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Could you please send me some photos? I'd love to see them!

I think the Internet is a tool that

gives us the opportunity to know each other. Maybe I will not be original if

I start my letter in such way, but what else can I tell to the person I liked it

at the first sight. I've read some romantic stories about love. I

think there is a lot of ways to get acquainted with somebody.

It seems the Internet is the most popular way of acquaintance of this century.

I know some people consider it as a waste of time, but I see it as an opportunity

to change something and make your life more interesting and exciting.

Maybe you think the same way, if you read these words. My intentions are banal

just the same as the first line of my letter. It is difficult to find

a woman who would not dream about loving and attentive man; what else? I think everything

else is not very important.

I am a woman who loves life; I am a woman who feels the run blood in my veins.

But this life is not complete without love of a man. I am not sure if

there is some man who will be brave enough to build relations with

a woman who loves the life. I'm searching for a real and right man.

Love can be accepted and overcome everything. I cannot give a definite description

of a man I want to see by my side, but I know for sure that I do not

need a prince. I need a normal man. Unfortunately I have not found him

here in Ukraine and it’s the main reason

why I’m looking for my man abroad. Can I hope that this man can be you?

I’m 25 and I live in nice small city Stebnyk that is in the west of Ukraine.

I think it was a mistake in my profile as for my location 'cause I have never been to Poland:-) To tell you the truth I was always dreaming about something more than just living

in this country and doing just a usual job. I'm working as a model in

a local model agency. I was studying English at school so its not a problem

for me to communicate with a foreigner. One day I was so disappointed with my life

so I decided to try. Why not? Besides my friend Katya is also communicating with a

man from another country. His name is Michael and he is from the UK.

She visited him in his country and they liked each other a lot and now they

are planning their wedding. He is much older than she but I think its not the

main thing in relations because the most important is feeling and love between

2 persons. I hope I will be as lucky as she and my man will take me to his

country and make me happy! I have never been abroad but its my inner

dream! I also want to ask you a couple of questions which will help me

to know you a little bit better. If its not hard for you answer them

please when you have time, OK? Where do you think the most beautiful

girls live? A lot of people are telling that beautiful girls live in

Ukraine and Russia but as I have never ben abroad I cant tell exactly.

I also would love to ask you something about your country. What is the

level of life in your country? How is everything there? What is the

age when people are usually getting married? When do they planning to

have children? I'm wondering about it. Here people are getting married

at about 25 years in average. And usually a woman is younger than a

man. I like soft music, sometimes I’m listening to classic. I can consider dancing as my hobby though

I’m not a professional. I’m also doing sports regularly. I enjoy fitness in the evening.

Its really a pleasure. I like watching DVD in the evening. A nice romantic comedy

helps me to forget about my problems and work. Sometimes I enjoy visiting small

cafes with my friends. We can talk for hours just about everything and

it’s a real relax for me!

To tell you the truth I don’t want to seem boring and to tell you about everything now.

I will not talk a lot maybe like other women. Each woman has to be mysterious so I

prefer to be such woman. I believe you are nice and honest man. If you are interested

I will be waiting for your response and then I will tell you more about me and

we will see what will happen! OK? Waiting for your answer!

Sincerely, Masha.

I'm very happy that you're ready to have me in your place,

I would be very happy to see you and to come to you, my honey. It would be just great!

Sorry for writing you so late. I was captured at my work:-)

Its hard to have enthusiasm talking on the telephone when you are at work. Dont you think so, honey? By the way I was not going to buy the ticket. I was only going to visit a travel agency and to ask for the information.

Today morning I was there and they told me that the best and safest say for me to travel to you

is to buy a tour there and in this case there will be no problems with a visa and something like that.

The manager told me that it would be a hot tour so it would be much cheaper than an usual tour.

The price consists of a passport which will cost me 300 USD and it will take me 1 week to make it,

a tourist visa which will cost me 150 USD an it will take me 3 days to make it, an insurance which costs

210 USD and the tickets which are 1540 USD. And I also asked them

if you can send me the tickets but they told that in this case I will

not be able to get a visa because in order to get a tourist visa I

have to buy the whole trip in the travel agency and the tickets are

included in it. My honey, I must confess that its very high price for me and I cant afford to

pay for this tour, even my relatives cant help me with it. And I cant take a loan 'cause

I have to small salary for it, a bank will not give me it. I'm very ashamed to ask you for help but

I just have no other choice to be together with you. I'm sure that we will be the happiest couple in the world!

My dear, I would be very grateful to you for your help and I hope that we will be together very soon!

I will be waiting for your reply with great impatience, kiss you, only

yours Masha.

What is new with you today?

I'm very well and I have a nice mood this pretty sunny day.

I also want to be with you as soon as possible, my sweety!

I cant wait for that moment! I'm sure it will be wonderful

time for both us!

You will love and to be loved by me when we are together, my sweety.

Be sure:-)

Here is my full address and name:



Grushevskogo street, 16a/37

post index is 82172

Mariya Belova

I'm not sure you will need it when you book the hotel

'cause you will book it to your name. But anyway now you have the information.

Missing you and thinking of you, yours Masha!

I am very glad to know you! I am really happy that my profile
turned to be interesting for you and also I want to believe that our
further knowing more and more about each other will bring us more
pleasure and happiness…I don’t know what to write, that’s, I’d asked
you to keep a slack hand)). I’m happy to continue our communication
here. And yes, I am a bit at a loss where to start with… I guess that
the first letter, the one of introduction, will be a little bit dull…
but still I guess that it is very important and I will be waiting for
you writing the same next time. So, what should I start with… I guess
it is my name, though you already know it. My name is Helen or Elena
in Russian. Do you have such a name in your country? Actually, in
Ukraine it’s quite popular name, some period of time perhaps every
third girl in our region was named Elena)). I was born on the 3rd of
March and now I am 26 years old…In childhood I was noisy child. And I
like sport now as well! But with time, while getting older, I became
more feminine and I guess that my character changed. I work trainer in
fitness club. I lead a healthy life. I’m interested in health, sport.
I like active way of life. Sometime when I have free time I read
novels and poetry. As to music, I like classic works and modern
pop-music. In reference to films, I love adventure and militants .
Maybe it isn’t usually for girl, but, so there. . I dream about happy
friendly family with loads of children. I appreciate confidence in
relationship between people. I want to meet faithful, intelligent and
trustworthy man. I like dancing))). I like It’s incredible feelings
when you dancing. I feel freedom, easy and comfort. I like spend time
with friend in fun company. You can ask me why am I looking for man
here and it’s normal question, I’d do this way). I had never been
married, but I had some relationships, so….the Internet I think the
same place, as a street, theatre, but here you can open yourself
faster, than If in other case. It’s make hands longer)))))))). And…you
can meet people from other country. I am disappointed in Ukrainian
man. I can meet not so many men, who I can talk-to-heart. Best wishes
till the next contact! Sincerely, Helen.