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by skeet on Fri Nov 21, 2008 9:28 pm

Another DMF pest 

- 30 y/o female
- Kaluga, Russia
- English, English, English
- teacher
- Have no children
- Last logged in: 2008-09-08 14:54:31
- E-Mail or ID: 79547

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-------- Message ------------------------------------------------
My name is Irina!!! I live to Russia, the city of Kaluga!
I would like, find out more about
You. As, when I looked your structure, I saw in you much from
Positive, and high qualities. And you very much to like me me, and if
You not against I would like it, we could find out more about everyone
Another. I speak fairly to you, that I use the Internet to find
The good friend, also that in the future our relations could
It is more, which become, than simply friendship. And I ask you, that you have
Written to me where I could write to you, that we could begin ours
Dialogue. You can write to me [email protected]
Your new friend Irina !!!!

Hello xxxxx!!!!
Thanks that I have answered my letter at all did not
expect! Actually I consider, that age not the most important for
relations between the woman and the man! The main thing to find the
general interests and themes for conversations. Having read through
your first letter, I have understood, that I wish to continue to
communicate with you, you very interesting, formed and attentive.
I live in the big city, and it is difficult to find the present the
man, that he would understand me, Russian men do not appreciate women
him the woman instead of the housewife is necessary to me
interestingly to communicate and develop, that the man would
appreciate in me personal qualities though I perfectly prepare, I like
to look after a garden, the house. I work as the teacher of Russian, I
constantly would like to develop, I visit rates of English language
and by means of our dialogue I wish to strengthen the knowledge. I
very much love the work, to allow the knowledge to children to teach
their native language it simply superb. I very much love children, to
observe of that as they grow and develop. And I have big dream to have
the child. And I hope that in my life there will be worthy a man which
will be the father of my child.
I shall tell to you about the family, I live with mum, the daddy has
thrown us (it normally for Russia, Russian men throw the family and
even in the future are not interested in the children). Because of it
I do not wish to cast in the lot with Russian the man, I am afraid,
that me as will throw, as well as my mum. I well went to school, have
with distinction ended university, but even with higher education in
Russia it is difficult to find good work. I one provide our family,
and mum - she for me the main person in my life which has presented me
a life. But we are not upset, try to be pleased to each day in our
life.I wish to continue find out our dialogue how there live other people
in different cities and the countries because I like to travel and
learn new! While we live it is necessary to use every minute our life:
to communicate, walk, be interested in everything, to read books to
prepare for new dishes! In fact it so is fine when we can something
make and change in our interesting life! Write to me I shall
necessarily answer!
Yours faithfully Irina!!!

mailto:[email protected]

^^^Apparantly read mine letter!

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X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0.1.33) Professional
Reply-To: [email protected]

inetnum: -
netname: STARNET-NAT
descr: Home LAN's in Moscow
address: Marina Raskova street, 10/12, floor 2
address: 125040, Moscow, Russia

Letter 2

Hello xxxxx!!!
Many thanks for your letter! I am very glad, that you
have written to me. I would like to apologize, to which I write You
Not at once. Simply I have no such opportunity. In my house There is
no computer, therefore I write to you from The Internet - cafe. Today
the day off and I am direct after a breakfast have gone in The
Internet - the cafe also saw your letter.How are you doing? How you
live? I wish to thank you for Beautiful Words to which address to me,
that you have estimated me as The person. In The further I very much
would like to continue our The correspondence. In the world there is
an opinion, that it is impossible to Become loving From the person who
will be more senior than you. But for me Age Has no value. It seems to
me, that the most important in The person Is his kind heart and clean
soul. I very much would wish to To have The husband who would love and
respected with me. I very much Like to find second half, one and the
unique person who will be Will divide With me all rises and recessions
which will care of me. I dream To Find such person, to marry him, to
create family. I very much Very much Would like to give birth to the
child. I very much love children. And you as anxiety to Children? I
very much hope, that I shall become your friend, but, Probably in
Properly and it - is more. In me never there was a family and I Very
much Very much would like to create her. Probably you, that the
person, which Necessary for me. Possibly, you also - men my dream. It
seems To me, That the destiny has acquainted us. And I very much trust
Destiny. Actually in the world nothing occurs simply so. It is
probably ours The correspondence in the future will turn to greater
and clean Love. I Very much hope for it and every day I think of you.
You in Once have Very loved me as soon as I for the first time saw
Yours The photo also has understood, that you very courageous person,
at you very kind eyes. Very much I hope, that I also loved you. My mum
nevertheless does not know, that I correspond to you. Today I Will be
Tell to her about you I print out all your photos. I think, that she
will be admired for I. Actually mum wants, that I have found the
worthy person who Will love me. I have no secrets from mum. We with
this the best Girlfriends. Also in me it is many friends to whom I
allow in Secrets. I shall necessarily tell to him about you. I think,
that they will be Happy also are glad for me. I spend a lot of free
time with friends. In the summer we Continue a Coast, and we ski also
skates in the winter. I very much as To Sight at water and often I
continue lake. My greatest dream - to see ocean. And every morning to
walk on coast, To go in for sports on fresh air-it so it is useful for
health! Also I often happen in a wood. I like to be by the nature, to
To breathe Fresh air. To me to like to listen to classical music. For
Example, Bethoven, Chaykovskiy. But it during a free time from work.
And Now I Have not enough free time. In me it is a lot of work in To
school. In This time year many children is sick with a flu and ours To
school. It - very much pity to me patients Children, they are ill and
badly master a material, them it is very a pity they do not
understand, That I speak them and I explain. I hope, the flu soon take
place also all children recover!!! It has come time us to tell
good-bye. I very much hope, that you Will be Necessarily write to me
about itself outlooks on life, I like to prepare for various dishes.
On this I should finish my letter, Because I should go. I About
impatience I shall wait for your letter.
Your Irina!!!

mailto:[email protected]