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Comment #1390
Hello Rene,
how are you? How mood?
I hope that you all right?
I'm all good.
I find in you a good, interesting man. I am very happy that I know of such a good muzhchinku as you Rene. Our correspondence with you it means a lot to me. I do not want to загадывать (translated -> THINK) on the front, but I will tell you that for me it all seriously. Rene, What does it mean for you, our conversations with you?
How are you today? One of these days I hardly get to work, as well as dolgle was the bad weather because of this, all roads deteriorated. At work, I came a little late, but not enough to reach his office has caused me to his superiors and made me remark that I was late for work. I have a very strict director, and best not to argue with him because he would not talk with me a long time and can be quickly dismissed. Of course, I fell mood. After lunch at work met. In order to be able to discuss where you can keep children on an excursion. After a long conversation with the employees of the MoU came to the unanimous conclusion that children should be kept in the National Museum. That's all for the children to know their culture, as well as the cultures of other peoples. You know that Russia is a multinational country and every culture of individual peoples.
Recently one of my co-workers told me that since I met you, I very much changed, I became more cheerful, and she was right. What do you think in this way? I uverana that I act as your letter.
I still do not have to meet such a high sensitive and sincere man. I hope that I am not mistaken you Rene.
On this I finish my letter, so that as soon as possible to get from you reply Rene.
I look forward to your letters.
Your prekrassnaya Yuliya.

Comment #1391
Hello, my beautiful prince Rene,
As a matter of mood?
I'm all good.
I am grateful for your wonderful letter. I am very pleased to receive letters from such a good man, how you Rene.
Rene, I yearn not for you. In his spare time, I am not someone to go with a walk in the park, this is very bad, because when I was just walking on the street, almost all go in pairs. This is so beautiful that it does not convey any pen to write the words do not. I too want to go in the same city with my best man. A, you would like this?
My parents send you a huge Hello. They constantly ask about you because they wonder how to promote our friendship with you. Therefore, a dream you have to convert each letter in order for my dad and mom to know about you.
I often think about you, both by day and night. At the moment, all my ideas only about you Rene. And what do you think?
Rene, now I have to think about our feelings and about relationships. I concluded that I am very interested in you Rene.
After these reflections, I wrote this verse for you Rene, please read it:

Regarding me to you, to tell about the feelings,
That twinkle in my chest,
A cause of the idea
My soul, sick of you?
How can I tell you, I do not know?
Well, look in my eyes!
In them you'll read about the most important things
This could not tell you.
Rejoice, you deposit and pleasure,
Ray of sunshine in a bad day
You are happy, you are my reward
You are the angel that keeps me.
You submit it, I breath chest
You are thirsty, what does not satisfy,
You are wound in the heart of that stream of blood,
Both pain, it is to me not to forget.
Did you like my poem?

I have a good imagination. Even now, when I wrote you a letter I have a great reflection on us, on the future our future.
And do you think about the future?
Please answer my questions.
In these beautiful words, I will end my letter, I whole you gently.
You are my angel.
Rene, I look forward to your great message.
  Your Princess Yuliya.

Comment #1392
Hello my love Rene,
How are you doing, how mood?
At me all is fine, it is all because I have received the letter from
my beloved. I am grateful to you Rene, for your letter which you
have written to me. It was very pleasant to me to receive it. My dear
how there has passed your day? Than you were engaged today? Tell to
me, it is very interesting to me, as there passes your day.
Today I had a fine day. In the street there was a fine weather, that
you are not present nearby is bad only. I very much would like to walk
with you, in such fine weather, I very much would like that YOU
Rene, was always near to me. What weather was in your city? My
dear I is confident that all very soon to change and we with you we
will be together, to walk on park, to go to cafe, I very strongly wait
for ours with you of a meeting.
Rene, my darling, now it is necessary for you to go to the company
(Western Union).
Rene, In the company (Western Union) it is necessary for you will
address to the employee. It should give you the form. In this form it
is necessary for you to specify, how my data as it is necessary for
you to specify the data. Now I will explain all to you in detail:
Rene, my dear That you could help me to you it is necessary to know my data:
Last Name: Nikolaeva
First Name: Yuliya
Postal Code: 424000
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Country: Russia
I will explain to you, why it is necessary to send in city Yoshkar-Ola
because it is the nearest city where there is a branch (Western
Rene, my dear, in my village is not present (Western Union). Therefore
I should go to a city what to receive your help.
Rene, my favourite that I could receive the financial help from you, it
is necessary for me to know your data which has specified at sending
to me to the financial help.
Here that that to me is necessary for knowing:
Last Name:
First Name:
Postal Code:
City from which you have sent me the financial help:
Code from ten figures:
The sum:
Rene, I hope, what to You now all is clear? If you have questions you
can ask me and I will answer all your questions.
Rene, my favourite, I very strongly love you. You for me is very dear,
because I cannot find the man better you, You unique such on all this
world. I very strongly miss on you and I worry for you. I want, that
you were near to me, as soon as possible.
Rene, Only after when you will be near to me, I will be absolutely
quiet, both for you, and for myself. But at present I worry about you,
the same as for all my native. Rene, my darling, you it understand it?
I hope you me understand.
Rene, my favourite, on these fine words, about my favourite prince, I
will finish my letter that you Rene, as soon as possible to receive the
Rene, My dear, I very strongly love you.
Rene, I with huge impatience will wait a news from other end of the
earth, from my beloved.
Your favourite princess From Russia Yuliya.
Comment #1393
Hello my prince Rene.
As a matter of mood?
Beloved, I hope that you are fine.
My dear Rene, at the moment is very bad, it's because you do not close, because we are still at a great distance from each other. Honey is a very bad thing. I can not more so. Beloved, Do you understand? 000000 nice, we need to move to action and resolve this problem which is now among us, namely to reduce the distance. And for that we have overcome it, so that I came to you I need your help Rene. 00000000, my dear, Do you understand? You help me? kissss
Why our meeting with you did not take place, when will we be together with you? Rene loved every day I wait for your letter as well as our meeting with you. Rene0 I very strongly want this, and you very well know. Now we speak only the words, but when we move to action, Rene when we with you will be any move to ensure that our meeting took place with you. When this is? kisssssss

Rene, my dear, I do not have a bank account.
I will write to you, for whatever reason, he does not need me.
Rene, the reason why I do not need to acquire a bank account, is a small salary. Rene, my dear, are you so mean?
Rene, my dear, to send me financial assistance for the registration of documents.
My favorite, so you can use the services of Western Union.
Rene, When I went to learn how you can help me, send financial aid to the paperwork, I just said that the transfer of money is very fast and the one who sent you the translation, this gets translated very quickly within an hour .
Beloved, This company is a very long time dealt with money transfers, and it is very well established itself among the people across the country. Rene, Do you understand that?
My dear, a branch of Western Union provides a 100% guarantee, (the man) who took advantage of, the services of the branch.
Rene, you know what I tell you?
Rene, if you insist, then I can go to the bank and find out all the details that are necessary for you to send me financial assistance for the registration of documents.
Rene, explained to me the reason that you do not want to use the services of the branch "Western Union".
My favorite, I think the best option that you could send me financial assistance to carry out our meeting with you, and I could, come to you dear, as soon as possible. Rene, Do you understand that?
My dear, tell me what you think about that, I tell you? Rene, write me your opinion about it.
Rene, my favorite, is now before this meeting is to make the last step.
My dear, now our meeting with you in your hands and it depends on you Rene.
Dear me, I think you primesh right decision to change our future with you and you and I, finally, were together.
I very much look forward to our meeting with you. I very much love you Rene.
Rene, my favorite one of his letters, I asked you to send me your phone number so that I could call and hear your voice, or rather talk with you live. But you I have not sent your number. Rene, Why? Why you is not it? I hope that the next letter you prishlesh me your phone number so that I could call you and talk to you live.
To ensure that I get to you I need to know your phone number, your country code and the code of your city. I hope that you write to me all that you need so that I could just get to you Rene.

Rene0, my favorite, I very much miss you. In addition you nor I are no longer needed. Rene000 thou, my only love for all of the white light. Therefore, 0000000, I want to be with you and not with anyone anymore. We now prevents you to connect our hearts with you the great distance that we need to overcome, 00000000 You mean this? Do you understand what I say to you? I hope you understand what I say unto thee Rene0000000.
Rene favorite in this my letter will end, so that as soon as possible to hear your response, Rene. I look forward to as well as our meeting with you. I hope that it will take place very soon. I look forward with great response from you my dear.
Rene0 I love you and only you You are my prince.
Rene Write me as soon as possible.
Your favorite beautiful Princess Yuliya.

i think the forgot to change the 00000000 in the pre-written maddage into my name
Comment #1394
Received: from unknown (HELO (Yuliasingle@ with plain)

Hello my love Rene,
How are you my sweet baby? My love I want to be yours and you are my ideal, my love! When will the day when we will finally be able to see each other in the eye and say that we love us?? I look forward to our first night of love, this night will not forget, because we will hug and kiss the sweet caress. I am ready to come to you as soon as possible. My love, I look forward to your letter from you and your sweet response! I always think about you!
I want you surrounded me tenderness, warmth, caring.
I want to with confidence to think about tomorrow.
I wish that you had always been close.
I want to fall asleep and wake up thinking about you (preferably in your arms).
I want to be sure that you want everywhere and always, now and then.
I want to just look in your eyes and see them not only reflected.
I want your warm breath warms my hands.
Want to see your smile and know that it is me.
I wish that every morning I budil you, not that nuzzleing alarm clock.
I want to be your sun.
I want you грел hands in the back pockets of my jeans.
I want to rent your pockets to pay you kisses.
I want to belong to you and know that I - yours (and you - I).
I want you to believe and not doubt.
I would like to hear your voice.
I want you bored with me and did not find the place.
I want to overwhelm your mind, thoughts, all your being.
I want to be for you all.
I want to know that you know all this.
I wish that you loved me.
I want to love you always and everywhere!
I love you! I want you! And always waiting for your letter!
Your love Yuliya.