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Volzhsky Russia

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Hello favourite! Favourite, today I see your letter! And I have definitively understood that now I remained one! You are not present nearby and you cannot understand that I write to you! I have been assured of that that you always read my letters! But I favourite now start to doubt it! If to me in agency have told that I can receive the visa to you as can be on another!!? Please favourite answer me this question! Or you think that the agency simply deceives me!? But it not so! From your letter it turns out that the agency cannot make to me the visa, and your friend which lives in other city can!?!?!? But the darling, it is silly! The agency works with visas, documents and tickets! It I so think! It to me have told in the agency! After all when I have come there that all to learn I have told at once that I need to go to other country! If I could not go that they simply would refuse! And they have told that what problems will not be! Whether as favourite they have asked I will conclude with them the contract that they have started to do to me all documents! But I have told that I do not have money! I wrote to you about all! I hope that you read my letter and remember it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Favourite, it is not necessary for me to write that I cannot receive the visa! Because it not so! I can receive the visa!!!! And to arrive to you! I have a feeling that you simply play with me! Because in each letter you write to me that I cannot make it though itself know that all it really! What for you so with me!??????? Really all your letters and your words about love were simply only game!?

This lady fell in love with me in her second letter to me. She gave me some stories about a friend working in a travel agency and wanted money to get documents and visa to visit me in the USA. Then she wanted money to pay for the tickets. I kept on insisting that I travel to Russia to visit her but she did not want me to go there. She said that her father would be trouble for me if he saw us together. Then when I did not send any money, she told me that if she did not leave Russia, her father was going to make her marry a man by the name of Dmitry on August 28th. I told her if she could come to the USA I would reimuburse her for all expenses but she insisted on me sending her money. I told her again, that I wanted to visit her in Russia as I have been there before . She then stopped writing a week ago. She tried every wau she could to get me to send her money but I did nit as I have been scammed before and had sent money to another scammer and then never heard from that lady again. Another thing was that one of he letters was the exact copy of a letter sent to me by another lady with a different email and different photos. She also wrote manyn times that her father had frozen her money and her car and she had no money to eat. She was good with long letters and trying to make me feel guilty but I did not buy her lines.