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My name Yuliya
I the young, romantic woman.
I wish to get acquainted with the good and serious man. I with impatience will wait from you the letter.
Here mine e-mail:
I with impatience wait for news from you.
Yuliya .


Received: from unknown (HELO (Yuliasingle@ with plain)
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.53d) Russian Federation (Yoshkar-ola)*


Hello ric,
How are you?
I am pleased to get an answer from you. Thank you for contact with me.
I am very pleased that you wrote me a letter. I do not know why, but I
decided to write to you. I hope that you have the time,
To send me a reply so that we can learn about each other more.
And now I will tell you a little about yourself, although you already
know a bit about me from my profile. I am 26 years old, my name is
Yulia. I rodilas 10 March 1983 in Russia in a small village on the
title: Nurma . It is located approximately 700 kilommetrov from
Moscow. Tell me about yourself.
I rejoice every minute of his life. All the setbacks and obstacles, I
try to overcome itself. I do not like lies, greedy and hypocritical
people. I wish to get acquainted with an honest, kind, serious man,
and if we are able to create a serious relationship. What are you
looking for in the Interne?
I was not married, I live in an apartment with my parents. You live
with their parents? I am training as a kindergarten. My work is like
me. And do you like your job?
What do you do in your spare time? I like to cook to eat in the kitchen.
I have many friends and sometimes we go with them in a cafe or a movie.
I prefer a healthy lifestyle. I have no bad habits. And what is life
you are and whether you like sports ricsand? Tell me.
In my letter, I put his photo. I also want you to send me your photo.
And tell about yourself, your interests, that you love to do, your
hobbies, what is your character? I hope that we will take the time to
exchange letters. Write me, ricsand, I will give your letter.
                     Your friend Yulia.


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Had this hangin around...

- 25 y/o female
- Borgaro Torinese, Italy
- English, Italian, German
- kindergartener
- Have no children
- Last logged in: 2009-02-25 23:04:17
- ID: 101453

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My name Yulia .
I wish to get acquainted with the , fair , reliable, serious man . To learn each other it is better . And if at all of us it to turn out well . To create with it a strong family , on the basis of family values and fidelity .I have seen your questionnaire. You have liked me.It will be very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter. I ask you if I am interesting to you write to me on mine e-mail:
I wish at once you to warn, I do not wish to play feelings. I search for serious relations. With pleasure I will send a photo. I will wait your letter. Or leave to me the e-mail, I will necessarily write you the answer. I wait your letter and I will send you a photo.
Yours faithfully Yulia .

Must be the 1st profile with her pic's.

Which was in Italian!
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Received: from unknown (HELO (Yuliasingle@ with plain)
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.53d)

Hello Rene,
 How are you doing? How mood?
It is pleasant to me to receive your letter and to read it.
At me everything is all right. In the street today good weather. And
what weather was today in your city?
 Rene, I think, that to you the same as also me about you it
would be desirable to know more, it is all that ours with you
acquaintance developed. I with the big interest will answer all your
questions which you to me awake to set.
Rene, I Hope, that you the fair decent man.
What for you the most important in a life?
 I wish to tell about my family more. Rene, in my family there is
one tradition which passes from generation to generation "It is
tradition transfer of an icon which is transferred in my family from
generation to generation" is, it is transferred three centuries on end
in the area of my mum. Now this family value passes from my mum to me.
It is very serious thing which I very strongly value. Hence now this
value I will store J.Pozdnee I will transfer it further in following
generation. Rene, and in your family there are traditions?
 Rene, and you know that, women always were keepers of a home! In
the life the same as also all other people I wish to achieve much,
but the most important thing for each person is creation of a good
family. What you, Rene, think of it?
I wish to tell to you about my country, I hope, it will be
 interesting to you:
 Russia the big country with a various climate. In mine to the country
the climate is considered moderated. In the summer here approximately
+20 - +30 degrees. And in the winter from 0 to-30 degrees. A what
climate in your country?
 Still I like to dream and listen to music. A you like to dream? Almost
every day I listen to music, here only the music choice depends on
mood. Basically it is the Russian music, but I also listen to foreign
executors. And you listen to what executors of music? Usually I
distract from all wordly vanity and I think of the best! And you
Rene what like to listen to music? I think, what presently there is
no bad music. A that you think of it? Still I like to read much.
Novels, detectives, stories and many other things. And you like to
 I wish, that you have fairly answered all my questions. Because I
appreciate honesty, decency in people. And in people you appreciate
what qualities?
On it I will finish the letter.
   Yours Yulia from Russia.

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Hello Rene,
 How are you doing? What at you today mood?
At me all is excellent. And now to me it became even better, because
from you there is a letter. I am glad to your letters.
 How your day? In basic My days go monotonously: work, the house and
again work. To me smarter the nobility how there pass your days,
namely than you are engaged?
 To me it is really pleasant, when I see your letter because to me the
news from other end of the earth has come.
 Tell to me about about the parents, whether there are at you brothers
or sisters? I do not have brothers and sisters.
 My mum - very sensual and kind woman to her of 46 years, and the daddy
of 48 years, at present they are on the deserved rest. Which they have
earned fair work. And how call your parents and than they are engaged?
I love the parents and is grateful to the god that it has given me
such remarkable parents. I will be care of them where I would not be,
they to me are very expensive and always I will help them even if they
will not ask my help. I have good acquaintances with whom we
communicate since the childhood. I can share with them the secrets and
tell it about the difficulties. I always will help them, when my help
will be necessary as they will love me and I will help during the
difficult moment. And you Rene have friends which you can to trust?
 Tell to me about them to me very interestingly.
I think, that it is time to me to finish the letter.
I hope, that you write the answer to all my questions.
 My wish for you will be such: I will wish you all good.
I wait your letter.
                      Yours Yulia.