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Good day Mr. XXXX.

We sent you our price-list with new information about tickets. You may transfer money by Western Union service or MoneyGram service. We sent you name of our agent, who will make all documents for Alisa Kisina. This name we must use in Payment in Western Union or MoneyGram.

Last name K O R N E Y C H U K
First name G R I G O R I Y  -  V L A D I M I R O V I C H

When you will transfer the money, we wait scan of payment list. When we received this scan and money our agent begun to make all documents

Best regards, Rodionova Irina


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Hello, dear!

I`m glad to find your letter in my mailbox again.
Thank you for your answer and for your compliment. It`s so pleasant…
I feel that I`m interesting for you. I can trust you all my problems maybe secrets.

I think it`s the best time to tell you about my life.
I`m a simple girl. I like to have fun and it`s important for me know
more about life, about new people…but let`s go nearly…
First of all about my family. My mother is the teacher of primary
school. She likes small children. She says that it`s wonderful to see
how they learned something new for them…
Then father… He is a coach. He loves me very much. Sometimes I think
he loves me more then mother…
Now I would like to tell you about my close world. I think friends are
one of the most important part of life. We find friends ourselves,
not like parents. But there are a lot of just well-known people, not
really FRIENDS. I can say that I have only two best friends. One of
them is my school friend. I can name her my sister. We know
everything about each other and we are ready to help always. Her
name is Katya. And another my darling friend is Lena. We met
ourselves at the University. Now we have very good familiarity.
We like to spend our time together. May be it is banal…we gossip,
share and go to cafes sometimes… Have you got a BEST friend?
Now about men… May be I can`t tell you about that but… A lot of men
thinks that I`m only a doll… May be I should understand if I shal be
a man…I`m not ugly that`s why they want me in bed. I`m not against
sex… But just a lover I can find always. I want truly feelings,
strong love! Please, be honest with me…I`m open for you…you can
trust me… What do you think about love? Describe the girl of your
dream. How is she? It`s very interesting for me….
I shall be waiting for your letter…

Can I give you my first kiss…?

Yours Alisa

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Comment #22536

Hello, my dear!

I`m glad to read your letters! I asked you to be honest with me…and you are so…thanks!

What do you think about our correspondence? I can tell you anything I want…I feel that we become more then just friends…

I need to share my gloomy thoughts with you… I said you that the guys don`t take me seriously…
But it doesn`t mean that I hadn`t the relations. I had a wonderful feelings…There was my first love full of feelings…that were broken…
It happened because the man whom I loved so much didn`t honest with me! I can`t say that I hate him now, he gave me beautiful times…thanks him for that! But the same time I really hated him! Our «love» began at the first course at the University…he was the best! I thought that! But I made a big mistake… One unhappy evening he was with his friends. There was the birthday party one of them… there were a lot of people…boys and…girls…they drunk a lot…
Later I by accident saw the photos of him with another girl from that birthday… I asked him what was that and he told me that they only had a sex because they were on a bender…
The tears were on my cheeks. The voice was shaked…but I found the power go away with the dignity.

He broke my heart… That’s why I`m looking for the honest man…I think you are so…

I fell that I`m ready to begin new relationship! I want love! Strong and light! My heart and soul is open! I want to follow my future husband. I would support him in everything! I want take care about him and my future children…

Please don`t hurt me. I ask you.
I`ll be waiting for your answere…
Yours Alisa

Kiss kiss

P. S. My father is a football coatch. He trains liitle kids at the school

Comment #22537

Hello, my sweetheart!

I`m so happy when I receive your letters! It`s so warm… Through your letters I feel that you are honest with me…you are a clever, formed person. I`m glad to understand that the beautiful feel is rise.

Your letter is one of my happy moments in my life! It`s like the sun at the cloudy sky! Thank you for it. Tell me about your lifestyle. And I`ll tell you about mine…

I live with my girlfriend…I told you about her…Katya. Do you remember? I think that I`m adult to live without parents…that’s why we rent a small flat. We live together about three years…
Now we live with my mother, because the father is working. He is at lengthy business trip. We miss him very much, particularly mom. I love her so much that`s why I invited her to live with us.
You can think that my life is not good…may be you will be right but it`s MY life and I don’t complain of it.
I told you at the previous letter the gloomy story about my ex-boyfriend…and now I want to meet the man who will protect me who will take care about me. Because I think that woman must be fragile, defenseless and feminine!
And the man must be strong. The woman must feel his power, that she is over the stone wall. I hope you can realize my dream…

I will be waiting for your answer , honey

Your Alisa

Kiss kiss