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Comment #1206

From: svetakirill

My name - Svetlana!!! You have interested me, also I wanted to write to you.
I hope, what you not against togas, what we could contact you? I live in the city of Russia, it is very good city!!!!!!!
I hope, that we can have very interesting acquaintance!! You can write to me on my private address [email protected] .ru
I shall wait from you the letter on impatience!
With hope Svetlana
With the best regards
Comment #1207
Hello, my love Mr. Benny Bang I am very pleased to receive your letter
Today I woke up and went to the internet cafe to see your letter
today, I do not work off Mr. Benny Bang, I can not give you a bank
account because I do not have it I can get you the money through
Western Union or MoneyGram Mr. Benny Bang but you do not believe these
companies Mr. Benny Bang the money I need only to my trip to you and
no more Mr. Benny Bang I незнаю how else can we do that if you do not
believe Western Union or MoneyGram Mr. Benny Bang, I love you and I
get bored one day be without you I незнаю that I do, I will wait for
your letter and I think that you can help me Mr. Benny Bang Kiss Kiss
Kiss Your Svetlana
Comment #1208
Hello, my love Mr. Benny Bang I am very pleased to see your letter Mr.
Benny Bang you I also understand that I can not take your money
through a bank account for me it is very difficult to open a bank
account to open, it should be the starting capital and that I have not
and will not let me open it Mr. Benny Bang I really love you and look
forward to our meeting and your support from you to me Mr. Benny Bang
Kiss Kiss Kiss Your Svetlana
Comment #1209
Hello my love Rene!!! How are you? I am very pleased to receive your
beautiful and sweet letter. I so waited for him and worried. I was so
lonely without you, my dear prince! My love for you my dearest and
wonderful people! I love you Rene!!!!! I am very happy that you also
want to meet with me! I am also very miss you! I love you! I can not
live without you, my sweet! You are my everything in the world !!!!!
My Prince, today I saw a very beautiful dream, where we met with you.
It was such a sweet dream! Rene I приснилась only our meeting. I
just dreamed that I came out of the airplane, and I waited for you at
the bottom of the bouquet. I ran towards you, and you ran towards me.
It was so sweet and so happy. When we were with you at a distance of
only one step from each other we stopped. We were scared, we just
could not believe his fantasy happiness. We stood and looked in his
eyes, but then we did not pass and we are very gentle and kind to each
other. We fled the tears from the eyes, but all were only tears of
happiness, for which we have so long walked to this point. At the same
time, we gave each other the first but very sweet and gentle kiss, the
taste of which I felt even after awake. My love and then we took all
their belongings and you are my prince carried me in his beautiful
kingdom full of wonders and happiness. Then I woke up. But I so wanted
to make this dream still continues. I lay down again and tried to
sleep, but the more I could not sleep. My prince, it was the most
wonderful dream and I really want to become a reality! My prince is
truly could be a sweet reality. We need only to make small steps in
our happiness! My Prince tell you really want to help me? I do not
insist and I am very unpleasant to ask you for help, but only so we
can unite our hearts in love and to be together! My love, if only I
could work something out, I would not be asked of any assistance. But
I have tried all the options. My Prince Rene say you can help me
with the amount of 340 euro? My love, today I learned at the bank how
you can help me. Rene I have been told that now there are the most
reliable and well-known company, which dealt with money transfers.
This Western Union. Have you heard about this company? My love told me
that everything here is very simple and convenient. You can send the
money and had just 5 minutes I can get the money here. My Prince of
Rene that you can send money through Western Union you need my
following information: Country - Russia Surname - Kirillova Name -
Svetlana My love Rene using these data you can send me money. This is
all the necessary information! More than you absolutely do not need
anything. But I was able to get the money I will need your data: your
full name, complete address, city where you will make money and where
the company Western Union, the exact amount and the most important
ten-code translation. Rene When you priydesh in the Western Union
agency, you are there to explain. When you complete a form, then you
should write me a letter and report on all these data. My love me so
unpleasant that I bring to you some inconvenience. But I so want to be
with you as soon as possible, to be next! My prince is very unpleasant
to talk to you about it, but now everything depends on you, my sweet.
Tell me when you can help me? I very much hope that this will happen
as soon as possible. I love you Rene!!!! I will wait with great
looks of your letter !!!!!!
Kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Your Svetlana !!!!!!!!!
Comment #1210
Hello my darling, my dear Rene!!!!
Many thanks to you for your letter.
I very much was delighted, when have received from you the letter...
Favourite, it is very pleasant to me to receive from you letters.
Rene, I very strongly love you...
I am very glad, that have got acquainted with you.
I am very glad, that I have found the happiness, the present love...
My darling, my future husband Rene, I very strongly love you...
You for me the most expensive man on light...
Rene, to me it is very pleasant, that we can will meet you...
For me it is very important.
I still never was in such relations with the man...
I understand, that is enamoured in you, but distance which between us brings to me a pain in heart and soul.
Heart when I start to think of it starts to be ill me...
Favourite, I am very glad, that we can will meet you.
Rene, write me please the name of your nearest airport.
I descend tomorrow in travel agency and I will legalise papers for a trip to your country...
Favourite, write to me please...
I wait from you for the answer...
I love you Rene!!!
Yours Svetlana....