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by skeet on Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:12 pm

Looks like another  translation scam. 

- 22 y/o female
- Snezhnoe, Ukraine
- Russian, Russian, Ukrainian
- student and trade representati
- Have no children
- Last logged in: 2008-12-03 16:20:38
- E-Mail or ID: 92634

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Every day I wake up in the morning and wait for you. I know if I didn't meet you this day, I will have a chance to meet you the other day. So I'm waiting for the moonlight then, because after it there will be the day, that can give me you...Write me at

Hello xxxxx,

The world is so big and it's so difficult to find a person who will
love you all your life, who will understand and respect you. Well,
I think I have maid the first step in making my dreams come true. : I want
to correspond with you, if you after reading this letter will be
interested in me. So, let's start knowing each other.

On the 25'th of January 1986 in the family of doctors, one bright star
appeared in the sky. That was me, who shined in the beams of love of
my parents.  One can only dream of such a love. We lived as a strong a
happy family. Then when I got older, I begged my parents to make me a
sister or a brother. But they didn't have the opportunity to do this,
because of the apartment question. At that time my parents couldn't
afford having a big apartment, because in our country the salary of
doctors is not so big. But, my dream was fulfilled when I was 14 years
old. A wonderful boy was born and I gave him the name of Ivan. I love
him very much and was very thankful for my parents. And not only for
the brother, I'm very thankful to them that they brought me in a way I
am now. It happened so, that now I'm bringing my brother Ivan alone.
One never knows what is his destiny. I don't want to tell you any sad
moments and stories, moreover it still hurts me great. If you wish and
if I will be able to, I will tell you everything later.

So, about my way of life. I have divided my life with work, education
and bringing up my little brother. I am the student of the pedagogical
university on a postal tuition. You may guess that I want to become a
teacher. Because I think that bringing up children is my calling. Free
of studies, I usually have a part time job, working as a trade
representative.xxxxx, I want to be honest with you. I guess you
should know that I'm using the service of the Acquaintance company. 
Once I heard about such a company and decided that this will help me
to find a man, with whom I could connect my life. I have so a busy
life. I'm tired of being alone and want my bright star again sparkling
in the sky.

Sincerely, Olga

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(olga_wildpassion@ with plain)
From: Olga
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v4.0.24.24) Professional
Subject: From Olga :-)

netname: PEOPLE-NET
descr: PEOPLE-NET dynamic pool II
Organization: PEOPLE-NET dynamic pool II
address: 9, Nyzhneyurkivska str.
address: Kiev 04053
address: Ukraine