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Hello John,

I should thank you for your small unexpected attention to my modest person. I did not expect so immediate sign of attention from you, I even doubted... It's my personal email. From now on we can start to exchange letters, photos, stories, emotions through correspondence. I think it will be fun enough Smiley
In my opinion on the one hand you seem to be a very respected, noble, authoritative and successful man, on the other hand I am sure that you are openhearted and joyful too. John, I don't know why but I feel somewhere in deep inside of mine that you effuse confidence... Am I right? - maybe I make mistake thinking like this but maybe you or maybe your remarkable phrases from your profile gave me this feelings. Or I'm mistaken....? Hope not!
Well, what about me, my name is Olga, I'm russian. I was born on the 12th of October in Russia in town Kursk where my father is from. My father met with my mother when he was in the soviet army. As soon as my father finished the army he and my mother decided to get married and settle in Saint Petersburg. I was never married, and I have no children. To tell the truth I don't have any problems in communication with men and they often try to make approaches to me but I am very serious and cautious in this case - I search for someone unique, worthy and noble one. What concerning my individuality - I'm open-hearted, open-armed, sincere person with various hobbies what make me many-sided woman: I am carried away with photo and art - someday I plan to have my own gallery but dreams, dreams)))..., also I love sport - fitness and jogging in particular, I like to cook too and especially healthy food - it helps me to be in good shape and to be close to my dreams... Can you recognize it in my photos? Wink Also I like music especially calm and sincere, films as comedies and my passion is flowers and plants. Besides hobbies, I have wishes and desires also - and one of these cherished dreams is to go all over the world to see various cultures and to improve my cultural and spiritual private world... Also what about my abilities - I should tell, that my best ability consists in communicating with people and patience, which consists of English language learning  - actually it's not an easy occupation and it goes hard for me but I do my best to improve it. I work as staff assistant and my mission area is to help managers to work with personnel. Certainly, as for the majority of people, the mainest thing is family in my life. I have united family. My parents love each other very much, for this reason I grew in atmosphere of care and love. They are the most dear thing in my life. I am very obliged to my parents, that I am such kind and good formed person. I would like to have such family relations similar to relations of my parents. Esle I care about my friends very much. I believe, that friends - the second family without which you cannot live. We spend a lot of time together with my friends and we support each other whatever will happen and I'm very proud that I have such friendship in my life.  John, I hope our correspondence will continue, and thank you a lot for paying your attention...

P.S. I'd like very much to read more about you, your lifestyle, your desires and your preferences in women too )))