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Hello stranger!

I  was  glad  to  get  a  message from you! I hope you are fine and in good mood!
I'm  serious woman who is seeking for serious relationship. 
I want to meet my number one whom I can
give  all  my  love  and  passion. I think life should be an adventure, filled with love, understanding, respect and happiness.
Everything depends only on us and our intentions!
I belive  our wishes, desires and views on this life will coincide and we will become a  close  friends and who knows maybe we will spend all life together..... 
If you are ready for this let's start our communication.
I'm  waiting  for  your  letter. 
My e-mail is:

Take care!



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Zeit verweist auf die Ukraine bzw südliches Osteuropa.

Es wäre gut, wenn wir noch den Wohnort erfahren könnten, damit wir sie entsprechend zuordnen können

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Julia Kovalchuk, ne Saengerin

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Hi xxxxx!

Thank  you  for answering my first small message to you, I was waiting for  your  answer. I am glad to start our communication! You know I am very much excited to write you today. I hope that we can share a great deal  of  feelings, values and qualities. I know that this will enable us  to  get  to  know  each  other  much  better  and  bring us closer together...

I  will  tell  you  something  about myself, so that you would know me better.  Not much but what can fit in one letter :) So, I was born and still  live  in  the  village  called  Jubilejny, it is in the East of Ukraine  near  Lugansk. All my life I was fond of dances, music and it affected  the  choice of my profession, I became choreographer. I like to dance, I like to feel the music and to feel so free and wild when I dance!  Several  years ago I worked in small dances school, but it was closed  because  owner decided to sell to some reach people who wanted to  open  restaurant  on it’s place. I lost my work...several months I could  not  find  anything,  I  was at home in hard depression and was feeling  really  bad.  Once  my  girl  friend proposed me to go to the skating  rink  to  skate,  it  was my first time and not the last one!
There  I  saw advertisement it was needed ticket collector, it was not well  paid  and  good  job,  but  anyway it was better than nothing! I started  to  work  as  ticket  collector,  when  I had free time I was skating, I liked it so much, and I learned it very good! After 2 years of  work  as  ticket collector, I finally found work as choreographer.
Now  I  work  in  the  fitness  center  and teach people to dance. But skating  became my favourite hobby and when I get possibility and free time I go to skate.

I  like life but I lack someone to share it with. I am ready to create a  family  and  was  waiting  for  that  special man in my life... But finally  I  gave up waiting and decided to search for him by myself. I didn't  have  success  with  men in my country as sometimes I think we have  different  view  on  marriage.  I  believe that marriage is most sacred  and beautiful. There are too many men who regard marriage as a burden  and obligation, they really have no desire to go home to their wives  and  most  of  them  think  that  marriage is obstacle to their freedom. I have the opposite belief, I believe in love and marriage, I believe  in  wanting  to  come  home  to  my  husband  and living life together.  There  is  much  to  be  gained  from this, but you have to believe in it... I love children and i want to have them very much.

I  hope  I  did  not scare you off and you are not tired to read me. I will  be very glad to hear from you again and to know you better. Tell me about your dreams, do you realize them?

Take care!