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known to you as lily or lilya dont know from donetsk known to me from social networking website as daria or dasha from lugansk.
she has tried the translation scam with me but didnt quite work.she even today just sent me photo of her holding a board with "i am real dan" written on it. i also have many different photos of her that i can send to you if you wish along with letters.let me know if i can help.cheers.

dear Xxx!

I appreciate it that you are interested in me. It was very
interesting for me to read your profile and i will be very
glad to know more and more about you. I hope you also want
to know me better, so i will tell you more about me. My name
is Daria, but you can call me Dasha if you like. I am not a
teen anymore. I am 27 years old. I am simple and
down-to-earth girl. You can see it with your own eyes, can’t
you? ;) I am cheerful and happy and enjoy everything around
me, though I feel really lonely sometimes. I truly believe
in love and friendship. As for my character, I’m romantic
person in my heart and there is nothing more important for
me than family. I live my life smiling because one wise man
said "A smile does not cost anything but gives a lot". I
will never leave a person alone when he or she needs my
help. I am ready to give everything to my beloved and to
make him the happiest person in the world. I like to laugh,
visit my friends and to make new ones. I usually do what my
heart tells me and also I hate double-faced people and
liars. I am always honest with my close people and ready to
support in any situation.I want to find my real man. I would
like my man to be kind, serious and positive. It is always
nice to see that man has sense of humor. I see him as
optimistic, responsible and loving man. I do not ask for too
much. I just want to be happy and give happiness in return.
You will find loving and sensible woman in me and I am sure
you will like this woman! ;)

I will be glad to receive your reply.


Hi dear Xxx!

I am happy to receive your letter, cause it means, that you
also interested in me. Don't worry about your delay with
reply to me. I understand, that you don't have always free
time. I am very pleased to get your photos. You are very
attractive man. You have very bright smile ;) Please send me
more your photos. How was your day today? I hope everything
is ok. I have great desire to know more about you, but of
course i also want you to know me better. I am here only for
serious relations and i am not shy to discuss any topic, so
you can ask me whatever you want, ok? It's important to ask
questions, cause the more we ask the more we understand each
other. What is the biggest dream from your childhood which
you didn't realize yet? I think, that it's great, that we
have a lot of common ;)

I was born in a small town Kirovsk on 9.10.1982. Kirovsk is
in the Eastern part of Ukraine, but i guess you have never
heard about this town. I heard, that Australia is very
beautiful country. I am from a simple family. I am the only
child in the family. My mom is a teacher and my father is a
truck driver. He is a real man and he remembers all the
important dates in our family life and he always kisses my
mom when he goes to work. He is amazing and I want my man to
be like my dad. I have a lot of friends in my hometown and
we all studied at the same class. I like to spend my time
with them. But i don't live in Kirovsk anymore, cause I've
got a job in Lugansk. I work in pharmacy and i sell
medicaments. Of course it's not the best job, but it's
better than nothing. I live in dormitory, cause it is very
expensive for me to rent apartments. I also have some
friends here in Lugansk, but my real friends are in my
hometown. We can do everything together! Do you have many

I am sure, that woman must be always in good shape so i like
to jog. Do you like jogging? I do it almost every morning
before my work starts. What do you like to do when you have
free time? Maybe one day we will jog together? I cannot
speak or write English that's why I need help for
translation of my letters to you and your letters to me. So
i want to ask you to read my letters carefully, cause i pay
for this translation. I am not here to waste my time and I
hope you will take our correspondence seriously too..

I will wait for your reply very impatiently. Wish you good


Hello my dear Xxx!

How are you? I hope everything is ok and you feel positive.
I very appreciate that you replied my letter. I am happy,
that we can continue our communication knowing each other
better and better. Thank you for your photos. I like them
very much. One day i hope we will visit Thailand together or
see the concert in London ;) You have very bright smile. To
tell the truth it's very hard to enjoy summer, cause it's
very hot here. It was around +43 yesterday. I am very happy,
that we have the same goals and want the same ;) It's nice
to know, that you grew up in farm and it shows me, that you
are very hardworking. I am happy, that you agreed to jog
with me one day ;) You know, i always wanted to become the
doctor, so working in pharmacy is not my biggest dream job
:) You know, i agree with you, that there are only some real
friends and other people are just comrades. I am searching
for my second half in the Internet, cause Ukrainian men are
rough and simply without good manners. You know, i am ready
to follow my love, even if i have to leave my country.

I like to communicate with people. I think, that
communication can give a lot, cause during the conversation
people share with each other their emotions, dreams, desires
and it's help to understand one another better.
Understanding is very important in relations, cause without
it they will not work. I think, that we understand each
quite well ;) And it doesn't matter how far we live or what
language we speak. As for me the most important thing is to
be good fair person with kind heart. I consider myself as a
good person. I have a lot of friends and they like me and
respect me, cause i am always who i am. I hate people who
wear masks and lies. Lie leads to nothing and it can ruin
everything. Like i told, i am always who i am and i accept
people as they are. I will never use anybody,but if I need
help I will be very glad if somebody help me. Maybe tomorrow
he or she will need my help. I always smiling, and share my
smile with everybody. I like a lot of different things and i
am interested in everything. I like to jog before my work,
but i also like to play different sport games. For example
volleyball or tennis. Actually i played tennis only two
times , but i like it very much. I am very romantic woman
and i like kids. One day i wish to have my own kids with my
real man (hope you ;)). By the way, what does sex mean for

I had awful experience with Ukrainian man in the past and
maybe that's why i have never been married. I simply don't
trust them anymore. If you want of course i can tell you
more about my past relations and why they came to the end.
Just tell me if it's interesting for you. I am very
optimistic woman and my heart is opened for love.

I hope this letter wasn't boring for you. PI hope you will
write me as soon as possible. I am looking forward to your