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Well,xxxxx,I am lost and even do not know where to start.Maybe,
of all i need to say Hello:-) i think this will be at least

Thnak you for your photos very much.I really liked them.You look
like an open and positive man!

I am very happy to get your letter.And this I tell you from my
heart.Actually, my problem is that i always tell what i feel and
think:-) Actually, that is good, though, sometimes, it is not good
.But I am as i am. And i hope that we can know each other better
and, maybe, we really will match?
It is hard to say this, of course, from the letter only.But we
can write each other and know each other better and, maybe, we were
meant to be together?Hans,I can be too romantic sometimes.Hope you
not mind?I just believe in fairy tales and sure dreams come true
if you believe them very much and do at least something to
achieve it.That is why i decided to put my ad.I am not a teenager
and I realise that i can not just sit and wait when my only
man finds me.I was looking for him here in my country, but did
not find.

Though, xxxx, I was married and we lived together for 3 years.I do not
children .We separated nearly 2 years ago and I do not see my ex
since that time.We met with my ex husband when we studied at
college.My profession is fitness instructor.I give lessons at gym
for women and also children.My ex was bodybuilder and he looked
great. Now I understand that i was very young and just fell in
love with his appearance without even knowing him.But i was just
deep in love, as I thougth then...It did not work out, of course
as we were absolutely different people.We were searching for
different things.After a while I have found out that he was having
many affaires at work with ladies.He was very handsome and no wonder
ladies were crazy about him.I tryed to talk and discuss this with
him.But no luck.So I just gave papers for divorce..That marriage
was a very good lesson for me.It hurt.That was not the family i
wanted to have.I need loving , caring and understanding man close
to me.And i will give him the same in return...That marraige
helped me to grow up.Now I understand that appearance is nothing.The
main is what is inside.I know, it may sound too ordinary and
philosophically, but i know from my own experiance that this is
true.Of course,xxxx, attraction is good.But my future husband i want
know as a person first and become close to him, to see if we
are looking for the same things.I do not want to make a mistake
again.I want to have happy family once and forever.
Sorry, it seems to me i came too far with my story of life
.But i just want you to know my past and why i am here and what
I am looking for.I will also be happy if you tell me more about
your past relationship and you expectations for future.Could you?

To tell you more about myself...My name is Maria as you know
and i was born
on the 20th of July in 1978 in Ukraine.I live in the small town
called Yarmolintsy.It is in the West Ukraine.I do not have anyone
from my family living close to me ..My parents died at the
accident 10 years ago and since that time I live alone here.I
have grandmother who lives in Russia and 3 cousines that also
in Russia.Of course,Hans,I have friends.But each day i come back
work to empty flat and i am about to cry..There is noone waiting
for me there.This makes me feel so lonely.I do not want to be
lonely.I was watching a programm on Tv not so long ago and there
they told about many happy marriages between foreign people.I've
heard about internet dating then.And decided to try!I am tired of
men here who are searching just for lady to have fun and one
night stand.This is not for me.I am looking for something real and
serious.In that programm it wa s told that man from West are more
family oriented.Why have you decided to look for a lady from

You know, xxxx, after that propgramm i even decided to learn English
it is international language .I learnt it at school.And at my work
they gathered people for English classes.So i go there now and ,
maybe we be able to understand each other even!I am not good in
writting yet.I need to ask a teacher of English to help me with
it.She helped me to translate this letter to you from Russian into
English.She checked my spelling.I just need time to learn it
better.But as my teacher said,I am better in speaking then in
writting.So, maybe we can hear each other one day?That would be
I need to finish my letter and go back to work.I write you from
my work.We have a computer here and if we want to use internet we
buy special cards for this.Do you write me from home?

Oh, xxxx,my letter became too long!Sorry,I did not want it to be
long.I did not want to bore you to death:-) i just wanted to
write you as much about myself as possible and make you interested
in me.Maybe,I wrote something wrong, but i am not a professional
writer.Please, forgive me.Just ask me any questions you have and
i be happy to answer.
I will wait for your letter and for your answers to my questions.
I also send you my photos and hope you like them.

Wait for your reply very very impatiently.

Best regards



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Hello, XXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now i can say that we are writting each other and I know
something about you and i have to say what i know about you
till now i really like and want to go on! You know,I was waiting
so impatiently for your answer.I did not know what will you think
about my letter, about the story of my life, if you would like
to go on.Really i was even nervouse.I am new to all this and do
not know what to expect from this relationship and what should i
write in order to be interesting to you.So i just decided to be
honest.I think relationship should be based on honesty first of
all.Do you agree with me?

Thank you for your photos very much.I like d them.And i have to
tell you
that i am not looking for George Cloony:-)I am looking for a
who will share my desires and dreams with whom we can be happy

How are you there today?How has this day started for you?My day
is great now as I got your letter:-) i am sitting now in this
room at work where we have computers and read your letter.I have
very warm feelings inside while reading it.It was you who sent me
that feelings:-)

XXXXX,I have a little break at work.My next fitness lesson will be
40 minutes.I will have group of students who will have step
aerobics lesson.There are nearly 25 ladies.I like this lesson as we
dance with music which i choose by myself and gilrs seem to
enjoy it:-)I also have children's group today.With children we
mostly make exersices for back because many children come with
problems with back because of the long sitting at school:-(
But i do not have any male group.Would you like to be my first
student?;-)But better we just go for a walk with you or some place
to drink coffee or tea, or have dinner together.I miss these small
things in life.I miss a man close to me, with whom I can share
everything and give my love and care.

It does not much matter for me where he will be from : what
what family.I am not in the age when you judge people from their
or heritage. I judge a person by what I feel.And about you I feel
that we
really have much in common and may match.
For my happiness I am ready even to move to another country.
I realise that it may not be easy to leave my native country,
friends.But i
understand that if you want to be happy you can not just sit and
wait when
this happiness comes to you.You have to do at least something
for this.
XXXXX,I dream about happy family, when you wake up feeling a soft
kiss on your cheek
and you just want to lay like that forever...For me family comes
first and
only after family job.If i have to choose between family and job I
will not
hesitate and family will always be my answer.I was raised in great
parents have been an example for me.Unfortunately, they are not
with me now..
But I dream to have family as we had, where we could discuss
things, watch Tv
together, have family dinners.Where everyone just felt loved and
What is a perfect family for you?

The amazing thing is that just some monthes ago i decided to
learn English.And you wrote me in English!
So ,XXXX, my learning is not in vain!We can understand each
maybe,I am not too perfect in English, but i promise I will go
on and will
do my best to learn it.And, maybe will teach you some Russian
or Ukrainian?:-)
Would you like to?The first phrase will be :
"I wait your letter very impatiently"- "Zdy tvoego pisma s

Maybe, we can really talk on the phone as you gave me the phone
numbers.What is that skype?Sorry,i am not very good in computers.

My lessons will start in some minutes and I need to get ready
for it.I have
a group of women for fitness.

Will be thinking about you here and send you my best wishes from


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