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Hello !!!
I would like to apologize that it took me so much time to reply your letter. The thing is that I was ill and could not come to the BA office and check my mail. I hope you still remember me, dear XXX. I have missed talking to you a lot....
Thank you very much for your letter , it has made my day today and the photo you sent is also very nice.
Thank you very much for your compliments as for my photos, I like that dress as well :)
XXX, that is so very enjoyable for me to hear that my letter brought sunshine into your heart... You are such a poetic man, have you ever tried writing poems ? I am sure you would be very good at it.
Yes, I do think that it is very important to look sexy for your man and , as for what I meant talking about sexy clothes is probably something like that leather skirt of mine you like so much, XXX :)
You know, XXX , I also believe in such thing and , who knows, maybe our meeting was really meant before ? I think only time knows the answer, right ?
I mentioned that you are going on vacation for 10 days and I truly hope that both you and your mother would enjoy it the fullest. But, surely if you were going not with your mother but with someone else, I would have probably felt very jealous:))) I am glad that you would have your lap top with you and we would be able to exchange letters. I would just warn you, dear XXX , that the next week is going to be very busy for me and , please, do not worry if it would take me some days to reply your letter as I just do not always have time to come to the BA office and take the translation of your letter. I truly hope you would be patient...
XXX , you surely have a very importnat and useful job and helping people is surely a great thing, I am wishing you good luck in that, I have not doubts you are a real professional in everything you are doing.
I am so very much surprised to hear how many countries you have visited, you are a very lucky man, XXX . I woinder what country you enjoyed most of all ? As for me, unfortunately I have never been outside Ukraine but I truly hope to visit some places in the future. What would you advise me to visit first of all, you have a very rich experience in this matter and I do trust your opinion, dear XXX :)
I am sending you my warmest wishes for the day, please, take good care of yourself and your mother and enjoy your vacation the fullest!
Would be looking forward to your reply.
Warmly yours,

Letter 2

Hello dear XXX !

I am sending you my warmest hearty wishes for the day. I have come to the BA office today before to bring the reply on your letter. I hope that you are having a great day and being in a joyful mood, just like me as I am talking to you again.

Thank you very much for your wonderful letter and your compliments, that is so very enjoyable for me to hear. I have missed talking to you so very much. The thing is that due to the sudden change of the weather I have caught a cold and it took me some time to recover completely but now everything is fine again, thank you very much for your support.

Dear XXX , surely I do wish to continue our communication. I have been missing talking to you a lot. I am glad that you have not forgotten me and have not started communicating with some other girl :)

I am glad to hear that you have spent such a great time together with your mother, I am sure that she was very happy to have her sound near at least for a couple of days, right ? I wish I could also be there and enjoy the view of the sea and it sounds like eating sea food is rather delicious , I hope we would be able to do it together one day, dear XXX !

You know, that is so very enjoyable for me to hear that you were thinking of me while walking along the beach...That is surely so very romantic and I think that it would have been the perfect place for a first date, what do you think, XXX ?

You are surely lucky that you had a chance to visit some many places in the world. But, what is more important, you love your country and you consider it to be the best way and that is very natural as it is your home... Now I am so very intrigued to visit it one day and hope I would have a chance and you would show me everything there, do you agree ?

Dear XXX , thank you very much for your patience and understanding as for me not being able to reply you at once. But , be sure , as soon as I am informed by BA that there is your letter waiting for me, I am trying to get there as fast as I can and take the translation.

How is your week going ? I hope it is not being too exhausting for you. How is the weather like out there ? Here at last the terrible heat is over and now it seems that autumn is here. Today it is even rather cool but , you know, XXX , talking to you today made me feel so very warm , thank you very much for making me feel this way....

I am sending you my warmest hearty wishes for the day and would be impatiently looking forward to your reply.

Please, take good care of yourself!

Warmly yours,


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