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Comment #1495
by Janez on Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:08 pm

Letter 2

Hello! I am glad to receive from you the new letter. How are you?
If I could receive your photos every day I think that I would be the happiest woman.
I wish to tell to you about my family. I live in an apartment with mum and the daddy.
At us in an apartment always purely and cosy. We together with mum like to spend cheerful cleaning in our apartment.
My mother works as the postman on mail. It likes this trade.
On this work it works 20 years.
My father goes for work in other city. There it works till some months and we see it very seldom.
Greater time we spend time with mum. We live as two close girlfriends.
In the friend the friend is found good interlocutors.
We live in city Yoshkar ola. This city not so big. I like to live here.
The city of Moscow is far from us.
Tell to me more about you, about your family. It is very interesting to me to learn about your life, about your dreams.
I dream to find strong the man which will be to me the good husband.
I could not find good the man at myself. Many men do not want serious relationship.
Men many times deceived me. They wish to use women only.
I have decided to find the love in the Internet. Can be to me I will carry also shall find that only thing the man which will love me.
I very much hope for it. I am already tired from such life. I available on marrying.
My mother speaks, that it not against if I shall find the person from other country.
The main thing for each mother is a happiness of its daughter. And here now I correspond with you.
We shall be friends? Probably we are two half one hearts?
I think, what we shall not stop our correspondence?
Please, do not forget about me. I shall wait for your letter. Sveta from Russia.

Comment #1496
by skeet on Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:43 pm

Thought I would add some info! 

Received: from ([]
:52488 "EHLO" smtp-auth: "kisssssmaria"

X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.53d) Serbia (Kragujevac)*


It is pleasant to me to receive your letter, I am very glad. Thanks
that you have answered me. I hope that at you time will write me
letters that we could find out more than the information on the friend
the friend. I hope, that we will have very pleasant conversation.
Now a little bit about me.
I the cheerful, kind, gentle, romantic GIRL. To me 27 years. My name
Mariya. I live in Russia, in village Yubileynoe. Growth of 176
centimetres. Tell to me more about itself. It will be pleasant to me
to know about you more. Tell what you?
I have studied English language at school. And only now he was useful
to me. At me not so well it turns out to write in English and
consequently if to you something will be not clear that you ask me and
I will try to explain to you. Well?
I work as the seller in shoe shop. My work is pleasant to me. I
would like to find out where you work and whether your work is
pleasant to you?
I during free time from work have a rest with acquaintances, we walk
with them and it is interesting to us to communicate together. And you
have a rest with friends? I like to esteem the book in silence, in the
evening, before a dream. You like to read books? Sometimes I watch TV.
I also like to listen to silent romantic music. To what music you like
to listen? I like as to look romantic films about love. Than you are
engaged at leisure? Still I am engaged at leisure in cleaning in the
house, I cook food on kitchen.
I live with mum. We earlier with mum lived in a city, but we would
not like to live there because there it is noisy and drunk people go
many. The city has seemed to us very dangerous place for residing.
Because all these drunk people cause in us a lot of fear. Whether it
is not enough that at them on mind.... It is not pleasant to me drunk
people because I do not drink and I do not smoke, I consider that for
the girl it will be very much not decently. And you have bad habits?
You accept drugs? Excuse that I ask such question. Simply I would
like to know the interlocutor on better.
I was not married because I have not met the person with whom it
would be possible to create a family. And you were married sometime?
I will write other information on in other letters. I send the photo
and I hope that I on her will like you.
I ask you to send me your photos. Tell about yourself on more, what
you interests, your hobby in what character at you where you work,
than a free time be engaged? I very much hope for that that you will
answer my questions.
I will wait your letters.
Yours Mariya.


Comment #1497
 by Janez on Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:58 pm

Letter 3

Hello!!! I was very glad to receive your letter. How are you? At me all is fine.
Today I went shopping. I went to buy clothes and to look after a gift at date of a birth of mother.
You understand, that all women like to walk on shops.
I also have got to myself a disk with films. I like to look films in the evening.
I like films about love. For example, romantic comedies.
I also like adventure films. And what films you like to look?
I think, that you love films of horrors, insurgents. Such films love many men.
What music is pleasant to you? I like to listen to different music. I like to listen to classical music.
I also like to listen pop, trance.
I wish to tell to you about the hobby.
In the summer we with friends go to campaigns for some nights. We go on the nature and we live in tents.
It so is fine. We cook food on a fire, we sleep in tents. We are alone with the nature.
It is very interesting. I like my hobby. I since the childhood liked the nature.
You read any books? I like Russian classics. To me like Lev Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky.
You heard sometime about such writers? I wish to ask you. It is interesting to you to write to me?
I wish to tell to you, that it is very interesting to me to write to you. At me never was the friend from other country.
I shall wait for your answer to my letter. Only do not detain the answer. I do not wish to lose contact to you.
Bye Bye! Sveta.

Comment #1498
by Janez on Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:01 pm

Letter 4

Hello Xxxxx! Hoa are you? What at you new? What can you tell to me?
Yesterday I am strongly tired. In the early morning I have gone to city. I needed to get new wall-papers.
We with mum have decided to change houses the wall-papers. Old wall-papers have already bothered us.
Sometimes it would be desirable that that to change in the life, to bring in a life that that new..
It was necessary to choose.. There there was a wide range.. I have a little become puzzled. I did not know that to me to choose.
Because my tastes differ with tastes of my mother a little..
I also was afraid, that my mum will not like wall-papers which I shall buy..
But all has passed perfectly. My mother liked wall-papers which has bought. Wall-papers have appeared very beautiful..
But also many work still was coming us. We should glue these wall-papers..
You do not represent what this torture. We have finished all work only in the evening. I am strongly tired..
And than my new friend was engaged? You glued sometime itself wall-papers?
To me it is very pleasant, that you please me with the letters. It is very interesting. We correspond and we learn much about us.
You can ask to me any questions. I shall necessarily try to answer them.
At present I do not have man. I am completely free.
Now at me is not present serious relationship with men. Therefore I can correspond with you freely.
I hide nothing from you. I understand, that we need to be opened to each other.
Relationship cannot be under construction on a deceit. You agree with me? We should be opened and to try to trust each other.
In my life there were two men. But at me it has not turned out to construct with them serious relationship..
With my the second the man we have left one year ago. And now I do not have men.
I have already found to myself the friend from other country. I hope, what we shall keep up our friendship?
If I had phone I would call to you. But at present I do not have phone.
I had phone. But I have dropped phone. My phone was broke. Now I need to buy new phone.
But I shall think up something. Soon I should receive wages. I think that on this money I shall buy to myself phone.
But it seems to me, that we also should not forget to write the letter each other. In letters also it is possible to learn much about us..
I already look forward to hearing from you. Your sincere friend Sveta.

Comment #1499

 This is new DMF profile and new pics



Dear Ric,

We are glad to inform you that the member
Svetulik (103704) sends you a message!
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-------- Message -------
Hello!!! How are you doing? Having read your profile you have interested me.I search for serious relations.Why on the Internet?Because I could not find in the country to myself the worthy man.And now I have decided to construct relations with the foreigner.I do not wish to play game and to conduct empty correspondence.Write to me if I have interested you on I will wait for your letter. Svetlana----


Received: from ([]:2831 "EHLO philka"
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.53d) Russian Federation (Yoshkar-ola)*


Hello my new friend Ric!!!
I am very glad to begin with you correspondence...
I have read through your structure and you have very much liked me...
My name is Svetlana, me of 26 years..
Now I work as the secretary at school..
I search for serious attitudes..
I could not find the love in the country..
And consequently I on the Internet..
I never got acquainted with men in such a way..
For me it for the first time..
I think, that our correspondence will proceed also we become good friends...
I finish the letter..
I wait for your letters..