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Petaling Jaya Malaysia

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I deleted her letters,but they were all really nice and very convincing

Marry Johnson played for emotional sympathy.She told me her mother bought and sold gold for a living.Her mother then passed away leaving just her to take over the business.She said she had a regular buyer of her mother's lined up to buy the gold in Australia,but needed my help to fly her and the gold here.She was to make the sale and then start a new life with me.She couldn't pay her own way because she couldn't access her mother's assets as they were tied up with a money lender her dead mother owed money to.She took me for a lot of money and I hope that nobody else gets sucked in by her.I believe the photos she used are of her.But she is not to be trusted.She even gave me her phone number voluntarily and was very sweet and eager to chat online for hours.She even forwarded an email to me from her gold buyer.Her buyer's broken English and poor grammer is exactly like hers.An Australian buyer would not have these issues.Even now she says she loves me and wants to start a new life with me.And she knows I can't send her any more money.Wouldn't a scammer have just taken the money and run?She claimed there was a hold up at the Western Union Bank after she received the money and the robbers took it.She also claims that Malaysian Customs has her gold and won't give it back unless she pays the excess luggage fee for flying it to Australia.I told her to cancel her flight and they have to give it back.She says it is not so.I don't know what to think.Please help if you can.I just need some closure on this.