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Hi I have been in dialogue with this one until she started asking for money constantly translation. Her last email to me below.

Hello my sweet babe xxxx!

Today is supposed to be one of the most happiest days in the whole year
for me ... I am celebrating my birthday today but to be honest there is
no strong desire to celebrate as all I am thinking about is you
now ....

I missed you so terribly much and came here to the translation office
today and they were so kind to let me write this letter to you as my
birthday present .....

I am thinking about you days and nights and the best present for my
your birthday would be coming back in my life and the ability to
continue our correspondence .....

All I am asking is just to give us a chance to develop our feelings,
to give me a chance to make you the happiest you all over the world
and to become happy with you !!!!!!

I understand that you are having your needs so but I am not asking for too much believe me ....
$ 100 would save us and give us a chance to move on ......
I do not want to loose you when I have just found you ........... I want you in my Life So
much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not want nothing from this day but you back in my life !!!!!!!!!
HELP ME MY LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi dear xxxx,

I'm here again and ask for credit Eventus_TransOffice!

You can not even imagine how I appreciate
your desire to help me to pay for the translations
of our letters. I believe that only real man can
behave like this. This is the model of perfect
relations, right? Everything we do together we do!
I mean we decide problems together, of course you
are stronger and wiser and sometimes you may take the
most part of the problems on you but we feel each others
support! Thank you for coming into my life.

Honey this is my full name and address:

Name: Janna Kamlyar
Address: UKRAINE, Mirgorod, Sorochinskaya Str, 14/37

I can receive by Money Gram, Western Union, Allure or FOREX systems
systems as I do not have bank account: (
I will wait for your next letter as we have so much to say to each other!


Your Janna


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[code]Abfrage nach IP-Adresse zu Name:
Zum Namen gehörende IP-Adresse :
inetnum: -
netname:        UA-UKRTELECOM-20091215
descr:          JSC "Ukrtelecom"
org:            ORG-USTC1-RIPE
country:        UA

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This below is one of her earlier letters to me - starting to ask for money. I was inclined to believe her plees but when I saw her on the Internet already highlighted in anothers scammers reporting website and showing a letter she had writen me word for word  (only the name of person she was asking and her address was different) I realised she is not sincere -she claims to  get each letter sprcifically translated but to see then the same letter sent to another only proved to me what she was doing
Hello my sweet xxxx!!!!

Another letters and very nice photos from you and another day that became much brighter and
remarkable in my life!!!!

You've done what seemed really impossible to me! You made me believe
that good men really exist and I can trust them!!!!! I am very
thankful you it is really a huge step for me... even if it will not go
on longer, even if it will stay with me in my memory and in my heart
just like a wonderful correspondence, something so intimate, so dear
to me..... I hate being negative, but sometimes we  have to get back to
reality no matter how cruel it is...  Thank you for making me so
happy!!!! This week with you turned my life upside-down!!!!

I realized that I want to be with you that you are the one I should
make happy!!!! I know I can do that=) don't ask me why I just fell it
and I use to trust my feelings =) The only thing that really drives me
crazy is that I have to save on my lunches to be able to get your
amazing letters and write you back... so I just thought may be you
would be so kind and generous to take care of our correspondence so we
could continue and develop this wonderful feeling!!!!!! Please don't
think I need your money or ask you for cash or something... all I need
to keep it going and I only beg you to give us this chance...
supporting the correspondence is all I need.... I also understand you
do have to work hard to get this money and I am asking not because I
think you are too rich of course not I am only asking because I
consider you to be a real gentlemen my noble Knight, my Magician...
and if I were not mistaken in you here is the e-mail address you may
write to for all the necessary details  !!!!!!!!
I there are too many women who got not the best
reputation for Ukrainian Ladies, but please don't think we are all
the same let me please show you that those who are really serious but
don't have the chance to write by their own don't have to suffer from
the heartbreakers!!!! I also had man playing with my heart and I know
how it hurt and I treat people I want to be treated by them.... I am
absolutely sure you will never do me harm like all those who are left
in the past.... hope you can say the same about me or at least give me
a chance to prove it....

No matter what you decide I wish you to have a wonderful day as
wonderful as you made mine