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Kherson Ukraine

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Met 3 times in Odessa. Always she had to have her friend Alexandra Pavlova with her, She could never spend time alone with me. She asked for money to taxi from Kherson to Odessa 300 dollar each time. They always order a lot in restaurants that I had to pay. Told me I had to write her directly outside web site because her translator refused to translate. They had a friend who could translate but needed money for it, I had to send money. She said yes to come and visit me in my country, she needed money for passport, first she said 200 dollar then 270 dollar that I sent her. She even sms and said she had feelings for me. When I started to prepare VISA documents she suddenly dissapeared, nevere answered me, I tried to contact her on sms for 2 months. She disssapeared.

Hello ****.
Of course I invite you to visit me again, well December is not so nice time for visiting, but you are my guest so I will meet you with pleasure. The weather is very nice now,it seems as if it is early autumn now)) This weekend I was in night club with my friends.On Friday it was Birthday party of Europa+ radio.10 years to Kherson Europa+) We were in night club Millenium and it was very nice concert of Ukrainian group Dazzle Dreams, it's Ukrainian DepecheMode). Presenter was Enrico Lopez, he is famous Ukrainian (and not only) dancer. A lot of different jokes, presents, drawings. I want to sent you photos)) I think in my next letter I will send it!
On Saturday I worked and my body said -HELP))I met girl from party on work, she is my client, and we smiled to each other, the party was great - she said to me))
On Sunday I was on the country side, we baked potatoes on the fire and sausage) Smelled so good) Close company and good time together. I'm glad our Kherson weather helps us to have a good time on the fresh air! As for your invitation - I accept it, I will let you know how much does it cost to prepare documents. Sasha said she will help me. I know that passport costs not higher than 200$. When do you want me to start preparing all documents? I will tell you good night for now and sweet dreams Warmly,Yana

Hello dear ***
I choose the 15th of January, is it ok for you? My exams week has been started from Friday, it's so hard.I learn everything and listen attentively. I hope I will pass my exams very well! I checked the prices, Sasha has a friend who will do passport very fast and easy, without standing in a queues. It's time of holidays and I have session so I don't have time to collect all documents for making passport, it will be infinitely. It will cost 270$ for all, it will take 8 days to get passport, I'm sure I will loose more if I do it by myself...I hope you know what I mean. The only one thing, I don't know if it is ok for you ****, because may be it's expensive for you...what do you think? As for my job, I'm trying to combine efforts and do the best there and at the college. I like young ****, he is so sweet)) My health is ok too, what about your? How was your weekend? Warmly,Yana
Hello ****. I still help Lovelab so I will ask them to deliver present in time.No problem.
And I closed my account in Privat bank, have some problems. This is my new account if you need to use it for Natasha or Yana or me)
BENEFICIARY: Roman Sergiyovych PentyliukACCOUNT: 4149605050529502BANK OF BENEFICIARY:
New York, USA