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Received: from homs-875209a8fd (unknown []) Russian Federation (Yoshkar-ola)*
Reply-To: anastasiya

Hello, my new friend! It was good to see me in your
letter, and I want to thank you for this is that you write very me.Na
I really very much waited for a response from you and hope that you will write me back
. I believe that if we want to have a relationship we must learn
each other better. I would like to see your photos! Can you
send me some pictures? I want to ask you to tell me
more about themselves, about their habits, hobbies, about your work, about what you
like to do in your spare time. I want to know more about the
place where you live. What do you like to do and that you do not like
do???? How much do you love animals, and whether you love them
altogether? I'm curious and so I would like to learn more about how you can
more. I want you to write me about yourself so we know each other
better, and with each of our letter, we will know each other all
more and more. What are your interests with me???
Now a little about yourself. I am cheerful, kind, open,
Intelligent. I want to find the person who will always be
understand me. First of all, I important the human soul, his inner
world, if the good people I think that I will be with him very well
stay close. I want to meet someone who will
attentive to me and will love me and only me one, I want to
We knew each other and are always happy to share.
I am looking for a simple human love. I dream to have a family and make
her beloved husband a happy man on this planet. If
My husband is happy I will be twice as happy. I think that with our
match your goals. Perhaps it is destiny that we found each other. But
if not then we can become good friends. I do not smoke, and
do not drink, because in the future, I have children and I really want to get my
children were healthy. I always care about their health. I do not
to pay attention to my mistakes, over time, if we will
I continue to correspond better to learn the language. You understand me
English? I hope that yes. In the future I want to know English
perfectly, but I do not know your computer, and my hard work with
keyboard. In Russian, I print well. and in English
You already know that my name is Anastasiya. I live in Russia. City of
which I live is Kazan. Now I am 25 years old. I work as a teacher in
school. I love my job because I love children and love
work with them. I believe that children of this great happiness in life. on
my work, I have never boring and always very funny. I hope that
you are not tired to read my letter.
I have never been married and I have no children. So I write
you that want to have a family in the future. What do you think about
serious relationship with a man from another country. You want to have a family
with a woman from Russia??? You may want to know why I am looking for
person from another country??? Now I'll answer them. In Russia, I can not
find a man with a big heart. I did not find intrinsic value in
men in Russia. I had relations in Russia, but why is it me
always lie in this relationship, so I decided that I
never again will a man of my dreams here.
I hope that I am interested in you and you do not delete my email and
you write me a reply. I'm waiting for a response from you. Your friend

Comment #1299
Received: from homs-875209a8fd (unknown []) Russian Federation (Yoshkar-ola)*

Hello!!! I was very pleased to receive an answer from you. This is a good thing that
you understand my English because I am worried for this. But
Now I see that all is well and it pleases me. I wanted to tell you
that if you have any questions to me, you ask me, I
be happy to answer them. I was very interested to read your
letter. You probably are interested why I write to you???? I did it
because I want to get acquainted with a fair and considerate
man. I want it to be polite kind. And most importantly, I
want between us has always been understanding. Why do I want to be
such a relationship??? I am looking for man for serious relationship and I do not want
diddle, I want to have a family and children. For me, it is important
find a man with a big heart. As you have said, in Russia, I do not
I can find such a person. Here, I can not find a proper understanding and
honesty. Here all the men drink too much alcohol.

My girlfriend does not Recently divorced from her husband. They had no understanding of
family, and they are always cursing among themselves. Once he came home
drunk and beat her, so I do not want my husband was that way. Such
examples in Russia a huge number.
 Now I want to write you about my relatives. My mom and dad,
 but I am only child. My parents live in the village, and we see
 each other infrequently. They have already retired and not working. I
 I try to help them and care for them. My father had previously worked
 police, and my mother a teacher. Now I live with my girlfriend, we
 renting an apartment. She also works in this city and we decided to
 rent together.

As I already wrote you, I love animals,[Not in the 1st letter] but until now we have
  no pets, as well as no time for them to care. And
  animals need care. I like to visit museums and theaters. When
  I have free time I like to do sports, but only
  gymnastics, and sometimes I do in the morning. When I
  went to school I worked dances. And I really dream about that
  where we will dance with you together. In the winter I like to ride a
  skate with friends, and I enjoy it. I love to swim and sunbathe
  on the shore. I love to travel, but have little experience. I am creative
  people, and romantic, and I like to watch on TV variety
  comic transfer. Now I would like to finish this letter.
  I hope to get from you reply as soon as possible !!!!!! Your