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Hello my new friend Benny.
I am very glad so soon to receive your letter.
Thank you very much for your pictures, they liked me a lot
It is very pleasant, that you have not left my letter without the answer.
I have the first experience of correspondence under the Internet with foreign the man!
I at all do not know about what to me to write in the letter.
I as that have become puzzled having seen your letter.
But I hope that now I shall come in myself and I shall write to you briefly about myself directly!
I as shall send you the pictures.
I hope that you understand my English language! If that I write that not so you at once write to me. Ok?
I studied the English language at school and then at university!
But I use the program of the translator for a spelling to you the letter.
My name is Ksyusha. Me have named so in honour of my grandmother!
I was born May, 20, 1982. As you have understood to me now 26 years.
I was born and I live now in city of Medvedevo.
I am a blonde. My growth makes 170 centimeters, my weight approximately 58 kgs.
My eyes have light blue color.
I shall send the photo and you will see me. I hope that I to you shall be pleasant!
I have finished the State University of city of Medvedevo. To me the Diploma of the psychologist is given.
After end of university I was employed on the speciality in private clinic.
I work with the population on questions of psychological development of the population.
To like me my work. I am very glad when I can help simple Russian citizens.
I search for serious relations. I had experience of a meeting with the Russian men.
But they have disappointed me.
In the first they do not have prospects on the future, they live one day and do not think of tomorrow's day.
In the second at us in Russia of the man are inclined to the use of alcohol.
I do not know that will be in the near future, but Russia is covered with era of drugs.
Many young people use drugs, and for the sake of this potion make awful acts.
I do not know that will be with Russia in the near future.
I am very much concerned for life of many children.
As I have written little bit above I rent an apartment.
I have no the computer and even the phone. It is very bad, but it is very expensive.
I pay only a rent for an apartment.
I wish to inform you that I write letters to your house when I come after work
I hope, what it will not be by a problem for our relations?
I do not drink and I do not smoke. I very much keep up the health. It is very important for my future.
I never was married and I have no children.
I have daddy and mum. They live in near me.
I frequently go to them on a visit.
I as like to watch TV and listen to music.
As it is very interesting to go to cinema and theatres, museums. I like cultural programs.
I want more to learn about you, your family, your enthusiasmes.
I think, that you can answer to me soon.
I shall wait for your letter.
Write to me necessarily even if I to not like you, that I would not hope for the further development of our relations.


P.S.My email address at which you wrote the first letter no longer works and I can not write his letter to you now     
write to me at this email address

I send you my picture I hope, that you love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello my dear Benny.
Here I am again able to write you my letter.
Sorry that is not written to you nearly a month.
I did not have internet my house.
I hope that this will not greatly affect your interest in the beginning of our friendship:)
I am very please write me how are you, how is your life there, far away from me.
It is waiting for your letter, I will hopefully be able to get a letter from you soon
Your Ksyusha
Comment #1263
Hello my new friend Benny.
I am very glad that you responded to my letter.
I do not think that in general, you will answer me so soon.
I hope that we have a good relationship relationship in the future will be to collect.
Thanks for answering my questions, I am very assessment of your attention.
Do you want to continue our pleasant acquaintance and to study me better?
In this letter I shall inform you about my family in more detail.
My parents are most worthy of significant people.
To my father 63 years.He works as a truck driver.
It takes place in distant flights. For my mom 59 years.
It is a teacher at the school.
My mother is in the kindest woman, she loves children.
I am also very fond of children, perhaps, she was transferred to me from my mom.
They live life includes 34 years of age.
They are very happy with each other.
They live in apartments of three rooms. I very often visit them.
I love the parents.
To my brother 20 years.
It is a student of economic institution.
I think it will be interesting for you to study on my hometown.
Medvedevo is not a big city. On is about city Yoshkar Ola.
This is very close to the city to each other.
Basically, everything works there.
Medvedevo located on the river called Kokshaga.
Have you heard about this river?
I think that you can easily find Medvedevo on the map.
In Medvedevo There are many beautiful and picturesque places, where it probably is good, and interesting presentation time.
Medvedevo many monuments and beautiful buildings.
You were in Russia?
If you have arrived in Russia, visit Medvedevo.
You will be satisfied with this trip.
I would like to know more about your country, your city of traditions.
This will be very interesting for me to read it in your letters.
I wish that, in addition to studying each other better.
You seem to me very good person.
It's interesting you should know a lot of my personal life?
I would like to inform you about it.

I will send you a photograph next time. Ok?
Now I have to finish the letter.
I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. I think that the first letter, I made a typo, I thought that I wrote about that, I have my computer at home and the phone, but I looked and saw that the written denial, that is, I do not have all that.
I want to tell you my dear Benny I have a computer and phone. and I am writing to you from my apartment which I Rent
I hope that you will forgive me this my fault in my last letter:)
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Hello dear Benny.
I am very pleased, which has received your letter.
It is very pleasant, that you continue the correspondence to me.
I hope, that you have today good day.
I know not so much about your country, only it, that I read in newspapers, and I observe the TV SET.
You know, what I work as the the psychologist, but me would like very much to know my trade is claimed in your country?
Your country gives a lot of attention to psychological problems of the relations between the people?
Please inform me about it.
I would not be against to know  to your country more.
On the TV SET rich people speak, that your country very economic advanced and citizens of your country.
I have many friends and one of them Ekaterina had the correspondence to the person from Turkey.
He lives in staff  Mardin his name Kemal. Recently they married and now are very happy together.
Now Ekaterina lives in Turkey.
I correspond with her and she speaks that his her husband the most good person in the world.They together one year.
Another my friend corresponds with the man from England and they have very serious relations during 1 month.
I think, that they will have soon a meeting.
On there example I began to search the special person far from Russia and
I find you,I do not know how will be our relations, but I want to belive in the best and that is why  I want to learn you better.
How you concern to a marriage on the Russian girl?
You would like to have the Russian wife?
Please answer my questions. For me it is very important to know your opinion.
I felt very happy when has received the today's letter from you.
I shall search for your answer Benny.
Have a good day.