I like the feelings when I see your letter )) To my mind we began to patch the distance that we have now and if some day we will meet, I hope in the near future, we will smile to each other know that we don't have to begin everything with clean slate :) My dear XXX , I'm very glad that you don't mind about translation agency, because for me it is only one way to speak to you right now ! I'm really very very sorry that i don't know English, shame on me...and I promise you, in future I will learn it ! I just need time and I also I need you - the reason to do it !! You know in my casual life the know ledge of English is unnecessary for me ! But if we become more closer and decide to meet one day ? XXX , I will do what ever in my power to learn this language !! And also - I will wear my the best mini-skirt for you, my the most romantic man !!! :) ;) You know, sometimes I imagine how we will meet)) It seems to me that when I will see you in real life everything around me begin to pass very quickly and like in smog ! Only your features will be important. I will hug you and the time will stop :) I wish this dream will come true ! You know since we start our correspondence I have changed a lot.The colors around me became more brighter and positive out look is follow me now ! But it just a correspondence - just think how you can impress on me when we meet in real life ? ! :) I will burst from happiness and love in my heart !! :) :) Maybe it's too early to think about such things, but strongly believed that we have met for a good reason ! Dear, I will wait for your letter impatiently, you become a special person for me and I believe that my feelings can grow into something bigger :) I wish you a good day ! Take care dear ! Lots of hugs. Yours Dasha

Letter 5

Dear Sir XXX !

We are to inform you that your lady Dasha is not able to correspond
with you at the moment due to the account emptiness. She was using our
translating services and she was paying for the services by herself.
Now the account is empty and your lady forced with some financial
problems. We were told to pass you her words that she misses you and
doesn't want to lose this chance to be together. Lady Dasha is
interested in further communication with you and will be glad to renew
your correspondence! If you want to assist her we can send you details
and you will decide whether you are going to help her.

Best wishes,
translating agency "Class"
office manager
Maria Efremova