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Comment #1245
Hello my dear Rene! How are you? I'm fine.
At me good mood. Fine weather! My feet ask to walk on street.
And how your mood? What at you is the interesting?
Today we suit a small party with my girlfriends.
We will gather in the evening at my girl-friend. You know women.
We like to gossip, talk, have fun sometimes.
Sometimes we gather and we walk in the evening in the street.
Not to sit to us at home, when in the street such good weather!
And how you like to spend a free time?
You often gather with the friends?
In the middle of summer we with friends went to a campaign. When we meet all together, we recollect events of this summer.
You spent the night in tents? You sang songs under a guitar at a night fire?
It seems to me, that you could not test such feeling...
Simply way of life in Russia differs from a way of life abroad a little.
I like to conduct a healthy way of life. I do not drink some alcohol. I drink only a little on the big holidays.
Certainly I do not smoke. I do not like women who smoke cigarettes.
Because it badly influences health of its future children.
I think, that each mother wants, that its children have grown strong and healthy.
I think, that you agree with me.
I try to write to you all about myself. I want, that we have learnt each other as much as possible.
Because we wish to construct relationship. We should know each other.
I think, what it is already possible to name us friends? You think, what we already friends?
How you think? You think, what at us can turn out serious relationship?
I think, that it is a serious choice in our life. We do not need to be mistaken.
You agree with me? I already spoke about it with mother.
My mum understands me. She recognises, that the love can be found not only in the country.
If I find the favourite person in other country she certainly will approve my choice and will support me.
I think, that on it I need to finish the letter. I already wait for your answer. Sveta.

Comment #1246
Hello my dear Rene!!! How you my sweet??? I'm fine. I was so is glad
and happy to receive your next letter. Rene you bring to me so much
pleasures and pleasures, after acquaintance to you for me it is very
important to receive and read your letters, to answer your letters. My
the darling your letters so are fine, you speak about such fine
things, your words so are gentle and lovely. When I have got
acquainted with you I first of all thought, that we shall simply
friends, orchestras on correspondence. But with each your new letter
all of you have more and more me interested, I found with you more
increasing and more than the general themes, the general interests.
Rene I earlier at all did not assume, that my feelings will come so
far. Rene I do not know you will understand me or not, but is similar,
that I have fallen in love with you, I love you Rene! Several days
ago after next your letter I had any strange feeling, my heart as
though something has pricked. When I have checked up mail, and there
there was no your letter I have been very afflicted, I grieved on you.
But your letter has then come. You cannot present how many pleasure at
all and happiness was for me during that moment, how many positive
emotions you have brought to me. Rene after my acquaintance to you,
you have made my life paradise. You bring to me pleasure, I constantly
wait for your letters as though they became an integral part of my
life. You and your letters for me are very important also I so is
happy, that I could get acquainted with you. Rene tell and what
feelings are tested by you? Sometimes I so would like more and more
and to communicate more, I would like to learn about each other all. I
tell about myself everything, you tell all about yourselves, between
us there are no secrets and it is correct, it is healthy. Certainly
you can tell, that that I write that to you is only exaggeration, this
short-term feeling when you yet do not understand, that such love. My
love but if it was not love I would not suffer, I would concern
without special attention to you and your letters. Rene I do not know
as you now from react after my letter. I do not know what emotions
will cause in you my letter. But I have made this step, I have told
about the feeling to you. My love understand now I completely has
opened before you all soul, I have given the heart which is full of
love in your hands. My dear I shall wait for your letter with very
great pleasure and desire. I so would like to learn your opinion and
your attitude to me and to my words! I love you!!!! You my prince!!!
Kissssssssssssss Yours Svetlana!!!!!!!!

Comment #1247
Hello My darling Rene! Well. I have received your letter and I will answer it with pleasure.
Certainly you like me. For all time of our short correspondence I so have got used to you, that now I cannot without you.
I cannot pass your letters. Because you became for me expensive person.
It seems to me, that it because we with you are in many respects identical. We can always find common language.
We know each other not so long ago, and already we can write each other about much.
It shows, that we can trust each other much. And the trust already is one of signs of good friendship.
I think, what you agree with me?
From our short correspondence I have understood, that you the serious person. I have understood your serious intentions.
You love me with. It is very pleasant To me to realise it.
We with you are two lonely persons who wish to find the love.
It unites us. It is not necessary for us lie, we are completely serious in the intentions...
What for to spend our time for nothing? We should learn as much as possible each other.
I do not wish to play with your feelings. I write you only the truth.
I am assured also that you are frank with me. You have liked at once me with the truthful and frank letters.
I wish to ask you. How you look at continuation of ours relationship? You think, what at us something can turn out serious?
Certainly I understand, that we are far apart. It also is some problem for us.
But the Internet allows us while to exchange letters.
I understand, that if we relationship will proceed and grow, something will be necessary for us more.
Probably we should meet. Our meeting is very responsible moment.
We need to be prepared for this moment seriously.
I wish to tell to you, that I have already told about our correspondence of mother.
My mum is very glad, that I correspond with you. I have told to it about you.
My mum is very glad for us. She says, that you the good and serious person.
She says, that such people as you can trust. And certainly mum wishes our of good luck.
It has wished your of good luck in everything that you did not do. And if at us will turn out serious relationship., it very much even will be glad.
You can ask me about everything, that it is interesting to you. I will answer all your questions.
I understand, that it is very important for ours relationship. Whether Not so? I will be as much as possible frank with you.
I wish your of good luck! These words I finish my letter. Now I wait for your answer. Your loyal friend Sveta!

Comment #1248
I am happy to read your letter. With each letter I feel, that between us there is a serious feeling.
You feel it also? I do not wish to deceive mine and certainly your heart.
I do not wish to cause you a pain. Therefore I am always frank with you and I write you only the truth.
I wish to have the happy future. I know, that I know still you not enough.
But for all that time which we correspond I has understood, that you very good and lovely person.
You such gentle and native slice. I write, that you really native.
Because I feel, that we are really similar with you.
I feel very much warm feelings to you. I never saw you in real, but I feel your kind heat.
And waht about ours corespondence. I think it people always send the best looking pictures, they inform amusing histories.
Good things which happen in their lives, but never other material.
So in the end when you live or divide a life with them your illusions, dies....
Because the image (image) from which you had who they were, was all very nice lie...
I did not want it for us, it will be similarly, I have told now, and I think that you - not all another, I feel thet, you are better then another.
I would like to see you actually. But it is very difficult for creation.
It is fine dream. How you think, such dream can be executed actually?
It would be fine. In our city now so warmly. I love it.
When I was to be the child, we with my girlfriends always play in a court yard.
I spent much time with the girlfriends.
I remember, that it was to be very beautiful time. Sometimes, I like to look out of a window in the evening when in streets there are many children.
Sometimes I again would like to be small. I would like to play with the girlfriends until mum will not call me home.
My dear, you trust enamoured in at first sight? If you never saw me real, you can love me?
I think of you. How you think, something can happen with us? You know, that I wish you in to see valid.
I understand that it very difficultly for creation. How you think, is our possible meeting actually?
My dear, I will not speak rather this theme because I do not wish to create illusion.
I know, what we study about the friend the friend we will meet once not much but how you think, maybe, we?
We any way should meet sometime, cause, if we do not meet, we will write each other all the Life ;-)?
Any way I should to stop to speak about it while. By the way if we speak about ours to meet, I wish to speak approximately one thing.
I know it there is some people who use this corespondence only, which beret money from people in your country.
I wish to inform you, that I - not like these women. And if you think of me, that I - like them so please inform me on it.
I did not want to speak with somone who think, that I - deceive him. But I wish to inform you it when you study me more the best, you understands, that I - not like them.
So I hope, that you did not think it of me the reason for me, it very firmly (difficultly)
The nobility that the person with that whom I wish to create family in the future.
The reflexion is bad about me. My dear I do not wish to speak about a sad thing.
I see on this letter, and I hope, that it will not do you mad.
I wish your only good luck.
You know with that whom you have this corespondence. Care.

Comment #1249
Hi My Dear Rene!!! How are you? I'm fine. I hope, that you are in good
mood! And my letters do your mood more and more better. I wish to
inform you that idea about you do not leave me all time! After your
last letter, I was, think of us and about all these things which we
have between us. Our feelings... They are very warm, and you know, I
saw on the night of the sky where there was to be very much beutiful a
moon. So, if you will have time, look at it, and you will understand
all my feelings. There is half of moon this day here in the sky. One
half from this is you. This half is captured in easy and a heat, and
other half from this I, is dark and cold, which you do not know very
good. Now but that you will know more soon (I hope, that you will be).
Stars round the moon like people who surround us. You know for me, it
seems, That you are very good person and can be, I will open to you.
You are fine, sensitive, kind. You deserve the most good a word, and
yours relationship for me - the finest things in my life. Sometimes I
think, that I love you, there can be it, is true, but then I think,
that we know each other not long time, and we cannot love each other
nevertheless. I hope, that you understand me, and it means. It during
this moment my heart belongs only to you. Our feelings.... I
understand, that we know each other not much. I think, that we have
still time to be closer. I am very happy with your letters, and me
always wait, when I will enter the Internet, will read your letter.
You know, when I was the beginning to find someone, I was, think, that
I wish to find the man who will be my soul and who will be very good
and kind. For me, and I think, that I find this person, I hope, that
it - you. My soul, young and soft... My soul very vulnerable now. I
ask you. Do not cause me a pain. I promise to you also, that I never
will deceive you and I will not cause you any pain.... I - attempt to
understand you and to write more about me directly! Now I think, that
you are very important and necessary for me! Create our future, I will
always remember you! Now I already understand, that I never will
forget you! You know, that I think that in real all in your hands! Do
not leave me, and I will not leave you also. I think, that we will
have fine time! Walks, entertainments, consideration of films, suppers
in candles Together! So I think, that all will be fine for us! I
believe, that all will be so! Sveta....