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Comment #1463
Hi dear Benny!

Thanks for your fine letter. It was pleasant to me to read your letter as your letters please me.
Sometimes it seems to me, that we are very similar with you.
This night to me dreamt, as we with you walked in park. It was remarkable.
I hope, that we with you can walk once on park, but we should learn is better each other as we are still a little familiar with you.
You with me agree?
My dear Benny, today I had very good and cheerful day for me. I met today my girlfriends and we together went to walk.
It was really fine day. We could spend time pleasantly.
Since that moment as we have started to correspond with you, I constantly think of you.
It is pleasant to me to think of you, as you very good.
My darling Benny, you like animals? What animals like you?
I like cats and fibers. Once in the life I fed the squirrel. It was pleasant.
Benny, I should go home to help my mum.
I will wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope, that you will write to me.
Benny, I send you the photo.

Your Ekaterina.
Comment #1464
How refreshing...scripts I never saw before.

"This night to me dreamt,as we with you walked in park.It was remarkable"

"I like cats and fibers." 

"Once in the life I fed the squirrel. It was pleasant"  Well that'll make sony happy! 

Comment #1465
Hi my sweet Benny!

How are you? As at you weather? I hope, that at you all is good.
Today I had good day. When to me it was sad, I thought about you my angel Benny.
After work I went home through the central park of our city.
I saw there many people who go and to hold each other for hands.
You know, I understand now, that for happiness so it is necessary a little!
Only, that the favourite person always was a number. And now, I understand, that is necessary for me.
There can be it and not serious dream for my age.
In any case, for me it is very important also I want, that my dream became real.
For me it will mean much and I believe, that all will turn out.
You have any dreams. I think, that each person has dreams and wants,
that its dreams would become a reality. What dreams you have?
You know, dialogue with you for me becomes valid very important.
I do not know, but sometimes it turns out so, that you can understand me better,
than my girlfriends. I feel, that I can tell to you the important things for me and you well think to it.
Thanks, that you also seriously concern me. Benny, it seems to me, that I test to you warm feelings.
Benny, I all heart will wait for your letter.

Your Ekaterina.
Comment #1466
Hi my prince Benny!

Benny when I read your letters I have good mood.
At us in a city very good weather.
Today after work I have gone to a museum.
My angel Benny, I constantly think about you as I test to you warm feelings.
I hope, that we will meet once you. I wish to descend with you in theatre, at cinema. I think, that it will be healthy.
I wait from you for the letter tomorrow. You can answer some questions?
You really wish to find serious relations? How much seriously you concern me?
Benny, my mum transfers you greetings. She wants, that at us with you all was good.
I think, that your friends too want, that at us with you all was good.
I think, that if people test to each other warm feelings, distance for them not a hindrance.
Love - this most remarkable feeling. You agree with me my prince Benny?
I hope, that you agree with me. Benny, I will wait for your letter.
My darling Benny, I send you the photo which will improve your mood.

Your angel Evgeniya.   so sudenly using an diferand name
Comment #1467
Hi my dear Benny!

I am glad to receive your letter.

My angel Benny, I wish to inform you on my last relations.
I had serious relations once in a life, and that it was for a long time.
It is not so pleasant to me to tell about these relations as the man with which I met thought only of myself.
At first at all of us it was good, but then it became much worse. He has started to think only of itself.
As he drank many alcoholic drinks. Not so it is pleasant to me alcoholic drinks as alcoholic drinks stir to serious relations.
I many times spoke to it that it has ceased to take alcohol, but he did not listen to me.
We do not meet for a long time already it.
Now all my dreams are connected only with you as I do not wish to have the man in the city as they use a lot of alcohol.
And what were your last relations?
I hope, that you will inform me on it as if we want serious relations we should not have secrets from each other.
You with me agree? My heart belongs to you as I test to you warm feelings.
Benny, I will wait for your letter.

Your Ekaterina.