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Comment #1552
by Janez on Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:48 pm


Hello my friend... Dear every day I understand that we with you come further with ours of the attitude more and more. Certainly for me it is very pleasant, that you so well concern to me that you can really support me now. I thought before this letter much, I to you need to tell about much. The darling I shall open to you the heart and which I test feelings to you. It can seem to you strange, but I am assured that I have grown fond of you... I love you and for me it not simple words... I speak you it with all my heart. To me yet when was not so well and joyfully on heart. Xxxxx I have solved for myself, that you my ideal, and draws me to you... I talked to mum and I to it have told, that I love you and I wish to be with you. I at all do not know, what you will answer me? But I am serious with you and my intentions to be happy and to make happy you... I remember each your letter. And when I have received from you the first letter I did not think, that I shall fall in love with you as it is romantic and I even have a fear... In fact we are familiar with you only from letters and a photo (I wander what photo she is talking about seening how I never sent a photo) and it is difficult to believe in it... And that there will be if for you it only an entertainment, and I am afraid of it... I do not wish to suffer then that you will throw me or do not want our meeting..... In fact only so we can understand there can be we together or not. I hope that all at us will be good also I shall be prays, that day of our meeting will come also we shall unite our feelings... I wish you to ask about that that you have thought once again.... Think it is necessary to us to do a following step in our attitudes??? For me it is very important also to me necessary to know, that you test to me and that to us to do further. Dear you trust in love from letters? What do you think of me and what plans at you on the future? Xxxxx consider all this and only after that we shall make a serious step in our attitudes... And I will be well assured that all...I wish to open to you the heart and I ask your reciprocity... You know that such love and how you imagine it? You loved sometime? My Darling, I consider!!! That it when two persons feel love to each other and heat... And it fine and pleasantly. I not when yet did not feel so well... I am very grateful to destiny that it has put me on a correct choice, I have made for myself a choice and it you.... With you I wish to try to begin a new life and to construct happy family... YOU became very close to me also I do not wish you to lose... And if our feelings are mutual, we shall do the utmost and we shall overcome all difficulties and we shall be together, the main thing it to hope and trust... Think above it, and make the choice... I shall wait your letter tomorrow... Your lovely girlfriend Svetlana.

Comment #1553
by Janez on Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:57 pm


Hello my lovely and careful Xxxxx.... Your letter me has very much pleased, and now I am assured, that you are real also your intentions serious.  Both of us we wish to construct the future and to be happy. The darling I think, that it is destiny and we need to be together... Dear but to understand it, it is necessary for us will meet and only so we can solve, that to us to do further and as us to be. Xxxxx I am glad that your feelings to me are mutual, it so is healthy that our love on distance, and I am assured that we shall do the utmost to be together. And we together shall overcome all difficulties and all at us will be good... I am glad and grateful to you, that we have got acquainted, I have understood much for that time while we are familiar also I has made the choice and it you... The Darling the meeting is necessary to us, and we need to solve where we shall meet? And how there will be our meeting? Xxxxx I yet when did not happen abroad, and I would like to leave the country, here that does not hold me, on work I can take holiday at any time... Think!!! And if you not against I could arrive to you and we shall be together... And if I shall arrive to you, it would be much easier also you would not distract from work... The Darling you tell are ready to meet me? And if I shall arrive to you to me it is necessary to know, where I shall live? Who will provide me during first time while I shall not find work. As will concern your close and native, that I shall arrive to you. How I will need to conduct itself? What at you family customs, I simply very much want to you it is pleasant, and that your relatives were about me of good opinion. I hope that all at us will be good also our meeting soon will come also we shall be together. There are at you questions to me? Xxxxx as it is good, that we love each other, and for all this time while we are familiar, I have learned much also much have understood.... With you I have felt happy, I not when did not think, that it is possible to grow fond through letters, but this all is possible.. I have made sure of it, I am assured, that our love is strong, and know that all at us will be good.. Xxxxx I talked to parents and it have told that I wish to leave from Russia and to visit you, they have told, that if I am assured of you then they will release me to you.. They very much experience, for that that you will offend me, or will throw... Understand that my parents experiences for me... I too would experience if my daughter would like to leave me and to leave for other country... But I have explained to parents, that you the good person and I am assured of you. I know that you will not offend me also you will always please me and to preserve... Dear we have taken the first step in our attitudes, and now I wish to talk to you about trust.... To construct good relations, we need to be trusted each other, in fact trust this the most important if there is no trust at us that it will not turn out... I completely to you am opened also to me not that from you to hide and I hope for your reciprocity Xxxxx....
And on it I shall finish the letter and tomorrow I wait from you the answer, your favourite Svetlana Dear, I wish to tell to you, that till January, 5th, I cannot write to you. As we leave for city to the aunt to celebrate New Year!!! I hope, that you understand me!!! But as soon as on January, 5th, I shall arrive home, I at once shall write to you!!! Well??? I hope, that you understand me!!! Also, I wish you to congratulate happy New Year!!! To wish all good!!! I hope, that you understand me and will wait!!!


Comment #1554
 by Janez on Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:19 pm


Hello my love Xxxxx!!!
As I am glad to receive your letter my charm... I so am glad that at me tear on eyes with happiness... And I am assured, that we can be together... Each your letter does my love to you more strongly. I did not think, that such is possible, will fall in love through the Internet... As I wish to see you... Dear I think that absolutely soon I can call to you and we can talk, well lovely? The darling today I wish to talk to you about that when we can meet, and whether against you if I shall arrive to you? I think that so it will be more convenient also you will not distract. I talked to parents and they bless me... My mum transfers you an ardent parent kiss. And it it will be well put on that all at us... Dear I saw from the TV about travel agencies much.. And there all so fantastically and well explain. And I am assured that in with travel agency I will be helped also by everyone will explain, that it will be necessary for me to arrive to you... But this all will occur after your consent. And I shall go to agency after you to me tell to descend and all to learn.. Dear I do not know how many it will cost, but can occur so your help will be necessary to me... You will not be against??? Whether you can help me??? I ask to you these questions because I do not want, that all has passed vainly... And I need to know precisely your answer.... Think and if you are ready to a meeting and really love me, you can help me both we shall meet also I will be wonderfully assured that all... I have made the choice and it you... You became very close to me also my feelings to you warm... I completely to you am opened also I ask you do not deceive me and do not break to me heart... As I wish to see you in a reality and the first that I shall make!!! I would embrace you and have gently kissed, having whispered that I love you.. Whether I at all do not know there will come day of our meeting and when we shall be together. All now depends on you... Once again think, and solve for itself you me are ready to meet and help me if me to be necessary the help to arrive to you. Now the main thing it is necessary to trust and wait.... I shall be prays for our happy future..Today my day has passed so quickly, that all put I thought only of you. I represent our meeting as this all romantically occurs in my dreams and I wish to carry out it it in a reality... To Me very much you do not suffice also me sadly... New photos send me and I send you the other photos and they only for you. Now we do a serious step before our meeting... I Wish to lead well evening and I shall think of you, your favourite Svetlana.

Comment #1555
by Janez on Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:46 pm


Hello my tender. I am very glad to receive your letter. I'm fine and today I went to travel agency and I have precisely learned all, that it is necessary for me to arrive to you to the country. When I have come to travel agency I at once have approached to the operator and we have sat down with it for a table and I have explained all of them... The Darling to arrive to you to the country to me it is necessary to make documents and now I shall precisely write all of you. $$$$$ to leave the country and to arrive to you to me it is necessary to make following documents:
The passport its cost 193 euro
The tourist visa for the period of 90 days, cost 210 euro
And the medical insurance 65 euro
And for work the agency takes 25 euro
As to me have told, that they will make documents within 10 working days. I learned about this agency and it the best in my city and there were no complaints to them, many good opinion on this travel agency... Dear but only one problem, for me is greater money, and I cannot find and pay them the trip.. And your help will be necessary to me... $$$$$ I love you and I have made the choice and it you.. I want that we were together. And now a question in money if you are ready to help and send me to me 493 euro for payment of documents, we shall meet also all at us it will be good... Now all depends on you, and I at once speak you, that if you will not help me we cannot meet. Now all depends on you and if you are ready to help me, we shall meet also all at us it will be good.. As I want that day of our meeting has come also we were together. I wish to get in your embraces and gently to kiss you. To me you very much do not suffice also both of us the meeting is necessary... Now all depends on you, and tomorrow I shall wait from you the letter, your favourite Svetlana


I am thinking it might be fun playing with this one for awhile longer. Now I need help with the WU money transfer and number I will need to send to her.

Comment #1556
by Janez on Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:34 pm

Sent this one an email telling her I had the money and would help her. 


Hello my love $$$$$! Today, at me fine mood as in the street remarkable weather and from you, I have received the letter. $$$$$, how are you? How your day? The darling, I once again thank you, that you agree to help to pay to me my trip. Dear, one of these days I went to bank to learn, how you can send me of money. When, has come to bank, I have found the worker of bank and have explained to it ours with you a situation. I have told, that have got acquainted with remarkable the man. We have grown fond each other. And now we together with it have solved, that we should meet. And I wish to consult at you as it is possible to make easier and more quickly transfer of money of your country to Russia. Whether about the beginning at me have asked there is at me a bank account. I have told, that I do not have bank account as actually I do not have bank account. And then the worker of bank at me has asked, whether I shall open the bank account. I have asked, that for this purpose it is necessary. To me have told to open the bank account, I should pay money. Favourite and as you know, that I do not have free money and I had to refuse the bank account. Then workers of bank have offered me other way of transfer of money it " Western Union ". To me have told, that it is very known and reliable company, for transfer of money which is in all countries. You heard about such company for transfer of money? Well here my love $$$$$, " Western Union " this branch which to be in bank or on mail. You understand me? Dear, me have told, that that you could make transfer of money of the country to Russia, you should know my exact data. Which you should enter in the form for transfer of money. Now, I shall write you my nameplate data: 1. My full name Svetlana 2. My surname Kirillova 3. The country Russia 4. Republic Chuvashiya 5. The address street of the Victory the house 21 apartment 45. My love $$$$$, here these data, you should enter in the form for transfer of money. In bank to me have told, that to you these data will suffice to send me of money from the country to Russia. The darling, but I also should know your exact data whom you will specify at sending money. I shall require the nobility 1. Your full name 2. Your surname 3. The country 4. From where you send city to me of money 5. The exact sum which you have sent me 6. MTCN. My love $$$$$, only, I ask you do not suppose what mistake at filling my and data. Because to me have told, that if there will be any mistake in yours or in my data I to not receive your money. I hope, what you understand me? The darling, also, I wish to tell more to you about MTCN. MTCN is number of a remittance which consists of 10 figures. Dear if you will not write to me MTCN I too cannot receive your money. Favourite, $$$$$ so I ask you write to me all the data whom I ask from you and MTCN, that when, I shall go to bank, could receive without problems your money. Dear, $$$$$, I hope, to you all is clear, that I have written to you. Also, I hope, that you to go to bank and will make to me transfer of money through " Western Union ". My darling, $$$$$, I so am happy, that have got acquainted with you and we have grown fond each other. Favourite, now our meeting in your hands as soon as you send me of money. I at once shall go to travel agency to pay for documents. Because, the more likely, you will send me of money for documents, the my documents for my trip to you more likely will start to be done. $$$$$, I would not like to fall in your hot embraces and to kiss you long long. I so strongly miss on you. My love $$$$$, I hope, that you will make everything as I have written to you in this letter, and that only with your help, we soon shall together. I love you and with impatience I shall wait for your answer. I send you set of kisses. Your dear Svetlana.

K my scambaiting friends I need help. How do I send her the infomation she is requesting?