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 by Duck on Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:54 am

Another from DMF:

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-------- Message ------------------------------------------------
I want to get acquainted with you.
I not when had no dialogue with the man from the various countries and on belief my familiar, here I can get acquainted and find not only the friend, but also the good partner for serious attitudes. Therefore I have dared to get acquainted with one of men from other country.
If you have interest.
I shall be glad to our acquaintance and in expectation I shall wait your answer.

I shall ask you to write to me personally on mine E-mail.
I have no Internet in my house and it will be very convenient for me, if I can see your letter already personally..


- 26 y/o female
- Moskow, Russia
- English, German, English
- Other
- Have no children

I the good girl also want to be with the good guy who will be agree to be mine the servant and king for other part of our joint life...................

Ideal match description:
I want to find kind, fair, serious, clever and close the man for serious attitudes

Profile pics:


1st letter: Privet Quackers (What am I? A hedge??)?
Good afternoon my friend Quackers!!!
I am glad, that we have met you also that now we with you have begun our correspondence!
How your affairs? How at you weather? How your mood?
To me it will be very interesting to learn with each your letter you, about your family and as about your life.
I hope, what you understand me and also can answer my letters?
In this letter I shall speak you and to tell about myself because we for the beginning should learn each other.
My name Aleksandra to me of 26 years.
I was born November, 9, 1982, I was born in city Pskov, but after a while I the daddy has died, and we with mum have decided to sell our apartment and have moved to live in city Moskov.
Now I live in city Moskov.
We have a small apartment where we live together I and my mum.
That concerning me: my trade the economist.
I have finished university where I studied within 5 years.
And as I have already told, that by a trade I the economist.
But now at us it is very difficult to find such good work, and I had to go to work as the seller.
Now I work here in a local bar.(As what??)
My character very quiet and I concern to all things very normally.
I not when do not like to swear and with whom that to quarrel.
In a life I the woman joyful also like to learn always, that be new.
But in my life there was no my private life with men in my city.
I have consulted to my friends, and they to me have told, that I can find to myself the beloved on the Internet.
And I now have decided to make and achieve the purpose in a life.
I not when was not for the husband, and I have no children.
I the only child in family also have no brothers and sisters also.
As I do not take alcoholic drinks and I do not smoke.
In general I like to go in for sports and my aspiration to be always in the good form and to conduct a healthy way of life.
Quackers I write to you to begin with you serious attitudes.
If you are ready to this to begin with me we should learn for the beginning each other, and then we can see with you that we shall do further.
You agree with me? It will be very interesting to me to listen to you and about you, what you can tell to me about yourself?
It will be very interesting to me, that our attitudes have proceeded, because I very much am interested in you.
I wish you to carry out good day today.
And I hope, that when you will read my letter you will write to me.
I shall wait for your letter.
Your girlfriend Aleksandra.

I/P: Received: from unknown (HELO ? (ermolinaa@ with plain) Russian Federation (Yoshkar-ola)

X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.5) UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091


Well - at least it's got LEGS!!!

Comment #1645
 by skeet on Tue Dec 02, 2008 6:21 pm


Got another installment...

Letter 2

Hi my friend xxxxx!
Today at me good mood and when I have received your letter it became very pleasant for me.
Weather at us today bad, but my mood because of weather has not changed.
I in this letter to you as want to tell more in detail about my life.
In my life, certainly, still have not had time more many.
I wanted you to tell than I in general live and as developed in my life everything, and than certainly I like to be engaged in the free time.
In a life I very sociable person also like to learn new and I think, that at me it not badly turns out.
But why that to me was carried in that that by me not as cannot at myself in Russia construct really serious attitudes and family that now and does not suffice me very much.
At my age it is already necessary to think of family.
In Russia very little good men with which really would be desirable to construct family and they are very difficult for finding.
And it is simply the others very much do not trust and use many alcoholic drinks.
And simply many friends to me have advised to go in acquaintances in the Internet.
As, many girls have already found the happiness on the Internet and as to me have told, if my happiness on the Internet I can find to myself the man in the Internet and at me with it, all will be always wonderful!
I like to be fond of sports that I do almost daily after the work.
Sometimes I go to pool to float, and sometimes simply to work in sports a hall.
My family not big, I have several relatives abroad, and in city I have grandmother.
Abroad I yet when did not go, I not when did not leave Russia.
I frequently to go to the grandmother in village as my grandmother already old and I help it on the house and as what there will be a work in village.
I do not have not brother and not the sister, probably I already spoke.
I like to prepare different Russian I peep, I like to listen to music, to read, I like to visit various institutions, a museum, theatres, very much I like to go on ballet, and sometimes on the days off I go on films.
And very much to like me my life.
But the life for me one is very difficult also to me very much it would be desirable to find the half.
As to my work that, I work as the seller in a bar.
It is very tiresome work and many physical strengths demand.
My salary makes the minimum which I can receive here ;(
For us it is very few money, but I as while I consult to live and pay my debts.
My lovely xxxxx, I have some questions for you, and I would like, that you have answered me them.
You love sports? Which? Whether to like you your work?
I concern to men from other countries very well because I know, that in other countries of the man on differ from the Russian men many, and they appreciate women in many respects.
I as wanted you to tell that I have no house of a computer and I every day come in the Internet of cafe and sometimes I use on work a computer. 
I hope that you understand me.
At me is to you as one more question.
xxxxx, what you think of the Russian girls? And how you to them concern?
I think, that you liked to learn new about me and about my life.
I think, that you will answer my questions.
And it will be very interesting to me to learn about you more.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer.
Your girlfriend Aleksandra.