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Received: from ([] helo=localhost) by with esmtpsa
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v4.0.14) Professional Ukraine (Alchevsk)*

My Darling Benny!

I  am  glad  that  you  gave  us the chance to get to know each other.
Frankly speaking I did not think that such man can pay attention to me
as  I am not that sort of women who are totally sure that they are the
fair  half of humanity. I am a woman and I am proud of it. Just now we
start  our  communication and my heart is beating faster because right
now I cross my fingers and make a secret wish to be loved by lady Luck
and  to meet that man I dreamt about in you. Why not? Sometimes people
are   so  lucky  that  they  meet  their  second  halves  without  any
difficulties.  And taking into consideration that I never had any luck
in my love life I have a great hope that it is my time for being happy
now. And what about you? Do you have the same strange feeling from our
talk?  Were  you  also  unlucky  with your love life? Or what happened
exactly   that  brought  you  to  the  dating  site?  Life  is  really
unpredictable  thing  and  it  is  obvious  that  what you lose on the
swings,  you gain on the roundabouts. So it is the reason to start and
to  be  afraid  to lose, who knows, may be it is the time for us to be
happy and to start knowing each other better. So I do not wish to make
any  limits  with my questions as I am sure that you have something to
tell  me.  I will be more than happy to know you more, so please, feel
free  to  tell  me  anything you wish about yourself and let's take it
like  the  start  of  something  wonderful.  I do hope that you are as
positive minded as I am. So I will wait for all your news at my e-mail
address that I write you from:

Your Tati

* still not sure where i have found her *
Comment #1266
Very well used girl,a 99% guarantee to be a translation scam.

Maybe in a current DMF profile?

I think I've posted one with her pix before,not sure if it was here though.

Take a look in my PB album and get the name she's under,it might jog my memory.

Seems they found a new proxy to use?

inetnum: -
netname: ALMTRX-NET
org-name: Matrix-Alchevsk
address: The 43 Chapaev str., Alchevsk
country: Ukraine
Comment #1267
Atleast it have gave us new inside information with the proxy