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another from DMF 

- 28 y/o female
- English, English, English
- waitress
- Have no children
- Last logged in: 2009-04-25 14:00:30
- ID: 110272

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Hello! My name is Tanya & i`ll be friends whth you .. (I hope that the first impression of you doesn`t introduce me to confusing ... I want to learn about you more better ... In the future, we probably can maintain a dialogue with you and become good friends ... Who knows? ... I`ll be very grateful if you answer my messages! i hope that you`re very interesting & fine man ... & About me, about me you can answer & i`ll ask you about all if you want ... If you answer me, I`ll send you more my photos ... I hope that you`ll not ignore me ... If you became interested and you want us to know each other better, I I will wait for your letter in my e mail!!! Here's my e-mail address: ... If you don`t will be time to write me a letter first, you can give me your email address, and I can write to you a letter first! I`ll wait your answer ! Write & don`t forget... Don`t forget ... Your new friend (I hope for it) Tanya!!! Bye Bye!!!! see you

Hello my new friend ! It was pleasant for me to see your letter, and I
want to thank you for that that you write me. Actually I waited from
you for the answer and hoped, that you will write to me. I think, if
we want to have relations should learn each other better. I would like
to see your photos! Can you send me some photos? I want to ask You to
tell me more about yourself, about your habits, a hobby, your work. I
want learn more about that place where do you live. What do you like
to do and what do not like to do? How strongly you love animals and
whether you love them in general? I the inquisitive person, And
consequently I want to know about you as much as possible. I want to
write to you about myself, That we knew each other, and with each our
letter it is more and more and more. What are your interests in me?
Now about myself. I cheerful, kind, open, intellectual, but cautious.
And I want to find the same person who can understand me. First of all
I look at soul of the person. I estimate internal beauty of the
person. I want to meet such the man which was It is attentive to me,
kind, and showed care and love to me. I want, that We could understand
each other that we could share all pleasures and afflictions in a
life, All bad and good. I search for simple human happiness. I dream
to have my own Family to have beloved husband and make him happy . If
my husband will be happy, That I also happy shall be twice stronger. I
think, that our purposes coincide, and you want That as I. Probably it
is destiny and then we shall require in the friend the friend. But if
it not so , I think, that we can become good friends. I do not smoke
in general, and I drink only wine in Holidays. I always care of my
appearance and about mine health. I ask to not pay attention to my mistakes ,
because after a while I can learn language even better if we shall
continue ours with you dialogue . Do you understand my English? I
hope, that yes. I studied it at school, and have decided, That it is
useful to me in a life and continued to study even at home . In the
future I want to study English ideally! Still I badly know a computer,
And it is difficult for me to work with the keyboard. In Russian I
know the keyboard well, But in English awfully. I know, that time
makes all. And in due course I though as I shall learn the English
keyboard better, and then fingers will find and I can print the
necessary letter on much faster than now. I still want to write You
have more than information on. You already know that my name is
Tatyna. The country in where I live is Russia. I always lived in
Russia. City in which I live is Cheboksary
Now I'm 28 years and I have my favourite work. I work as the manager
in a beauty salon. I have received the trade and at once could find
work. For me my work not difficult, Because I love it and always I
like to make people more beauty. I hope, that you are not tired and
have not got tired from reading my letter.
I was never married and also I have no children. Therefore I now write
to you because in the future I want to have family. What do you think
of it? What do you think about serious relations with the person from
other country? How you see relations in the future? Do you want to
have family with the woman from Russia? Probably you want to know, why
I search for the person from Other country? I shall write the answer
to this question. In Russia I could not find the person with the big
soul. I have not found internal value in men in Russia. You became now
probably precisely tired Reading of my letter and I shall finish the
letter and wiil write more in my following letter. I hope, that I
could interest you, and that you will not delete my letter, and write
to me the answer. I send you my photo. Care of itself and good to you
of mood. Tatyana.

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netname: ERTH-YOLA-NET
address: ZAO "Company "ER-Telecom" Yoshkar-Ola
role: Network Operation Center CJSC ER-Telecom Company Mari El branch
address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

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Letter 2

Hello! It was pleasant for me to receive from you the answer. It is
good, that you can understand my English , because I worried in this
occasion. But now I see that all well and it pleases me. Now we can
learn with each our new letter and understand each other more and
more. If you have to me any questions interesting you I with pleasure
on them shall answer.
When I have read your letter personally for me all became clear and
clear. I think we shall not be To have problems concerning ours with
you acquaintances. It was very interesting to me to read your letter .
Probably it is interesting to you why I have written to you? I have
made it because I want to get acquainted with the fair and careful
person. I want, that he was polite and kind. And the most important, I
want that between us always there was a mutual understanding. Why I
want to have such relations? I search for serious relations, and I do
not want to spend the Time all for nothing on games. I hope to meet
the person that in the future to have family, Also I ask you to not
play with me. For me it is important to find the person with the big
soul. In Russia I cannot find such person. I tried to be friends with
the Russian men, but I Could not find due understanding and honesty.
Russian men egoists. And almost all of them Like to drink a lot of
alcohol, and I negatively concern to alcoholics. My girlfriend not so
long ago Had divorce with the former the husband. They did not have
understanding in their family and they always swore. The girlfriend
realized and knew, that he changed to her with other girls but that
could not To make. But most of all to her got when he came home drunk
and beat her and scoffed at her. She could not bear all it and they
have divorced. Such examples in all Russia the huge amount, but the
majority of women bear all this, because depend on the husband.
Therefore I do not want to have that the common with Russian to men.
In our country it is difficult to live, therefore That Russia has a
plenty of the underworld. Certainly in each country there are
criminals, But I think, that in our country the criminality has the
big development and it who cannot stop. In the evening on streets it
is always terrible to me to go, it is especial when already absolutely
late. I hope, that You can understand completely that I write to you.
To me began to like to have dialogue with you, and I think, that if at
us that to fail friends we can be exact.Do you agree with me?
I think I better finish for now and will wait for your letter with
great impatience.

Your Russian friean Tatyana.