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This one contacted me on mybelovednet

ID 80166
Name Girl
City Sovetsk
Country Russian Federation
Age 24
Martial status Single

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send you a message!
Hey! I`m very interesting girl from Russia.
I would like just to meet good person, who will be value conversation with me,
and who knows what will become from our correspondence.
Hope you will not be upset that I don`t have a pic on my profile,
you will be able to see my pic if will write me back. I`m very pretty girl, sure.
Wanna check

my e-mail address:

Hope you will not make me wait too long and will write soon.

Hi xxxxx!
It's very pleasant for me to get your answer so soon. It mans
that you are interested. Thank you I would like to tell you
a short story of my life. And hope you will write me the same letter.
Don't think that I hurry events, but I think that it's very important
to know the most important things about each other at once. You don't
want to waste time with me sure, and me too The first, you should
to know that I looking for correspond, friends and relations. I don't
want play games,a nd don't want that anybody try to play with me. I use
internet to talk to people not the first time and alreday have experience
with liers. A lot of peopel here told to me just to see my pictures. I
always truthfull and wait the same from people I talking too. If I see
that person don't respect my opinion and lie, I just stop to have any
relations with this person. Don't be afraid, I just wanna show you at
once that I need honest from you. If you can't give me honest you can even
don't answer this letter. It's difficult to trust to people here on the
internet, but I can say that in real life the same. Sometime we forget that
in relations the most important is truth and understanding. Hope that you
agree with me. Dear do you agree? Don't think that I'm angry girl! First
opinion is often wrong. I hope to find my half here. Sure it's not easy but
I wish it with all my heart. I tired to be alone and as all girls need love,
romantic and relations. I don't have boyfriend here in Russia. I don't like
russian boys, they see me just like a sexual object. They even don't try to
see me inside, my soul. I don't want that anybody just use me for sex. I know
that I'm very pretty, goodlooking girl but I need soulmate, I don't need just
lover. Hope that with these words you can exactly see what I need.I ask you
think about my words and give me your opinion. If you are still interested of
course. In my life I just usual girl. Work, home, friends. I work as hairdresser.
You know I like my job a lot, but sometime my clients are captious! And
it's always necessary to be polite! It's difficult But possible. After work
I put on my clothes and go home. My work place is not far from my home and
I like to think about something during the way. I like to come home where I
live alone. But sometime I feel alone and blue. May be because I don't
have person to share my life with. I never had such people. Even in childhood.
I don't remember anything pleasant or kind from my past. Just may be some moments.
I grown up in the shelter. I so wanted to have care and love from parents but
I never had them. I even don't know anything about them. I don't have any
relatives. So I'm alone BUt I live with it all my life and it's normal for me.
My friends like family for me, but think it's another. Why I talking to you
about this. May be it's not important for you, but important for me. I already
told you that I wanna show you who I am, may be it's short story but it can
give you enough to imagine me as person. I'm shy person, but sometime I like
to do something crazy. I like talk to people, to meet new people. Right now I
feel exiting that I found you and can talk to you. It would be very interesting
to know about your life! Do you like travel? I do! You know a long time ago,
when I wasn't abroad I thought that people from abroad are very very different.
It was so big mistake! I have a lot of fun when I was abroad the first time!
Now I just understand that it's very interesting, and with help of internet
it's possible to talk to real people, learn them! May be you can't understand
me at well, I'm sorry for my english. I try to talk very easy,but may be you
even can't find mind in my words! I see that I sound not very optimistic
Think it would be interesting for you to know some simple things about me. For
example my age, the city where I'm living. I'm 24. Adult girl! I think, I
feel that this age is the best to start a family. But now I wish just to find
my half. Not looking that I spend a lot of time in different places with a lot
of people I can't and don't try to find man here. I think that it's impossible
to find serios man on any party. Clubs is not place for love. There possible
just to have fun and let down to your energy I can say that I'm energetic!
As I told you before I'm shy person, but I feel free to talk to you. One else
very important thing for me is sex. Of course just when you have relations. I
don't shy talk about sex, it's natural. I like sex a lot and I like to make feel
enjoy a lot my lovely person. I never have sex with person who is not my boyfriend.
But to my lovely man I can let anything in our bed. Don't you think that it's right
xxxxx? So, now sure you don't think that I'm shy. But you know I talking to you because
I like you and would like to try relations with you. I wanna that you know as much
about me as it possible to know. Two person don't need to have any secrets from
each other. I need you take me as I am. Of course I don't press on you and may
be you even will not answer on this letter. But it would be unpleasant to lose you,
but I would like really would like to try relations with you. And it's not only because
I tired to be alone, I want love, but because I really do like you a lot! I feel free
with you and I wanna talk to you more and more!I sending you some pictures that you
could see how I look. Hope you will like them. I think that it's enought for now.
Will be wait news from you soon. Take care of.
Your Tatyana.

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