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Close  your  eyes  for a minute. Forget all your troubles and problems
and  imagine  something  pleasing.  What do you see? Maybe you imagine
yourself  as  a  president of large company with a lot of subordinates
and  constant  high  income. Maybe you a captain of a snow-white yacht
and  even  feel salt drops on your cheeks. Or maybe you dream to be at
home,  to  sit  in favorite armchair with a beer and to watch football

When  I  close  my eyes I imagine ocean and tropic beach. I walk along
the  surf  line  with  the  loved person. Then he embrace me tight and
whisper  sweet  nothings. I look into his eyes and see the love for me
in  them. But it's only dream and my loneliness surrounds me again and

My  name is Oksana. I was born 25 years ago in a small industrial town
Amvrosievka  which  is  situated on the east of Ukraine. Here I try to
find  only one special person who I couldn't live without. That person
who would make my life complete, who will be interested in my thoughts
and  desires,  who's  heart beats at the same tact as mine,that person
who  presents  me  the  sweetest  kisses,  the  warmest hugs, the most
passionate  nights, who drives me wild and untamable. I need no wealth
and  social  value. Race, color skin and nationality are not important
for me. He and I will be in fairy-tale together.

I  hope  you  liked the way I am and you would like to share our lifes
together.  Every  morning we'll open our eyes and understand that life
is  wonderful  thing and it's worth of living and getting the joy from

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Thank  you  for  your  e-mail. I am glad that you have responded to my
earlier message. It is important that now we open up to one another so
that  we  can be able to communicate more and more. I want to be happy
and  it  doesn't matter that I'll live in another country. I know that
it  will  be  a  lot  of difficulties there: another language, another
culture,  absence  of friends and relatives. But if I'll feel constant
support of my loved man I'll overcome every barrier.

As you already know my name is Oksana. But my friends call me Ksyusha,
Ksenya,  Oksanochka  and  so on. You can think up something new and it
will   be  only  your  creation.  I  am  from  small  industrial  town
Amvrosievka which is situated on the east of Ukraine. It's small quiet
town  where live only 20.000 inhabitants. I love it because I was born
here and my friends and relatives live here.

I was born on June,4. It means that my Zodiac is Twins. It's impulsive
but  some  changeable  sign. It explains my explosive nature. I always
create  a  lot  of plans and purposes and each trouble causes concern.
Sometimes  I seem as prickly and inaccessible. At the same time I am a
treasure for only one person how can understand my quivering soul.

I  always  dreamed  about  medical  carrier.  My  mother  was        a
doctor-pediatrician  and  I'd  liked  to  follow  for her example. But
unfortunately  my  father  had  no  funds  to pay for my training. And
that's  why I had to choise another profession. Since I had mathematic
skills  I  have  entered  to  Donetsk  Economical  University.  I am a
manager.  Earlier  I  worked  at the trade company as a economist. But
because  of  economical  crisis I lost my job and now I work as a shop
assistant in a boutique. I have simple and quiet life.. But I have one
big sadness: I have no my own family, there is no children laugh in my
home, nobody calls me "Mother"...

I  grew in happy family. I have grown in encirclement of loved people.
I feel how my parents loved to each other. I saw their tender touches,
hear  their  gentle  words.  My  father always kissed my mother before
going to work and after return to home. They never quarreled. We liked
to  spend  time together: we are fond of fishing, gathering mushrooms,
skiing and sledging. But my mother died when I was 11. It was terrible
stroke  of  bad luck for our family.. Now my family is my loved father
and  my  younger  brother  Alexey  (he  is a student). And I'd like to
create  the  same  family  without lie,hypocrisy and mistrust. Tell me
please  about  your  family.  What  relations  do  you  have with your
parents? Do you have sisters or brothers?

Dear  XXXXX,  I  am  open  woman and I value such quality in people. I
become attached very soon and it's very painful to disappoint later. I
had  negative  love  experience in the past. And I am afraid to repeat
this.  But  I  can't live without love. in this letter I tried to tell
you  something about my life, about my work, my family. And I send you
photos with hopes that you'll like them. I hope you liked my thoughts.
I'd  like  to  know more about your life, your work, you rest. How did
you  spend  your  leisure  time?  Why  are  you  looking  for woman in
Internet?   Do   you   believe  in  serious  relations  after  virtual

I  end  my  letter  with  a  desire  to receive your answer as soon as
possible. Take care and feel my presence. Truly Yours, Oksana

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