Donetsk Ukraine

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Hello my dearest XXX. Every minute I think only about you. I don’t know what is it ? Maybe it is love ?! I really like to talk to you, to know more and more about you with every letter. You know, when I started my search in the Internet I didn’t expect to find a good man for me so fast. I have heard about games here and my friends advised me to be attentive and really I am very glad to meet you and it seems to me that we are not strangers any more and I feel deep feelings to you. I am very, very, very and very happy… I am really happy because you are always on my mind, and I don’t feel lonely any more, and I so much want that this continues in reality as well… Oh my der a it is very nice from side that you invite me to go to you, but my sunny unfortunately i don't have the money to do the foreign passport, it costs 140 $ and i dont know where i can take it. So what do you think ? Can you ever imagine ? All evenings together, all weekends together ? And the most romantic all holidays together… When I am thinking about this, I am getting very much excited… I remember how we found each other at first, how I see at first your photos and my heart started work quickly. I remember how we started to write letters, our first letters. How it is romantic. I don’t know what I can write you that you also was amazed as and I. I do not want to offend you, it is very important for me !!! I want to do everything I could for our relations ! I love all your letters, each word; they concern the gentlest places of my soul. My love, my sweetheart, I also would like to be with you,to kiss, your soft lips, and take your hands in mine, and to say, yourear, how much, I love you. I want to do everything I could for our relations! My sweet darling, I am so much waiting for your reply now ! Kissing you tenderly. Yours Julia.

Letter 2

Hello, my dearest and beautiful sunny XXX !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, if you only know, how I`m happy to receive your letter, and also, I`ve never think that can meet my beloved here, but now understand that if not Internet, I`ve never meet you… I've been thinking about you more than ever these days and I want to tell you, that you are the best in this world. I am afraid to lose you, and I worry when I write letters for you. I concern seriously to our relations and I would like that between us all was good. Yesterday I told my mother our romantic story. That we love each other and all is real. I told her that we will meet each other in real life. At first she was amazing because she don’t believe in such type of love. She thinks that it is not real to love each other without meetings. But then I told her that you is serious man, that you find real women for the future family. Have you told about me your family ? And if yes what they think about me ? And I hope that you will stay in my world till the end of my life. Yes, I understand that all these words are very responsible, but I can tell to you with confidence, that I love you and I wish to be with you till the end of the days both in happiness and in all sad moments in the life, as speak in a registry office. I don’t hope, I am sure hope that you also want to be with me in all times in our time. Am I agree ? My der you can send me the money to me with the help of western union or mOney Gram. My full name is Kiyashko Julia My full address isT kachenko Street 33 Selidovo city Donetsk region 85400 I think that it will be great, because we don’t see each other in thereal and our first meeting will be the best meeting. It will be so romantic. Do you agree with me ? Because you will stay in the airport with the flowers and here I am with big love, running to you. It is as the happy end in the love film. And I don’t have a lot of time here,because I love you with all my heart and I don’t want that you playgames with me. If you really want to be with me, you will be happy that I want to go to you, but if it is not so please say me about it.But I am really fall in love with you, I want to know your family,your country and you at all not only on the photos. I also hope that we will the happy end with the children after our meeting. I will be waiting on your reply and I hope that it will be positive, With love and hundreds of kisses,Julia !!!