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Comment #1250
Hello My Darling! How there was your day? I hope, that you are fine.
It is very important for me, that you will be fine.
I wish to tell to you, that I am ready to construct relations with you....
I am assured, you very good man... I very strongly love you...
The reason I think, that you are very good person, and I hope, that we shall be together.
You know, sometimes, that I think, that if any will be ask me about you,
I think, that I can answer, that I can give all to a thing in the world, there is no I can ginve all world only it to be with you.
You to me became very dear. I understand it not so long time back.
It is very difficult for me, that we not together right now with you.
I think, that it will be very good for us when we will be together.
I think, that we shall be happy. You know, that I - disapointed am a little now.
The reason in true I did not know now as long time we should write to everyone.
Another still before we shall meet in real and we shall see on each other.
In one way, I wish to see, that you feel you, but in the second way I understand, that it is very small time.
That we know each other, and we should know more about us.
My dear I wish to inform any way to you, that I am fine today.
Today good weather. So I have very good mood today.
And I wish to write to you, and I hope that you will have good mood when you will read my letter.
And now I wish to inform you, that it is a pity to me, that we not together.
Right now the reason if we shall be together now, we can be, go somewhere,
Where we can spend our time very good, I mean somewhere in a romantic place.
And we can dance with you. I think, that there is some place in your country and in yours city where - very beautiful music.
What concerning music what music you prefers? I like to listen Notre dum to Paris,
You know so musical? So I love, that music, it is very romantic.
What? I prefer pop, and I like to listen Nightwish. if you did not know that
Is, I think that you should find it somewhere and listen to it. I think, that it is very good music there.
Well my dear it is last time for me and now I should go, care my dear. And I hope to see your answer.

Comment #1251
My Dear Rene! Thanks for your letter.
My lovely, I want to admit to you, that I am really ready to serious attitudes with you...
I think, that you understand me...
Yes, at us weather also is very fine...
My heart has calmed down, when I have received your letter because I think of you and about me.
It is so remarkable. We live on the various parties of our planet actually, but we are so similar.
I never was even out of my country. I do not imagine, as it - actually.
It is a lot of people never saw something, except for the native home.
I console me idea, that you have the same dark blue sky and the same life.
Possibly, your life is more cheerful and is rich, paints are brighter, and summer more warmly.
But also and as here, shout of people when they feel a pain, they are glad which to what,
People suffer, when lose close people, women in tortures children give rise.
It - is identical everywhere. U and I have the same cares and problems.
I try to imagine every day, that occurs in your heart.
I try to present your excitement and your pleasure. You ideas about me also.
I think, that I should change my style of a life undoubtedly.
I do not wish to be sad and tiresome. Rene if we meet, you would like to fish with me?
It is an unexpected question )? I really love to fishing.
Women - in your country, love to fishing? I fished often earlier.
Possibly, you think, that it - is unusual to the woman.
But in our district many women love to fishing.
Certainly it not like the fishing person, but however.
I not always used existing fishing tackle.
I simply took a long stick and have established fishing tackle to a stick. Rene, what you shout, when fish has seized a worm?
The Russian shout: "PECKS!!!" It is my loving moment in fishing ).
If fish not to be caught during long time, I lose interest.
I use this employment not so seriously, as men. If fish long not to be caught, I lose patience. )
But when pecks well, I have the big passion.
When I pull from water fish on a hook, I laugh, and I shout with pleasure as though someone tickles me.
Whether it is valid you are ticklish? I am very ticklish - the most reliable way to force me laughter loudly to tears.
I think, that you should know it. If you tickle me, I will resist.
If your loved lady like rare flowers, which not sale in shop, you will search for these flowers to present it?
Or you buy other flowers, beautiful also, but unless it is not favourite?
I love chocolate and ice-cream also, but I do not eat it very much. These are my weak places.
The way to my heart is cut by half if you have flowers, ice-cream and chocolate ).
If I was the little girl, I would like to live on a desert island with my beloved.
You think from whom? With you mine Rene.
And if it is the real world, that I wish to live in the free country and to rejoice, that I have the beloved as you...
Yours Sveta.

Comment #1252
she is from the DateMeFree side
Comment #1253
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Hello!!! My name is Svetlana!
I have looked your profile and you have very much interested me.
I wish to tell to you, that I search for second half.
I could not find love at home and consequently have decided to search for love on the Internet.
I think, that we can continue dialogue.
You very interesting man.
Leave to me the e-mail the address or write on mine e-mail:
I wait for your letter.

Comment #1254
Hello My Honey! How are you? I'm fine!
At me all is fine, because I receive your letters! I write to you fairly!
I wish to tell to you, that I too am ready to serious relations with you...
I think, that you understand it.....
I am ready to construct with you serious relations and will meet you...
My darling, you thought of ours with you to a meeting?????
You wish to be together with me????
I really wait for your letter all time. It is very pleasant To me to read your warm and gentle words, my dear.
There can be it sounds is banal, but really it seems to me, that we are already familiar with you for a long time.
I do not know, why at me such sensation. Probably it because we can write each other any themes.
We are already real friends. And can be and more.....
I cannot define yet... Whether On the business I love you?
But one I can write to you precisely! You to me became very expensive. I cannot present now the life without you.
I cannot express the relation to you. I cannot express all feelings to you.
We already know much about each other. But simultaneously we know each other a small time interval.
I do not know itself, whether it is possible for me to write, that I love you. I did not write you while these words.
You should understand, that these words are of great importance for me.
We did not see each other while. We did not speak with each other opposite, looking in the face.
I agree, that our meeting will solve very many.
For now we correspond. We learn much about the friend the friend.
I wish to tell to you. Today I have gone on shops. In shop I have met the girlfriend.
My girlfriend was there with the man. They were very beautiful pair.
They laughed much, joked. They were very live. It was visible even as their eyes sparkled a spark.
From the party at once it was visible, that these two lovely people are enamoured.
I will write to you fairly. I envied them a little. I had such feeling, that I do not have not enough something.
I have thought of it well. I do not have not enough heat. I do not have not enough your heat. I do not have not enough your strong man's shoulders.
I do not have not enough you nearby. Because you are valid me became very expensive.
Be final I can I dream of much. But it simply my desire. I wish to be with you. Yours Sveta.