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Krasnodar Russia

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Claimed she wanted to be a pen pal. In next letter she noted Russian men were not willing to treat women as a true partner in life. Wanted to call via a cellphone then claimed her phone did not work. within a month she was pushing to come for a visit to North America but she would have to work hard because of the high cost. Last letter noted she was being mis-treated by her boss (she claims to be a book-keeper) Pleaded for me to help her leave her situation and pay for her trip to me. she would pay me back with love. :-) right.

Hello my new Xxx!
I am glad to receive your answer. Before I already wrote you the not
the big letter. I have addressed in agency of acquaintances. I could
not write to you earlier as my former electronic address to break. At
once I want to tell, that I have been warned by that people from the
Internet get acquainted with girls that this girl has sent them the
naked photo. Understand, that I very serious in creating our relations
with you and I never I shall send a naked photo to you. I shall be
frank in all letters and I shall demand the same relation to, on the
equal rights of the man and the woman. I hope, that it is clear for
you! My relationship did not work out with men from Russia for many
reasons that have always faced a man and a woman. My name Galina and I
am from Russia, I am 36 years old June, 28th 1973 year. At me brown
eyes if you see I use cosmetics and I do not like to render a lot of
cosmetics on the person. My growth of 174 centimeters. I want to tell,
that I the open girl for all conversations. I have a good job and many
friends. I work as the bookkeeper, in the small building company, and
my work takes away from me a lot of time and forces. So, that I ask to
be patient with me as I shall write to you time to 1-2 days. Even at
the work I constantly watch the taste and I try to be always in the
form and a tone. I want to get acquainted with you to have a pen pal
and to rely on the possible relationship in real life. I want to tell
only, that my knowledge of the Internet are very small. On it I shall
finish the letter and I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
Therefore as you have woken in me hope, that we can be special to each
other. If you it is valid so consider, I wait for your letter on this

Hi my friend Xxx!
Was very glad to see your letter. It was very pleasant to receive
again the letter from you. I hope, that you do not object to my
questions which I now I shall set. Because that we continued between
us the correspondence very important as far as the person can listen
to you and turn to you attention. Unfortunately I do not have pets.
But I very much love animals. In the letter you speak that you have
put your photo. But I have not found out and did not see your photo.
And so my first question, what I would like to know than you are
engaged in general? Your work? Than particularly you are engaged? Your
hobbies? What would you like to make in a life? Why I ask on such with
a kind simple questions attention. Because when you will start answer
them I can to understand about you vital representation as you behave
and in the life. I wanted you to inform, that I use services of the
translator. And please I very much ask to be patient to me because
when you ask any question and I do not answer on it I ask you that you
to me about it have asked more particularly. Tell to me about the
work? Than you are engaged? In how many you rise for the work? How far
to be your work from your house? Now I shall tell to you a little
about the work. At once I shall tell, that it very much the tough job
and demands the big attention in relation to the exact account and
various important details. I work as the bookkeeper. And main my duty
consists that to me to have to perform my work honesty, precisely and
without the slightest errors. My fellow workers also are considered
with me and with my correct decisions when to me my work is necessary
to do. Sometimes happens so, that for my good and qualitative work, my
chief gives me and my employees the monetary award, or small gifts,
such as flowers. I watch that all was carried out in conformity with
rules of the schedule from A up to Z. You understand Xxx, that I on
the work should be firm with the work and the personnel but when you
are houses simply would like tenderness of love and caress from loved
the man. Frequently when I am I am free on the days off like to read
fiction. At me not so big library of a house and I frequently take
books from city library to fill the life the fine moments. I do not
like to waste time simply and never I do any acts before I shall not
think of it well. Very important value which I adhere " Be dear and
respect opinions of others (let even they do not deserve it) ". Now
you understand Xxx why I have decided to write only to you? I respect
opinion of other person and I think, that the criticism is a good
thing which sets the person thinking that you do, and whether
correctly you do it. I allow to you small representation about that
what I there is actually that have a little understood, that I for the
person. I hope, that you write to me and will tell to me more about
myself directly. Thanks for your attention. On it I shall stop, and I
shall write to you later.
Yours faithfully in all sincerity, Galina.

How are you doing Xxx? I hope, what at you all is good?
I again and again receive your letter and I am joyful, that I can
write to the person who is somewhere very far. Thanks you for your
fine photos, very much to like me to look at you. And also I liked
your dogs. I love animals and your dogs look very lovely and kind. I
shall tell to you about myself. My period of the childhood was very
severe, but not rigid as my parents gave me a lot of attention. I was
the only child in family and consequently to not have brothers and
sisters. My education was not absolutely modern at that time, but my
parents of me never beat and tried to give in all to me understanding
of world around. My mother Belief worked in a kindergarten where she
worked as the cook and prepared for a meal for children. She was
considered as the good expert of the class and was very much
appreciated. Now my mum is not present. My mum has died several years
ago. I do not like to recollect it as me very painfully to recollect
it. My father Alexander has died when to me there were 8 years. Has
died on war in the when was at war with insurgents. My father was very
brave and brave person. I very much am proud of the father as he
struggled for our country. It was very hard to recollect it. When
similar things occur to your close people it remains for all life.
Before I lived in small village which to be near to city Belorechensk.
After I have left school in my village, I together with my mum have
gone to a nearby city to enter the university for the further study. I
have successfully entered the university, then I and my mum had to
move to this city Belorechensk. For that moment I and at my mum did
not have own apartment or habitation in this city Belorechensk. And we
have been compelled to remove, rent demountable apartment. After my
mum did not become, I had to rent independently apartment till now. It
is convenient enough, as I continue to work as the bookkeeper in this
city. Before I was married, but I have no children. My marriage was
not successful as it was by a youth. I married when I was 18 years
old. But as a result in 3 years we got divorced from my husband. We in
many respects did not understand each other as we were very young. I
did not have children from this marriage. And at present I have no
children. After my first marriage I did not marry more. You now know
some details of my life and I want to tell to you about myself in more
detail and than I like to be engaged. I very much like dialogue with
people and consequently from everyone with you letters I try to take
something good for myself. Understanding of the person very important
for me. I like to dance and on a regular basis I I see off gymnastics
to watch for the figure. Sometimes with friends and fellow workers I
can afford rest and we go in a wood and there we do shish kebabs or we
collect mushrooms and berries. I certainly can dare to go in such days
of rest on a disco, but I do not like music. I give in music the
preference to such great musicians as Bethoven,Mozart and others. I
very much like its composition " the Lunar sonata " if you did not
hear necessarily listen to it Xxx. I in general like classical and
tool music. This music gains, except for that is pleasant on hearing.
I already spoke, that I do not like to waste time simply and therefore
I occupy time from a decline and till a dawn. I very much like to
prepare for such dish (you probably heard about it) as Russian
pel'menis. This very tasty dish. I also can cook to you and the
Saljnka both "Olivier's" salad and salad "Greek", but some products
that I was able to do it in domestic conditions are necessary for all
these dishes. It is really very tasty when you prepare. You know, I do
not presume to buy The house phone or a computer and consequently I
write to you from the Internet of cafe which it is a lot of at us in
city. I also shall give my address on which I live. You can see it.

my full home address:
street: Lenina 21
Apartment 11
city: Belorechensk
postal index: 352635
Country Russia.

You know Xxx? I could call to you if knew your phone number. Not
so long ago my cellular telephone has broken also I has given my phone
for restoration, to repair. As soon as I will take away my cellular
telephone from repair, I would like to name you at once and to speak
with you. But for this purpose I should know your phone number? I am
usual can call only in the evening on time. On it I shall finish the
letter and I shall wait tomorrow for your letter. Take care Xxx!
Your friend Galina!