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Mary (Marianna)
Mary (Marianna)

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An MBN pest

From: Pupsik (81380)

Hello, my new friend! My name is Mary & i`ll be friends whth you .. I want to learn about you more better ... In the future, we probably can maintain a dialogue with you and become good friends ... Who knows? ... i hope that you`re very interesting & fine man :-p ... & About me, about me you can answer & i`ll ask you about all if you want ... If you answer me, Here`s my e-mail address: Write & don`t forget... Don`t forget .. Mary

Hello my new friend xxxxx !!!
I am very happy that you responded to me ....
I am indeed very happy to get acquainted, and we think that our acquaintance with you is not

accidentally, and possibly in the near future we will become not only friends, but who may have a

more important for each other! ... Now I am very happy that you wrote on the site

Dating ... Although I was not sure that you answer me, but I am hoping for this

I felt that you answer me ... To be honest, I was hoping to see is your answer ..

Because when I looked at your profile, I am intrigued, how do you about yourself

and tell about their hobbies ...
Now I say a little about yourself directly, although you know some information

about me from my profile on dating site, but it is - not enough to

understand and learn about his hobbies and nature ... First of all I want to talk about

his life ... I now work as cosmetologists, this wonderful profession. During my

professional activity, I do not just those that I like, but still in touch

with people who come to me. Many of my clients told me about his life,

sometimes their stories are very interesting and intriguing ... even want to hear

continuation of their stories of life ... but sometimes they are such boring even think rather

to finish packing hair and makeup do ... And what is your work? Do you like

your work? many of the interesting cases have been in your life? I really want to know about you

as long as you let me know about you .. I also want to explain why the early

Internet dating, I do not really like how our local men treated with

the girls here ... I do not like the fact that they belong to the girls without much tenderness, and

love that we all want to feel ... this regard and in terms of sex, too ..... I think

that you do not like them, I believe that you will be able to give her love, she must

get ... In the end, I wish to build a strong sense, and to this end it

need to learn very well each other ...
And so my name - Marianna, my age is 26 years old, i hope that my age you will not be scared

... I was born and I live in the beautiful city ... I

never been married, but now I am beginning to think about their future, I realized that it is necessary

build a serious relationship, but do not always behave like children ... Question - what I

considering that the family is not a game, considering how some of ... I believe

that the family - a very important factor in human life.
Still want to tell a little about where and how I live, I live with my parents in

good apartment, which consists of two rooms ... I am very accustomed to that as I live. I

really like my room ... And the situation in my room ... It is very beautiful, and I

believe that my room is the dream of any girl.
In this letter, I told you a little about yourself immediately ... And now I'm waiting for your

reply, which I would like to hear as much information as possible about you ...

really want, which we continued to communicate ...
The letter I am sending you a picture, and I would very much like to see your photos ...

Because I think that we should know and see the person with whom a relationship.
My new friend xxxxx , I shall wait your letter with a great look ...
Your friend Marianna!!!

p.s. By the way, my real name on the passport - Marianna ... I just love when I am called

Mary :-) all friends call me Mary :-) 

Nice paste job!

Received: from unknown (HELO ? (lonely_lady_09@ with plain)
Subject: Hello my new friend!!!

inetnum: -
inetnum: -
netname: ERTH-YOLA-NET
address: ZAO "Company "ER-Telecom" Yoshkar-Ola
role: Network Operation Center CJSC ER-Telecom Company Mari El branch
address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Very well known face

Comment #1325

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend xxxxx ! 
I am indeed very happy that I received your letter.
I want to tell you something about my life and their passions ...
My favorite color is green the color white because it reflects a warmth of summer ...

I also like the white and red, because I often buy and constantly wearing underwear

red ... To be honest, the color red excites me a little:-p
Like all of course, I like to relax in nature ... Also, I love animals. I have a home

there is a parrot, his name is Kesha, yet I have lived a dog, her name is Nikol, my dear friend

xxxxx , if you have animals at home, and even if you love animals?
xxxxx , What kind of music do you hear? I prefer to listen to, reggy, soul, pop music. Recently

time I started listening to rap and R & B.
However, the choice of music depends on the mood to accept this? : _)
By the way we have today is very warm, light wind, today I was in the pool ... But

more likely, in the winter, I would like to go fishing, if you honestly, I very much like

Fishing ..

I want to tell you about the dishes, my dear xxxxx , what dishes do you prefer???
I like to cook Russian dishes most.
Have you ever ate Russian borsch, dumplings, pancakes with honey? xxxxx , you do not do this

xxxxx , which is most important to you in person??? For me, in person, it is important that: it

kind heart and romantic soul, age, nationality and skin color for me is not

irrelevant, as they say: people are not judged by its appearance, a man judged by his

actions, and his soul. xxxxx , you agree with my opinion?
I am interested in that, inside his heart.
I need in best friend and faithful partner, whom I can devote my life and love,

tell him all the cherished secrets, which languished deep in my soul ...
I am looking for a smart, nice and nice man, with whom I had become not only

beloved, but also to be loved ... but most importantly, that we became friends, as well as love

primarily based on trust and mutual understanding ..
In the future, I would very much like to build a happy and loving family! My dear

xxxxx , you seem to be intelligent and interesting person from your letter so please tell me

about yourself, your likes and dislikes, interests, hopes, desires.
I would like to know more about you. This is really important for me is the idea of the person I'm going to

consistent with and build relationships.
xxxxx , I'm waiting your next letter. yet so far :-))
Your friend Mary ...

Another great pasting job! 

Comment #1326

Letter 3

hi dear!!! I sent you the letter, only I can not wait from you the answer in any way!!! I
very much wish to learn: why you do not write to me? I very much would like to communicate
to you!! Whether you wish to communicate with me? Or you further me will ignore? I very much
would like to receive from you the answer! And I very much hope that I will receive it.
Please... Do not forget about me and write the answer... Because I very much wish you to
learn. I with huge impatience will look forward to hearing from you! Your friend Mary... Bye