Scammer Derevyanko Mila, Lyudmila

Mila, Lyudmila
Kiev Ukraine

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I have not been corresponding with this lady but came to Kiev and saw her on the website of the agency and decided that I wanted to meet her. When the meeting was arranged the manager at the office told me that this lady speaks French and English and did not need translator which I had with me, but as there was no need in him I came alone but she came with some lady and claimed her to be her translator, I was surprised and could not understand what's going on but still thought that maybe that was a sort of misunderstanding and we proceeded with the meeting. She wanted to go to some restaurant and when we were there did not sit talking to me but was running all the time ordering something and I was amusing her translator. After all her translator put too high price for her services and both of them wanted to be paid for the taxi, which I also think were too much. Anyway I still liked Lyudmila and wanted to get to know her, though everything seemed very strange, I agreed to meet her again. When me met again she insisted that she wanted only her translator, so I gave up, though asked to make the lower price, and then Mila told me that she wanted to cook a dinner for me. We went to supermarket, she bought lots of food, now I suppose that was not only for cooking for me.. then she said that she needed to buy some medicine and took me to the drug store and asked me to buy her shampoo which cost 100$!!
When I met her next day, she took me to the restaurant. Where we spent 800$ for having a dinner and after that she wanted to go to have shopping, that was the last thing for me, I understood that my hopes that she was serious were miserable.
I have not met many ladies and that was my first experience, I had few meetings before that but they were ok, we just did match each other. Lyudmila though I saw that there were some strange things in her behavior, I liked her a lot, she looked very elegant and seemed to be sweet and interested in me and I wanted to think that it really was so. Anyway few days after I saw her sitting in a cafe with another man the same smiling and bright, so I decided to report about her as she seems to be a real scam.