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by spags on Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:51 am

Hi guys!

You were right, here's letter 5:

Dear Sir, We are glad to greet you on behalf of the translation company"TransLink", which our client Nina Krasnowa has been using tocommunicate with You. I am Nina's translator, Vera Litvin and I informYou that unfortunately, I can not translate Your letter to Nina,because Nina has used all her resources at our firm and is not capableto pay for the further correspondence with You. Your lady has informedus today, that she can not afford the cost of our services anymore.She is very upset about that and she has asked me to pass herapologies to You. She regrets she cannot tell you about it herself butwants to let you know that she would like to still keep in touch withyou as she is very interested in you and your communication. If You do not want to lose the contact with miss Nina Krasnowa, sinceYou developed Your relationships with her, we can advice You to becomeour client and open an account of correspondence for You and Nina.Let us know, if You are interested, and we will inform Nina about itand send You the information about our services and prices.We provide translation and the Internet services for our clients. Respectfully,Vera Litvin,Translation company"TransLink"
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by skeet on Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:24 am

"TransLink", Don't think I ever heard of that one? They come up with new ones constantly.

Did it come on "her" addy or did they make one up for the "agency" ? Some do but most are too lazy.

If you feel so inclined,Google "Vera Litvin" and see if it hits.Many do as do the agency names.

Remember...Google is my friend.
Comment #1518
by Duck on Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:44 am

There IS a "TransLink" translation agency with a branch in Nikolayev, Ukraine.

Maybe ask Vera for the phone number & compare it with the one on the website. Lotsa google hits for "Vera Livin", but they all seem legit. & nothing to do with scams. Guess they've 'borrowed' the name  .

You could go the route of asking for their price list, play dumb about WU & ask for a bank account etc - but you won't get very much further.
Comment #1519
by spags Yesterday at 6:13 pm

Yes it came on her email addy...

Quick questions:

Is it at all possible for someone in Volovets or Kiev to be using an ISP with offices based in Lugansk???

How far reaching is the Luganet ISP network, is it nationwide accross Ukraine???

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Comment #1520
by skeet Yesterday at 9:48 pm

spags...Sure it's possible,they can have servers just about anywhere.
But Luganet isn't the only ISP in Ukraine,there are 16 others that I have on my list.So they may have assigned territories,I don't know.
I also don't know if they licence them the way we do in the U.S. though so I can't give you a definitive answer.I think it probably depends on the type of service they use too.

The addresses for the ones I have listed here in the IP thread are for the headquarters.But when you do an initial look-up you might see a different city listed at the top of the page,which I would safely say is where the server that got the message first to begin the relay is located.

If you took all the IP addy's from a full header and did a look-up on each one it would give you an example of how many servers a single message can go through.

Hope I answered your question.