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Comment #1240
Received: from ([]
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Hello Rene! I am very glad, that our correspondence proceeds.
How are you? How your mood? What weather at you?
Weather at us today good. In the sky is not present a uniform cloud.
I am very pleasant for corresponding with you.
I have a work which very much is pleasant to me.
I work at school as the logopedist. My work is connected by that I learn children correctly to utter words and sounds.
I love the work. I am very glad, that I work at school.
Here very cheerful life. Our future grows in school. I consider, that the school is the most important stage of education of the person.
I think, that all our future depends on children.
And you can tell more about your work? You like your work?
I also like to listen to different music and to look films about love..
I want, that our acquaintance has proceeded. I hope, that you will answer my letter.
Bye! Your new friend Sveta!

Comment #1241
Received: from ([]:22478 "EHLO comp_4"
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Hello Rene! I am glad to receive from you the new letter. How are you?
If I could receive your photos every day I think that I would be the happiest woman.
I wish to tell to you about my family. I live in an apartment with mum and the daddy.
At us in an apartment always purely and cosy. We together with mum like to spend cheerful cleaning in our apartment.
My mother earlier too worked at school. But now it on pension. It is possible to tell, I have gone in the steps mother.
At school it worked 25 years. It has started to work right after the terminations of institute. When at it it became bad with health, it has left work on pension.
My father goes for work in other city. There it works till some months and we see it very seldom.
In the last letter I have written to you hello
It to you on familiar???
I am more than time spend with mother. We live as two close girlfriends.
At us never happens quarrels but if we have contradictions, we quickly come to one opinion.

We live in settlement Semenovka. It is very small settlement. The population of all is made by 436 person.
The city of Moscow is from us very far.
Tell to me more about you, about your family. It is very interesting to me to learn about your life, about your dreams.
I dream to find strong the man which will be to me the good husband.
I could not find good the man at myself. Many men do not want serious relationship.
Men many times deceived me. They wish to use women only.
I have decided to find the love in the Internet. Can be to me I will carry also shall find that only thing the man which will love me.
I very much hope for it. I am already tired from such life. I available on marrying.
My mother speaks, that it not against if I shall find the person from other country.
The main thing for each mother is a happiness of its daughter. And here now I correspond with you.
We shall be friends? Probably we are two half one hearts?
I think, what we shall not stop our correspondence?
Please, do not forget about me. I shall wait for your letter. Sveta from Russia.

Comment #1242
Hello Rene! How are you? What at you new? What can you tell to me?
My dear, I think, that to us still early to plan ours with you a meeting...
We should learn is better about the friend the friend....
We are still familiar not enough time for all it....
I cannot answer your question yet, whether I am ready.....
I think, that we should open each other the feelings and thoughts...
We should not have any secrets and consequently we should trust each other...
Today at us at school competition of beauty among pupils was spent.
On a holiday it was very cheerful. I was the representative of jury.
Young men participated in competition and girls. All children were very elegant and beautiful.
But we should choose best of the best.
There were many performances of children. We long were not solved, who can be declared the winner.
But in the end we have come to conclusion and have chosen the most beautiful young man and the girl.
But in the end the waltz still was coming them. Before nobody knew, that it will occur. We knew about it only.
Winners have been a little confused, but eventually have carried out dance.
In general I liked this holiday. It is very pleasant to me to look at children who wish something to achieve in this life.
To me it is very pleasant, that you please me with the letters. It is very interesting. We correspond and we learn much about us.
You can ask to me any questions. I shall necessarily try to answer them.
At present I do not have man. I am completely free.
Now at me is not present serious relationship with men. Therefore I can correspond with you freely.
I hide nothing from you. I understand, that we need to be opened to each other.
Relationship cannot be under construction on a deceit. You agree with me? We should be opened and to try to trust each other.
In my life there were two men. But at me it has not turned out to construct with them serious relationship..
With my the second the man we have left one year ago. And now I do not have men.
I have already found to myself the friend from other country. I hope, what we shall keep up our friendship?
If I had phone I would call to you. But at present I do not have phone.
I had phone. But I have dropped phone. My phone was broke. Now I need to buy new phone.
But I shall think up something. Soon I should receive wages. I think that on this money I shall buy to myself phone.
But it seems to me, that we also should not forget to write the letter each other. In letters also it is possible to learn much about us..
I already look forward to hearing from you. Your sincere friend Sveta.

Comment #1243
Hello My dear Rene! To Me it is very pleasant, that you have written to me.
To me so it is pleasant, when I see your letter in my mail box..
You know, I do not have not enough present friend. I would like to share with somebody the events and the most important feelings.
Certainly I have friends. I have girl-friends. Certainly I too divide with them the feelings.
But it not absolutely that is necessary for me. Probably you understand me..
To me it is necessary the man with which I could speak about much.
I wish to trust in it, to ask for it advice. Certainly I also would like, that it also trusted me.
Many people do not trust in friendship between the man and the woman. But I think, that such friendship can exist.
It is necessary to listen simply well to the person and to understand it. It is necessary to understand, that it feels.
It is very interesting to me to write each other letters. I understand, that it not high-grade relations.
We do not see each other, we do not hear our voices. But I hope, that we relationship will not be limited to it.
I did not trust in love through the Internet. It seemed to me, that people correspond there only for the sake of entertainment.
But it has appeared, that it not so. My girlfriend has learned to write electronic letters.
I have understood, that here it is possible to find the present friend. I am glad, that I have found such friend as you.
I wish to assure you, that I do not write to other men. I write only to you.
I wish to be to true you and our friendship because I trust, that you are fair also with me.
I thought, that it will be difficult to me to write letters. But it has appeared simply.
It seemed to me, that you will not answer my letter. But you have shown attention.
I wish to tell to you, that you can ask me everything, that you interests.
I shall answer all your questions. I would like to ask you... You now do not have girlfriend?
I do not stir{prevent} to you? Can be at you there is a woman? I do not wish to spoil your relations?
About myself I can tell, that I am lonely.. I have friends, but no more.
You probably have thought, why I cannot find the love here?
If it is fair, I do not know the answer to this question. I cannot answer..
Probably you are surprised to it? I also am surprised sometimes to it..
Girlfriends speak all to me, that they envy my beauty. They for fun name me the little fool because I cannot construct relationship with the man.
I do not know itself why it is impossible to me. First at all of us goes by way of.
But then I feel, that the man is simply adhered to me. I am not assured of its love..
But in turn, I also do not feel to it special feeling. I do not know why so occurs.
I can be never simple still tested the present love? There can be it therefore?
I also asked to myself this question. There can be this all because of my individual character.
I was born in May. I on a sign on the zodiac calf. At me complex character. Sometimes I happen too obstinate.
But it also helps to achieve to me many the purposes.. Sometimes also it seems to me, that I never shall find to myself the man which I can grow fond actually.
But all the same I do not despair. I trust, that I shall find the love..
Forgive me.. There Can be you will count me silly.. Sveta.
(only do not laugh at my letter, there can be I was it is too frank with you..))))

Comment #1244
Hello My dear Rene! How are you? How your mood?
What at you new in a life? About what you can tell to me?
I am completely fair with you. Here I have sat down to write to you the letter and I do not know, how it to begin.
You write to me the letter also? You do not represent what pleasure you bring to me the letters.
To me it is even not important, if you write to me not so much. - that you me do not forget the main thing, I mean is interesting to you.
You also are the interesting person. I can already consider you as the friend..
It seems to me, that you also consider me as the friend. Certainly it is a little complex, when we are on such far distance.
But we write each other letters so we exchange the ideas with each other.
I would like to learn about what family you dream?
I am almost assured, that you all the same have ideas in occasion of creation of family.
You dream of what woman? Here if women want true, careful men who will love and respect with them.
And what ideals of women at you? I certainly do not mention now about those who marries by calculation.
I cannot judge them. But I never could marry by calculation?
What for? It is not necessary for me of it. Now to me of 26 years. It seems, that it is not so big age.
I still cannot be named the mature woman. But I already would like home life.
I would like a family, house cosiness. I would like to be mother.
When I see in the court yard of small children my heart is compressed.
When the child will look at me such pure and naive eyes I too would like the children.
I can be simple not such person. I the house woman. I was born for family.
My mother with the father with my opinion completely agree. They it is very glad, that I have found the present the man, the man of my dream.
My parents not against my correspondence with the foreigner. For myself I have solved, that I shall marry the foreigner.
This my decision and anybody against it will tell nothing.
We are probably created the friend for the friend.
I think, that will pass some time and we learn answers to all our questions.
On it I shall finish the letter. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Your true friend Sveta.