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Odessa Ukraine

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She said at 1st meeting with Yana Golokoz that she was a friend that was going to help with translating. I found out she worked at Lovelab agency i Kherson. She was always with us, always decided where to go, like restaurants and nightclubs. And I had to pay everything. She always order a lot og expensive. When I after 3rd meeting said I should not pay all for her she got angry at said that men always pay everything for woman and if stop paying Yana Golokos would never write or see me again. She also said that Yana Golokoz translator stop translate and I must write yana Golokoz on private email and a friend called Natalia Moklista could transalte, and I had to send money for it.

Hello '''. Natasha asked me to help with card and receive money you want to send her. I can give you adress of the bank, it's Kherson, Ushakova str, 43, I called to my bank and they said it's enough info te send money, you don't need my address for this operation. ****, I will never write my address to the person whom I see once in a life so if it's a problem for you to send money with info Natasha gave you than you should decide how to send her money by yourself. It can be western Union or MoneyGram info you can find in the internet.
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white roses would be nice. 6 roses it will cost 70 $ something like that. telephone costs 340 , so you sent 610
610 - 270 (passport) = 340 it's enough for phone. Everything is ok. The only one thing is roses and card if you want me to give it to Yana) you should send 70$ for the flowes and that's all

Ok, I will present phone for Yana tomorrow)
She will be happy.Of course you beleive me, but I just suggested)
577 dollars - 345 ( phone) = 232
Yana needs 270 for passport. I think you can count difference.

Hello ****. How are you? I want to tell you something. I still didn't receive 120 dollars, I paid to Natasha and now I need money. It's a very big problem, because you are sending this money very long time! Please, next time send it earlier or directly to Natasha, because I don't use to count money on my account and when Natasha need your money I just give it to her. She is my friend. It's big holidays in Ukraine, and everybody need money, you should understand it, and Natasha asked you to send it in time. I don't know what is your bank' problem, but now your bank's problem became my big problem and it's very uncomfortable for me! Please, we need to do something now, and next time, when you send money to Natasha, ok?
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